eternal mates

Mate. Claim. Home. 

Sterek AU: Alpha Mates

Stiles found the perfect gift to commemorate the 1 year anniversary of their Mating ceremony. Who knew a tattoo of Derek’s cherished triskelion in the midst of his claiming bite would drive the born wolf frantic in all the right ways? 

Stiles could have only hoped.

It was the rarest of occasions,True Alpha mates torn apart for hundreds of years, cursed to tread the earth forever in search of a part of themselves long lost; restless, without an anchor. Until one day, fate found a way. A sliver of light upon a hidden path, a way back to each other, a way back home.

A little glimpse into a fic I’ve had in the works for the past 7 months. 

Masterlist Update: 8/1/17

Teen Wolf Imagines

Theo Raeken

*Unexpected Encounter Series
- Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6  Part 7   Part 8   Part 9   Part 10   Part 11

One Shots
*Protective Duo
*Two can play that game
*Math Tutor
*Theo and the Banshee
*Night out
*Sneaking Around
*Your Move
*Stay Away
*Dress Trouble
*Bad Timing
*A Unexpected Moment
*Study Session
*Family Off Limits
*Big Mistake
*I’m Not Walking Away
*Come Back To Bed
*It’s Over…Were Over
*You Drive Me Crazy
*I Don’t Regret It…Do You?
*Happy Birthday
*Give Me A Chance
*You Pushed Me Away
*The Next Step
*You Went To Far
*Difficult Decision
*Biggest Fear
*Why Did You Kiss Me?
*Forgive You…Yes, Trust You…No
*Something Were Not
*Endless Love
*Date Gone Wrong
*Being Difficult
*Two Different Storms
*My Hands Only
*Height Problems
*Last Breath
*They Just Don’t Know You
*Just Sleep Babe
*A Night In
*Same Old Fight
*Board Game Fun
*Shopping Trip Deal
*I Hate You…I Love You?
*Force Of Nature
*Movie Date?
*Got A Secret,Can You Keep It
*Handsome, Dangerous, Addictive
*Needed Me
*Blood Like Gasoline
*I’m In Love With A Killer
*Nothing To Be Jealous Of
*Be Careful What You Wish For
*Strange Love
*Like I Would
*Back In Your Arms
*I’ll Be There
*A Happy Ending
*Lazy Love
*Bad Memory
*Sparks Fly
*I Love Everything You Don’t
*Long Day
*Unplanned Study Break
*Beep Beep
*Bad Day
*Down And Dirty
*Secret Love Song

Mini Series Imagines
*Admit It -  Part 2
*Miss Me -  Part 2
*When It Comes To You - Part 2
*Two Broken Hearts - Part 2
*Roommate Drama - Part 2
*How Could You? - Part 2 - Part 3
*Present And Past Collide - Part 2 - Part 3
*Complicated - Part 2
*This Isn’t A Joke - Part 2 - Part 3
*A 3 Part Mini Imagine Series - Say It (Part 1) - How To Love Her (Part 2) - 201AM (Part 3)

Stiles Stilinski
Trying to study
*I’m Sorry- Part 2
*I Like You
*Over-Protective Parents
*Embarrassing Secrets
*You Can’t Have Him
*He Likes Me…He Likes Me Not?
*Could This Be The Start Of Something?
*No Need To Worry
*Meeting An Old Family Friend
*Can’t Sleep Without You
*She’s In Love With Someone Else
*The Nightmare Returns
*That Wasn’t Very Subtle
*What? You Got Claws, I’ve Got A Bat
*More Than A Mission

Derek Hale
*Let Me Help
*Sorry To Disappoint
*Just Kiss Me
*A Close Call
*Happily Ever After

Isaac Lahey
*Can I Stay
*Are You Serious?
*What Are We?
*Only Got Eyes For You
*Classroom Distraction
*You’ve Completely Changed - Part 2
*Feeling A Connection
*I Was Watching Over You
*Argue Than Make Up
*Knight In Shining Armor
*Secretly In Love
*If I Could Fly
*First Impression Gone Wrong
*Back In Your Arms
*Confession Sealed With A Kiss
*It Must Be Fate - Part 2
*Shout Out To My Ex
*Sorry Won’t Fix This - Part 2
*Ain’t Going To End Well
*Will You Marry Me?
*Not Liking This Idea
*If She’s Going, I’m Going
*I Just Don’t…I Don’t Know
*Too Much To Drink
*One Time
*Play Date
*Permanent Love

Scott McCall
*Love Me Or Leave Me- Part 2
*Late Night Visits
*Happy Holidays

Liam Dunbar
*My Hero
*The First I Love You
*Please Don’t Go
*Things Change, Feelings Fade
*Truth or Dare
*Oh,How Things Can Change

