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gahd, no internet for almost a day LOL so, how’s…

Finals; freaking out cuz math is my first test and I’ll… Probably fail.. How are you? 

Haha, had finals last month. I know how you feel LOL
Good luck!!

I’ve been okay, /le sigh/ Been so busy cleaning for inspection at my house and I had to eat out with my family because it was my birthday a few days ago, but I’m not finished with my architecture homework AHH!! >.< 

Hey so tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day and most of us have no one to give us chocolates. Why don’t we rub it in the lovebirds’ gives tomorrow and have fun with SINGLE AWARENESS DAY!? Honestly, I’m doing that. Anyone? I mean, the initials are even SAD so why not express it?
We should write t shirts about SAD or something, like most of us who know about Tumblr Day (march 3rd)