eternal summer


Nobody ever said being my friend was easy…

Will submitted a colored comic to my surprise and i felt left out. For the record i still hate coloring but this one was surprisingly fun.

So yeah…this one came out of my constant conversations on Dre’s posts and an old joke i’ve been meaning to draw for ages. I’m still getting the hang of drawing Dre to point i’m considering making my own reference sheet (I do this for anything i have trouble drawing). Like is her head a cube or a sphere?

I dunno, man.

It’s finally done! My 1yr project is complete. Here’s my recreation of the whole Makoharu mook as a photo illustrated video.

The subs might be off as I’m not a native speaker and referred to other translations of the mook to fill in the blanks where I didn’t understand.

The video is a combination of the written mook and audio for full makoharuness plus some of my own extra makoharu fluffs inbetween. It’ also made up of over 500 photos



I like food puns, so have some Valentine’s cards! (part 1 / 2)