eternal weekend

  • monday: I hate mondays (garfield-gifs and eternal pain)
  • tuesday: gifs of dean dying/sam suffering (eternal pain)
  • wednesday: dean in shorts/YOI
  • thursday: where´s the new episode of SPN? (eternal pain)
  • friday: dean is bi: last episode he ate a sandwich... (+SPN gifs, SPN-meta... but eternal pain)
  • saturday: weekends are fun. but i have no friends, so not so funny after all (suffering)
  • sunday: my dash is dead. and so am i. (eternal suffering intensifies)

Snap! - The First The Last Eternity (1995)

Do you remember ? 90′s …

Eternal Weekend

While I originally planned to attend for Legacy, I’ve decided to play in the World Magic Cup Qualifier instead.

My decision came down to if I happen to spike (extraordinarily unlikely though it may be) I get a trip to Barcelona. I’m willing to take that gamble.

Plus I get to meet steveargyle while not worrying about my back like in Vegas!

Anyone else going?

Eternal Weekend!

Who’s going to be coming out and joining us at Eternal Weekend in a few days?  Thalia’s promo card, and a Deathrite Shaman playmat!  

Pretty exclusive swag.  But the most exclusive thing this weekend will be this oil-painted alteration of Thalia on a Liliana of the Veil.  

Hope to see you there!