*Back Off

Lydia Martin
*A New Banshee Screams

Josh Diaz
*Harder Than Imagined
*Late Night Confession

Corey Bryant
*Overprotective Best Friend

Dating _____ Would Include
*Stiles Stilinski
*Theo Raeken
*Isaac Lahey
*Derek Hale
*Scott McCall
*Peter Hale
*Jordon Parrish
*Liam Dunbar

*Theo and Stiles fighting over you -  Part 1   Part 2
*Isaac x Derek x Reader - New Feelings vs Old Feelings
*Stiles x Theo x Reader - A Difficult Choice - Part 2
*Isaac x Theo x Reader - Feeling Guilty
*Theo x Stiles x Reader - Working With The Enemy
*Theo x Parrish x Reader - Heart Beats For Two
*First Christmas Together - Stiles, Scott, Isaac, Theo
*Celebrating New Years - Stiles, Theo, Isaac

The Originals Imagines

Kol Mikealson
*Eternal Love
*Soul Mates
*Even When You Hate Him, You Love Him
*Greetings From The Dead

Elijah Mikealson
*200 years
*The Difference Between You And I
*Good Morning

Klaus Mikealson
*Ordinary Girl
*That Charming Smile
*Little Wolf
*Forbidden Love
*I Need To Know You’re Safe
*You’re Always Leaving
*Can’t Stop Thinking About You
*That Kind Of Love Never Dies
*You’re Not Like The Rest

Dating _____ Would Include
*Klaus Mikealson

*Kol x Klaus x Reader - Isn’t She Stunning?
*Klaus x Elijah x Reader - I’m Warning You

MacGyver Imagines

Angus “Mac” MacGyver
*You Look Beautiful
*Morning After
*Plane Ride
*Lazy Day

  • Isaac: What the hell is that?!
  • Derek confused, looking down at his bags: I went to the farmer’s market....
  • Erica, smirking: I don’t think we can all eat that.
  • Derek: ...
  • Boyd: You weren’t supposed to bring back the farmer.
  • Stiles, looking at his plaid shirt, pointing at the pack while walking away: I’m putting you all up for adoption!

Derek creeping checking in on Stiles because he just happened to be in the neighborhood when he heard Stiles mumble his name. So it’s completely understandable he runs towards the noise just to make sure no monster of the week is hiding underneath his bed.

Or so Derek tells himself every single morning as he laces up his running shoes before heading out for his routine morning run along the path he and his wolf agreed upon, just to make sure his mate is safe and sound.

‘Spiritualizing sex is actually a movement of energy - feeling and emotion - that rises within you and moves into your sexual physicality as an alive, tender, erotic, or passionate expression. Your bodies move without inhibition so all the energy can flow out of you and between the two of you.  You allow spiritual energy to express its dance through you.  Sexuality can be a profound demonstration of your love, and especially of your freedom, to express and bond.  Spiritual sex, then, combines how you express your love with the intentions or blessings to bring to your partnership.’  _   Unknown

'Erotic love is one of the highest forms of contemplation’ _ Kenneth Rexroth

Making love with you is the highest form of contemplation.

8: Soul Mate

I could tell you of placement
In painting, creating a story;
However you would like to define.

I would speak to you
In tune and rhythm
To synchronize
A harmony with time.

Perhaps say
What it takes
To make words
Run freely
And flowing through.

I Wish to,
Believe me,
I do.
Of signs I see,
With your name
mixed with mine.
Both ending in 9.

And when laid
Side by side,
Eternity widens.
That’s why
I look to the moon
And sway in silence.



Prompt - y/n comes back to beacon hills and see her ex Peter hale. Warnings ~ none Pairing ~ Peter hale x reader Note - y/n = your name, y/h/c = your hair color

Please comment what you think I love to hear feedback!



you turned at the sound of you name to see a pair of green eyes you hadn’t seen in nearly 15 years.

“Derek hale, wow” you said opening your arms to hug him. As a teen you had spent time with the hale family. Talia had known your family had offered to let you all stay for a while when your mother helped her with a hunter problem.

“what are you doing here” he asked smiling. “Well where do I start, I ran away from my coven after they got into some black magic that nearly killed us, so I wanted a new start and beacon hills was the one place I was happy.” you told him. After explaining you was still finding a permanent place the was a hotel you were currently staying in. Derek was having none of it telling the was plenty of space in the loft for you stay there free.


