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@fineillsignup has a fanfic where Lee and Sakura take after their senseis and become Eternal Rivals 2.0. I love this idea so freaking much, so of course I have to draw it! So here they are, doing thousand laps around the village or something. (wearing shoddy-looking wrist weights…)

(The only thing that bugs me about this one is that they don’t look like they’re running fast. I guess it’s because they’re running properly, and not doing the standard “Naruto-run”…. I mean. They’re using their arms for God’s sake, what kinda amateur ninja are these two?)

knekkebrod  asked:

I'm in the process of reading through your fics on AO3, but I had to stop by and tell you how much I love the Eternal Rivals 2-fic. I had the biggest grin on my face after reading it, the idea of Sakura and Lee taking after their senseis and becoming rivals is the best thing ever.

Ok just cuz you’re cool and I like you (and I like being told people like my fic) I’m gonna pound out another ficlet in Eternal Rivals 2: Electric Boogaloo.

“My beautiful rival! Happy birthday!”

Sakura sighed and forced a smile. Dammit, she had been hoping to go home after a long shift and invite the girls over for chocolate cake and sappy movies. “Hello Lee. Thank you.”

“You are now in full bloom at last as an adult! A momentous day for you!”

Sakura blinked. “Lee, legally I’ve been an adult since we became genin.”

“How right you are, Sakura-san!”

“And I first killed a man when I was sixteen.”

“And a breathtaking display it was, I’m sure!”

“And I also punched a goddess in the back of the head.”

Lee pressed his hands together rapturously. “Yes! That is my rival alright! That legendary right hook!”

“And I’ve run the hospital for two years now, not to mention that I’ve founded a mental health program? So what is such a big deal about turning twenty?”

Without noticing it, she had fallen into step with Lee, and he clasped a green spandex covered arm around her shoulders. “Oh Sakura-san! Only that I must treat you to your first drink, of course!”

“…my first drink?”

Inexorably they turned into an izakaya, Sakura looking with trepidation at the many, many, many breakable objects. “Quite! And it being your birthday, my lovely rival, it behooves me to pay for as many shots as you can stomach!” He chuckled. “Of course, I can’t imagine it will be that many, so you need not worry about my wallet.”

Sakura’s eyes sparkled. “Alright. But would you excuse me a minute? I need to use the ladies’ room.”


“Shots, shots, shots, shots! Woooooo!” shouted Kiba.

“I’m—I’m not paying for him,” hiccuped Lee. “If he drinks—not on my tab, you got that?”

“I think you are addressing the wrong person,” Shino said as he sipped his mead. “Why? Because I do not control the billing of this establishment.”

“Another bottle!” laughed Sakura. “The good stuff!”

At a nearby table, Guy frowned. “I am not sure if I approve of this kind of challenge. Encouraging a young lady to intoxicate herself is decidedly unhip.”

“We did it once,” said Kakashi, sipping his whiskey.

“We did? What happened? I don’t remember that.”

Kakashi chuckled. “I’m not surprised. We were both banned from any establishment serving liquor for two years.”

“Oh, was that why we stopped going to the bar?” Guy tapped his upper lip thoughtfully. “I really can’t remember!”

Across the village, Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Tenten, and Shizune tucked into a deluxe chocolate cake with enthusiasm.

“—so I called shishou from the bathroom and said if she could adjust her appearance jutsu to look like me, I could get her all-you-can-drink!”

even though harry and draco are in love theyre still gonna be eternal rivals. draco randomly challenging harry to contests like “who can drink the left over cereal milk faster” and harry constantly asking everyone things like “seriously though, who do you think has the better elbow – me or draco?" 

they fuel me