eternal sonata cosplay



I made this costume for the Press day of WCS 2010.  It took approximately five months to make.

Waltz challenged me like no other costume has or will.  It’s difficult to choose what the hardest element was, but if I had to single something out, it would be the top segment of his leg armour.  That shape is cruel and insane!

First photo by Brother Pete.


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At long last I made my Viola Wig tutorial. There was a lot of tears and burns and pain in the process but hopefully you guys won’t experience the same suffering if you follow the tutorial. :D

Good luck and enjoy!


Viola Cosplay Wig Tutorial

Tutorial by:  Antiquitydreams
Tutorial Link:

The only non-HS hall photo I took at AOD this year, but it deserves its own post (and this is easier for tagging, haha)

I was pretty excited to see Eternal Sonata cosplayers, since it really isn’t that common to see. Their costumes looked really good, too. I was on my way out the door to a photoshoot so I couldn’t stop and talk much. ;o;

If you are one of these lovely cosplayers, or know who they are, let me know so this can be properly tagged. :]