Imagine Your OTP

Flower Shop Edition

-Person A decides they are finally going to get their crush (Person B) a bouquet of flowers and confess, but when they come to the flower shop they find to their horror that Person B is the one working there -Bonus- (Person A is so flustered that they go through with it) and Person B is heart-broken when Person A tells them that they are looking for an arrangement for their crush. The next day they are shocked when person A enters the shop with the bouquet and silently hands it to them.

-Person A applies for a temporary job at a nearby flower shop where they meet their employer, Person B. After a month or so Person B asks how their job hunting is going and Person A gets really flustered and says it’s going great because they don’t want to admit that they’ve fallen for Person B and have stopped looking all together. But seriously how are they supposed to look for another job when Person B keeps singing softly while they work and smiling and wishing everyone a good morning I mean?? And who would protect this cinnamon roll that names all their plants and cries whenever their favorite gets sold????

-Person A is working a shift at the flower shop when Person B (a customer) suddenly starts having a massive allergic reaction to one of the flowers and passes out. Person A jumps to the rescue and tries to help Person B. When Person B wakes up (a bit delirious) they ask if they are dead and if Person A’s their angel.

-Person A and Person B are rivals both trying to get the same promotion in a flower shop, and they somehow manage to turn everything into a competition. “You think you are better at keeping plants alive?? We’ll see about that,” “oh you think you’re better at arrangements? Oooho just wait and see” “I hear you talking smack about your knowledge of the flower language you wanna go??” “I bet I can do WAY better at customer service that you ever could,” “you think you’re so romantic huh?? Prove it and take me out on a date (wait I mean-uh-yeah I guess that’s what I meant)”

-Everything is a normal day for Person A when Person B suddenly comes in sobbing and crying and trying to ask for a couple of flowers for a relative who just passed away but instead they get a really warm hug from Person A and a free arrangement

-Person B is starting to get a little freaked out by Person A who shows up every day to buy another venus fly trap and eventually Person B just flat out asks why because I mean what do you even do with all of them?? Are you trying to make a giant army of flesh eating plants or what??

-Person A buys a bouquet of roses every day and Person B starts getting really jealous. I mean, what kind of partner deserves someone as gorgeous as Person A?? Person B follows them home one day but instead of bringing them to a partner they carry the roses to a graveyard.  

-Person A shows up everyday to Person B’s flower shop just to make a plant pun, and at first Person B wanted to throw Person A out the window but now it’s actually kinda cute and it really brightens up their day

-Person A is a regular at Person B’s flower shop and Person A always asks for advice on what kind of flowers to get for their relatives and Person B (who is totally in love) tries to subtly express their feelings through flower language, but Person A is totally oblivious. Luckily, Person A’s friends are not.

-Person A and Person B are married, and on their anniversary every year Person A sends Person B a bouquet of flowers with a cute message. One day Person A dies, and Person B is absolutely devastated. When their anniversary arrives, Person B is shocked to see one of the employees at the local flower shop dropping off a bouquet. When Person B asks them what they are doing, the employee explains that Person A paid for years and years in advance. Person B can barely keep from crying when they read Person A’s message that says “My love for you is eternal”.

*The one time in his life Cassian doesn’t show up for a meeting with Feyre and Rhys on time*

Feyre: Nesta, would you be so kind as to wake Cassian and bring him here?
Nesta: Ugh. Fine.
Nesta: *stomps towards Cassian’s home*

*A few minutes later*

“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!!!!!!” In the most shrill shriek imaginable is heard across Velaris, followed by a roar that shakes every window and knocks down wall-hangings.

Rhys: “My sister’s not some feral animal,” she says.
Feyre: *tries to not look Rhys in the eyes*
Rhys: Cauldron fry and boil me…

*Cassian shows up moments later, glowering, with Nesta thrown over his shoulder, laughing her ass off*
Cassian: Which one of you sent the hell-cat?
Feyre: *through the bond* Hold the line, Rhys. We stand together, remember? HOLD THE FUCKING LINE.
Nesta: *continues cackling, until Cassian not so gently spanks her*
*Feyre and Rhys’s eyes widen as they try to maintain composure*
Rhys: *through the bond* I think I’d rather face the Weaver right now.
Feyre: Can you repeat the question?
Cassian: *finally and abruptly drops Nesta, who yelps in surprise*
Rhys: I’m sure whoever it was had no intention of wronging you so grossly.
Rhys: Something you might consider before shredding their favorite objects and cursing their future generations.
Rhys: Food for thought.
Feyre: But hey, you’re here now! Everyone’s alive and well, and that’s so nice. Were alive and we’re like a big family that would never dream of physically or psychologically messing with each other.
Feyre: Isn’t that nice?
Rhys: That’s so nice.

*Two days later*

*At breakfast*
Cassian: *finishes his food and leaves the table*
Rhys: Cassian has been too calm, and I’m going crazy watching over my shoulder at every turn.
Feyre: I hate waiting like this.

*A roar rips through the quiet morning, making birds flee and children run into their homes*
*Followed by a blood-curdling scream and an unmistakable sound of glass shattering*

Cassian: *strolls back to the dining room, with a smug look on his face* For the record, it wasn’t me who threw the decanter.
Rhys: Got it out of your system, then?
Cassian: YUP.
Rhys: Let’s not make this a thing, okay?
Cassian: *grins wickedly* I wouldn’t dream of it.