eternal win


Day 3: Gaming/Watching a Movie

Hux finds Kylo’s determination to best him at Dejarik rather endearing. Not that he’d ever admit that aloud. 

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To distract ourselves (read: me) while we wait for the inevitable, can we start a thread of crazy ways we can win tonight’s tie?

My official entry is still dragging it at 0-0 to penalties and then praying to Lady Fortune, though I would also not be opposed to Fellaini being struck by a Muse and remembering that his head can be used to score goals.


Where is Sousuke? 

In the first panel he is “unconscious” (…well…) on the ground, and in the last panel he’s gone…..

Therefore, I think this happened in between:

the drawings sucks I know

The Unworthy Thor #2

• The Realm of Old Asgard has vanished, taking with it Odinson’s hope for redemption.
• But good tidings from Beta Ray Bill might breathe new life into the quest. For Bill knows the fate of the Realm Eternal.
• To win back Odinson’s honor, the brothers in arms must infiltrate the fortress of THE COLLECTOR.

Why to believe in God?

You don’t lose when you believe in God. Do you want to know why? Because you win these:
You win eternal life.
You win the best friendship you will ever have.
You win love because once you see the cross you realize that God is love. You win love because now you have a Father above everyone and everything, who surely listens to you/loves you/watches over you/ cares for you/believes in you….
You win a home because church is God’s house regardless of anyone.
You win the holy spirit, who will give you strength, guide you and help you.
You win by following God’s word because the things He asks you to do or not to do, are the things a decent human-being has(not) to do anyway.
You win because everything will make sense.