• Eternal Twilight 3, Kiowa Gordon and Tinsel Korey Part 7 - Kiowa Sings!!


A video made at the Eternal Twilight 9 convention in Birmingham on 17th February 2013.

Mr Patrick Brennan who plays Liam of the Irish coven in Breaking Dawn part two, showing us, what he does every day in front of the mirror.

This man’s dreams came true!


Last weekend I attended the Eternal Twilight 9 convention and as always, our guests were EPIC!

Now, if any twi-hard doesn’t recognise them, you should! They’re all in Breaking Dawn Part Two.

From the top:

Amadou Ly: Played Henri of the French Coven

Judi Shekoni: Zafrina of the Amazonian Coven

Patrick Brennan: Liam of the Irish Coven

Rami Malek: Benjamin of the Egyptian Coven


i’ll play romantic lead with you any day, Daniel…