“is this a good idea? ” peter whispered watching the (y/h/c) woman reading on the couch. Derek laughed “she’s staying! It’s not going to be a problem is it?” He asked with a smirk and raised eyebrow. Peter grumbled “she hates me you know that right” Derek just laughed again “that’s not my fault" 


You had finished putting your things in the new room Derek had shown you. After making a drink, you sat in the loft when you heard footsteps coming down the stairs. "y/n” peter said. “go away” you replied as coldly as you could. Peter turned around going back to his room knowing y/n wouldn’t speak to him.  But couldn’t help hear her take an upset shaky breath and her heart beat change giving him hope she still cared enough to be upset.

A little later Derek came back with a few teenagers and quickly introduce you to them all. Y/n went back to the kitchen to make some dinner. “who is she?” stiles asked Derek who was rolling his eyes “an old friend,” “my ex girlfriend” peter said before Derek could finish. “what” both Lydia and Stiles said in unison wide eyed at the ex alpha. Peter listened and could hear y/n still cooking and hadn’t hear the pair shout. “they was together when they both was in school, it didn’t end very well” Derek said Peter looked at Derek his eyes screaming shut up. “she’s like half your age how is that even..” stiles started mumbling trying to work out ages Peter was 30ish, y/n only looked in her early 20s. “she’s a grand witch she has a different aging process she’s the same age as me but looks 10 years younger” peter told stiles annoyed by the boys questions.


Peter had stayed sat on his usual place on the staircase. You had begun getting to know everyone, you and Lydia quickly became friends fast along with stiles. They was talking about the last thing that nearly killed them, “yes we had all forgotten him we had a picture it had vanished” stiles and Lydia was telling y/n about the ghost riders.

Peter watched seeing this as a chance to talk to y/n. “it was intense stiles and I where trapped..” peter was cut off. Y/n had lifted her hand without looking  at Peter. The glasses on the table, the mirror and light bulb all smashed. “I said don’t talk to me” you shouted. Peter coughed bushing off the broken glass that had come from the bulb above him “you can’t still be that angry” he looked at her waiting for an answer but didn’t get one “your gonna have to speak to soon y/n” peter said louder in a singsong way as she snarled him and walked way.

“what! happened! between! you two! I have to know!” stiles said giddy nearly coming out of his sit. Lydia raised her hand a little “I would also like to know.” as she started to clean up the table.


Peter took a deep breath before telling his story. “When y/n moved in I had fallen for right away, she was gorgeous funny loving and powerful,” he waved his arm around showing the damage she’s done tonight. “we had become a couple straight away and truly loved each other never apart, until one day the was a party at one of the basketball players houses. I wanted to go but y/n hated party’s and didn’t. So after a massive fight, I went anyway, after a few hours I joined in a game if truth or dare. My dare was to kiss some girl from the cheerleader squad. When y/n walked in. She had changed her mind and wanted to say sorry about our fight and she saw me kissing the girl. The next day I tried to tell her I was sorry but she’s so stubborn she wouldn’t speak to me I got angry so I didn’t shift into a werewolf I grabbed her tried to kiss her. That’s when all the windows in the house shattered the mirrors plates cups glass everything broke. Including all the bones in my body shattered. She walked out as I laid screaming and I haven’t seen her since until Derek brought her here”

Peter walked away, still thinking about the day y/n left. Determine to fix it or at least say sorry. Not a day had gone by he hadn’t wished her back. Y/n was the only person Peter had ever loved.


Y/n listened to peter explaining to the stunned teens. You could see the pain he felt in his eyes. As Peter walked to the stairs you hid so he couldn’t see you watching him. Feeling hurt at the vivid memory. Watching him also brought back the good ones. When he used to take you on midnight picnics or how you stayed in bed all day like nobody else in the world existed.

No one saw Peter the rest of the but you kept looking to the staircase for him, Derek kept you talking every time he saw you asking a question nudging stiles to talk. He had always known when Peter was on your mind as kids and always found a way get your mind off him when needed.


Peter woke early and could hear mumbling from y/n room as he walked outside the door he smiled knowing she was sleep talking. the sound of his name made him freeze he pressed his ear to the door but didn’t hear anymore works just the single soft sob. He ran to his room getting dressed she dreams about me he thought to himself feeling proud. He went to Deaton to see if he could find a way to stop y/n magic long enough to talk to her.

You woke you to see Derek packing ropes and chains “morning y/n” he call happily. It was to early for you to be that smiley “I’m going out and Peter’s not here you’ll have the loft to yourself today” this made you smile you didn’t want to see any if the hale boys until you woken fully. “what’s with the kinky gear” you joked as you yawned covering your mouth with one hand pointing at his bag with the other, making him blush “it’s Erm it’s not like that we’re, we’re doing training and I wanna see of the can escape traps.” he stuttered  embarrassed then laughed when you  rolled my eyes laughing at his pink cheeks “Derek hale gone red who’d of thought it would be so easy,  well have fun then I guess chaining up your betas” Derek left with a rare smile.

