Stealing Flowers

Prompt #196 from awful-aus

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Stiles mom died when he was nine.

Claudia was a beautiful woman with brown eyes and a bright smile. She was kindergarten teacher and had met Stiles’ dad when he arrested her because she was protesting against the construction of a building. John always said that she was the most wild and beautiful thing that he ever saw, even if she hadn’t taken a shower in two days when they first met because she was slipping in the tree. She taught Stiles how to read, and used to read all her books to him every night; when she fell sick, he was the one reading for her in her hospital bed. She was a strong and inspiring woman and her loss took a toll on both him and John, and it made them stick together even more.

Once a month Stiles and John go to the cemetery to put flowers in her grave. After his dad became Sheriff, he could no longer go every month but Stiles refused to decrease his visits, so he started to go alone. At the beginning, he missed his dad’s presence, but over time he found himself doing more than just leaving flowers; he started talking to her and telling her everything that was happening in his life.

Every time life got a little hectic, and he was feeling at the verge breakdown he would go see his mom to explain what was happening and imagine her comforting him how she used to.

During the week prior to his visits, he would ask his dad for the money to buy the flowers but one time he forgot, and Stiles didn’t even have lunch money to use.

Stiles was halfway to the cemetery when he crossed the street and saw a beautiful house with a front garden, filled with different kind of flowers. To his luck, they had daisies, his mom’s favorite flowers; all he had to do was jump the white fence and pick them. It was the first time he stole flowers.

He cried at his mothers grave and swore to her that he wouldn’t do it again; he would save money and ask his dad in advance. Only on the way back he remembered who lived in that house. He had stolen flowers from the city’s attorney; he stole flowers from Talia’s Hale house.

He was definitely never doing it again.

He did it again.

And again.

Sometimes his dad forgot, sometimes he didn’t have the money, sometimes he had to buy something else; he always hoped his mom understand, after all misfortunes happens. Scott  didn’t always had lunch money, or he forgot his inhaler and had an asthma attack, so Stiles need to carry his own inhaler for him,  occasionally bullies took their money and he just couldn’t let his best friend be hungry. And at times he was just  too sad to go back home and get money, he just needed the comfort that only his mom could give him.

The thing is, Stiles knew that you  steal something once, twice, trice, someday you’re bound to get caught. What Stiles didn’t count for was to be caught with gardening scissors and gloves in his hands, while stealing flowers from his crush’s house.

Derek-freaking-Hale was his Adonis and yet, also his nemesis. He was the definition of tall, dark and handsome; he was smart and older and way out of Stiles league. He was Cora’s older brother and because she was his friend and also made of pure evil, she always made Stiles embarrass himself in front of him. Last year, he thought that it had ended because Derek moved out from Beacon Hills to college; he had received a scholarship to play basketball for UCLA and they just won the finals. Not that Stiles keep tabs on his life or anything.

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“He loves you too you know? It’s obvious. He wouldn’t want you blaming yourself because there was nothing you could have done. He will wake up, and then you better tell him how much he means to you or I will kick your ass… okay well I probably won’t be able to but I will have Allison stick you with some wolfsbane bullets, got it?”

“Got it.”

AU: Derek has known that Stiles was his mate since the first time he had met the other boy but kept it to himself for obvious reasons. Derek feels when Stiles gets into a wreck and refuses to leave his side once he is in the hospital leading everyone to question how he knew Stiles was even hurt and why it is effecting him so much.



“I love music. I love being a drummer, I love Scott and Allison, but you have to understand that the safety of my friends, my family, and myself, well, that comes first. And if this stalker business doesn’t stop I’m going to have to call it quits for a little bit. Believe me, I don’t want to, but I can’t do anything about it. This is like Harry giving up Ginny to look for the horcruxes, It sucks, but it was necessary.”

Sterek AU: Stiles loves being in a band. He loves the adrenaline and how he feels focused on stage and he loves doing it with his best friends and he loves the fans. 

The bad part is when one of your fans goes fucking crazy, keys your car, and you have to hire a personal bodyguard. A personal bodyguard named Derek who is attractive and sarcastic and overconfident and wonderful.

The worst part is when Derek’s apartment starts getting broken into, because he’s “too close” to Stiles, and Derek gets poisoned by milk via said creepy stalker and lands himself in the hospital.

The best part is when they lock the creepy stalker up and Stiles and Derek get to have sexy times on every flat surface in Derek’s apartment.

The press’s favorite part is when Scott, his best friend, brother and bandmate, accidentally outs Stiles in an interview. Stiles wasn’t too mad, but Derek’s family was pissed that Derek hadn't fucking told them.

The past few months have kind of been a roller coaster, to say the least.