rewatching TGP now that we know: 1x01

sp0ilers ahead, obviously

  • the thing about wiping memories of bad deaths is so much sketchier now
  • Michael’s little smile before saying “you’re in the good place”!!!!
  • how hard is it for all the other ~neighbors not to laugh when video!Michael says “you are all good people”?
  • “WE went to town on Disney,” he says!
  • “I can’t risk going to the bad place!” / “Maybe it’s not all that bad!”
  • the extras’ non-reactions to the audio clip of the bad place is so much more meaningful. That’s like their Tuesday
  • “the thought of you four amazing people living next door to each other for all eternity brings joy to my heart”
  • I wonder if Michael sort of maneuvered Jason into the code of silence thing; I know he makes it sound like Jianyu was so good he chose to keep to it for whatever reason, but Jason, bless him, is SO DUMB that if he spoke he’d out himself right away so I gotta assume it was a manipulation on Michael’s part
  • that said ARE THEY GONNA DO THAT AGAIN? I worry about my bb Jason!
  • I thought all the other neighbors’ stories sounded absurd but I thought it was for humor. Good job, show.
  • his face when he looks right at Eleanor and says “every single one of you is a good person”
  • Eleanor talking about her parents hurts SO MUCH now that we’ve seen them and how HORRIBLE they were
  • this house is monstrous but I do love her bed
  • at least there are still no hangovers?
  • I do wonder about the storm and all the craziness Eleanor supposedly caused though. Was this part of the plan? Because it seems kind of … reckless. Why not just let them slowly drive each other insane by existing? Why push things?
  • Ohhhh maybe it’s because Michael overheard Chidi say earlier that he was gonna “tell Michael”! Maybe it’s an attempt at driving a wedge between them now that he knows Eleanor’s made Chidi her ally?
  • she’s not wrong that Tahani isn’t perfect. I love her but her constant name dropping is kinda gross
  • I still agree with Eleanor’s assessment that this system sucks
  • Is Michael trying to stop Chidi from agreeing to help her? Since we know he listens in.

There are people who can make moments movie-like. You know, they have a sense for capturing the moments, to make others feel like time has stopped for a few seconds and they are all eternal. Only them, joy and the moment.. I wish I was someone like that.

at some point
you must pull the dead flowers
from your garden beds,
from where they planned
to spend eternity.
joy is not found
while bathing in defeat,
but in blooming
—  poeticallyordinary

Remember mothers in your du’as, my mother, your mother, all mothers, they go through so much, may Allah swt grant them strength & an eternity of joy. Ameen ya Rabb💕

If you don’t see the greatness of God then all the things that money can buy become very exciting. If you can’t see the sun you will be impressed with a street light. If you’ve never felt thunder and lightning you’ll be impressed with fireworks. And if you turn your back on the greatness and majesty of God you’ll fall in love with a world of shadows and short-lived pleasures.
—  John Piper

We gather on this day to be thankful for what we have, for the family we love, the friends we cherish, and for the blessings that will come. Wishing you a Thanksgiving overflowing with peace, love and laughter. Thank you for being a blessing. May the Lord hear your prayers and bless you with an eternal joy. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He cause His face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you… And give you peace Num. 6:24-26

So, I dressed up as Marinette for Halloween.
  • Me: *Handing out candy outside my house*
  • Little Girl: *Dressed up as Dorothy, gasps, and comes running up to me*
  • Me: *Smiles and hands out candy*
  • Little Girl: I think I know who you are.
  • Me: *Kneels down* Really? Who?
  • Little Girl: Your Marinette!
  • Me: *Slightly squeals* Yes!
  • Little Girl: From Miraculous Ladybug! I watch that show.
  • Me: Me too!
  • Little Girl: Yeah! *Smiles and waves, running off*
  • Me: Happy Halloween! *Later dies of eternal joy*

I live for Harry meeting his parents in the afterlife.


He’s already greeted everyone else and then he sees James and Lily and they all just sort of stare at each other for a few seconds before Lily gives a dry sort of sob and runs forward and hugs her grown son for the first time ever. And Harry is just so shocked and overwhelmed and so so happy that he can only stand there at first and then he hugs her back and it’s literally the greatest moment of his life (death oops). And James.

James starts sobbing. Full on ugly crying. And he takes Harry by the shoulders and tries to say something - how proud he is or how much he loves Harry - but he can’t. He can only stand there, tears streaming down his face and blubber incoherently until even Lily agrees that “Okay, James, let’s calm down now this is getting rid-

No, Lily, I will cry if I bloody want to holy shit let me have this moment.”

Which makes everyone chuckle a little and oh god it’s just the best reunion ever don’t argue this because I will fight you

You can follow sin, or you can obey God.

One leads to death, the other leads to eternal life. One leads to eternal suffering, the other leads to eternal joy and peace.

Following sin will give you temporary joy but it will destroy you in the end. You will not be satisfied with the things that the enemy will give you for he himself is not satisfied with what he had, so he wants others to join him to the same fate he had.

Following God may not be easy but it’s worth it in the end. Many trials will comes upon us but we are not alone in this journey for the One who made us will be with us in every step we take. God is the source of our joy, peace, contentment and love. He shows us the right way to live and will give us everything we need.

You have two choices, following the enemy or following the God who wants the best for you. Choose wisely for you’ll reap the consequences of your decisions.

-January 6, 2017 / 10:31 pm