eternal tattoos

“Could you at least pretend enjoy yourself, there are a lot of big packs here that we should try to impress,” Derek muttered to Stiles as they sat through the third, no fourth, speaker of the morning at the U.S. Supernatural Convention. 

“You said I had to show up, I even put on a button down for you, but you never said anything about enjoying myself,” Stiles show back, “We’re in New York, there are so many cool bookshops I could be checking out.”

“I’ll buy you any books you want after the event today,” Derek whispered, eyes on Stiles. 

“Fine,” Stiles said, sitting up a little straighter, “But I still don’t see why Boyd couldn’t have come with you.”

“You’re my emissary and mate,” Derek said, “I need you here help with treaties and to keep the single wolves away from me.”

“You just want me here for my body,” Stiles said with a smirk, ignoring the looks from people around them, “I get it.”

“Shut up Stiles,” Derek whispered, his ears burning red. He saw Satomi give him an amused look and he started to wonder if he was crazy for thinking Stiles could behave through the three day convention. It was only the first day after all. 

“Promise me some mind blowing hotel sex tonight and I’ll be the model emissary,” Stiles whispered right into Derek’s ear, sending chills down his spine. He was in for an interesting week. 


Movie Tattoo Flash Paintings by Quyen Dinh -ParlorTattooPrints

Give me tattooed, badass emissary!Stiles who is always sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong and saving the day and gruff yet charming, put upon Alpha!Derek who is always there to work with Stiles even if he complains about it even though he actually enjoys working with him.

They were never suppose to fall for each other, but somewhere between clearing out a nest of vampires and saving a pod of selkies from poachers they fell in love (well first they fell into bed together, but then they fell in love).

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Ten as like a pyromancer or something like that would be really cool. I know you really like mystical aus and I just see Ten holding flames in his hands idk. Have a great day!!!

i actually do headcanon him as a fire-bender/pyromancer!!!

  • ten acquired the skill of fire-bending through the long lineage of his family being able to control fire and lava from the active volcanoes in thailand 
  • and ten is super freaking proud of his history and ancestors,,,,so much so that he got the eternal flame tattooed on the back of his neck as a symbol of loyalty and pride
  • and so when he became an idol,,,it was kind of hard to him to hide the power
  • until one day he just accidentally revealed it,,,,after burning one of johnny’s sweaters that he left on the floor 
  • and ten didn’t mean it,,,it’s just he had told johnny 943823 times to not throw clothes on the floor
  • and when you combine anger + fire powers,,,,,,,,,,well it,,,,,,ends up in burnt to a crisp sweaters
  • which ten tried to explain 
  • “i accidentally put it in the oven because i was confused and thought it was the washing machine”
  • “ten,,,,,,,”
  • “yes?”
  • “we don’t have an oven in the dorm,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • explaining how it works was a little hard,,,,,,because haechan kept insisting that ten had a piece of coal living inside him and convinced sicheng that if ten would eat matches he could blow fire out of his mouth
  • which ten explained he could do without swallowing matches
  • but haechan refused to believe it
  • until ten did it,,,,,,,,,,,and nearly got the tips of taeyongs hair with it and he was like oops!!! sorry!!!
  • taeyong cowering in a corner for dear life: it,,,,it’s fine!!!!
  • but once everyone came to terms with it,,,,they really thought it was cool
  • because ten could literally just create a flame in his hand that mark could roast marshmellows over
  • or generate enough body heat in the winter that members could hug him like a human hot pack
  • but also,,,,,,,,ten incorporates it into some of the dances he choreographs for himself
  • and even if he cant perform them on stage,,,when he does it,,,,it’s so beautiful because it looks like he’s dancing /with/ the flames and it’s gorgeous beyond belief
  • sometimes he uses the power to light the dorm up at night when he’s going for a midnight snack
  • but then the manager finds him and is like ahem and ten is like sorry,,,im putting the flame out now,,,,
  • the tattoo on the back of his neck has to be covered with makeup or bandages most of the time,,,,but when it’s not,,,,ten will touch it and be reminded of home 
  • and jaehyun mentions that it seems to glow a vibrant red when ten dances and ten hasn’t ever seen it ,,,,,,but he assumes its because his passion is at its highest point when he dances