After a coffee you got dressed and went into Derek’s training room. You put you headphones on finding the perfect work out music. You saw a small set of gloves and put them on going to the punching bag. After an hour you had gotten rid of all your pent up aggression from the last 24hrs.

Feeling good you went to get a shower when you saw Peter in the living room crouched on the floor. He stood up looking at you with a devilish smile. You knew that smile it meant he was up to no good or had something planned.


You went to go up the stairs when Peter blocked your path. “please just talk to me” his eyes pleaded stirring into yours. His eyes always made you weak he could look at you and making you melt. “leave me alone” you answer looking away still wanting to be mad at him, not wanting to forgive him for braking your heart.

Going to walk past him he grabs your arms, pushing and pinning you to the wall. You shout and wave your hands but nothing happens. Peter lets you go but still stands close. You try to make him move with another force of magic but again nothing. Peter laughed “look at the floor”. Looking down you see a pentagram with lots of symbols around it. “it blocks you magic” you slap him and push him back, his eyes turn blue “you are going to let me talk y/n” he started then looked down thinking how he wanted to say his next words.

“I miss you I was so stupid that night.” you go to walk away not being able to step outside the chalked symbol. “break it” you say not wanting to talk about it with him. He didn’t speak turning to face him “break it now” you scream loader.

Peter refused, “not until your no longer angry with me anymore or at least hear me out ” he says low. That was it you didn’t know what cane over you. “angry doesn’t even begin to explain!” you start pacing up and down, “You broke my heart, I loved you Peter more then anything and you cheated on me. I hated myself for months thinking why was I never good enough, I cared about so much it hurt to be away from you. I believed all those silly little promises about being you made eternal mate marks and soul mates but then I saw you and her kissing. I knew I was a fool for believing you” you had gotten so load and was so angry if you magic was working you would blow out a whole block. The tears now ran down your face, your breathing erratic you knew it was all too much. Every ounce of pain, hate anger fear all came out in that one rant. Causing a panic attack.

Peter saw the start of your attack and ran to you putting his arms around your back pulling you into a tight hug trying to calm you. You slide your arms around him missing the feeling of being held by him, your heart and breath quickly stabilizing. “shh” he whispered rubbing your back trying to stop your crying “I’m sorry I hurt you, you leaving me hurt more then the pain when you shattered my bones. I swear I loved you” he took a breath and held you tightly “I still do” he said lower but you still heard him.

You let go looking at him. “What did you say?” knowing exactly what you heard but wanting to double check. “I never stopped loving you y/n, I’d do anything to show you that” he sadly smiled holding out his hand to you. You don’t take it.

“What if I don’t love you anymore” you lied trying to show you didn’t forgive him that easy. He now had a smirk across his lips. “we both know that’s not true, you can’t lie to me y/n) with each word he moved closer to you until his lips were against your ear. "I can hear you heartbeat I know you still feel something” his hands held your waist.

Peter leaned in for a kiss and against all the logical senses you had you kissed him back. You could feel him smile against your lips before pulling his head away and resting it on your forehead. “I love you and if you take me back I’ll prove it everyday” he asked more then told. clearly seeing he truly meant it, You stood on your tiptoes kissing his cheek “you best had Hale” smiling happy to have the only person you had ever loved back.

He picked you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist laughing and screaming. He kicked a gap in the chalk cycle carrying you into the other half of the room to the couch.

“I missed you” was all he said as Derek and the pack walked in confused by the sight of you and Peter wrapped around each other with wide blushed smiles on your faces.

Mates for Eternity

Request: Could you write another where Gabriel is nesting? Please?(:

Request: Love, love, love your blog! I have a request for a fluffy kinda smut oneshot where you lose your virginity to Gabriel. Your nervous at first but he’s really gentle and takes his time and its all cute and romantic. Hope you have a good day! :)

Request: Can I have one where Gabe and the reader have sex for the first time and he gives her her first orgasm?

Request: Please could I request Gabriel kissing and caressing the stretch marks on the readers thighs when he finds out she’s shy about them, sweet talking her as he goes?

Request: Hey, I love this blog sooo much! Could i ask for um *blushes* some wink!kink stuff? I had this idea where the reader sees Gabriel’s wings and he gets all embarrassed at first… Wherever you wanna take it :3 xx

Warnings: fluff, smut, body image issues, loss of virginity, wing!kink, nesting

Word Count: 2497

Author: Gwen

Gabriel sat on the edge of his large white bed with his six golden wings folded behind him. No angel disturbed him in his chambers since his nesting started. The need to find his mate and claim them was at an all time high since he had met you. Your radiant eyes that sparkled in the sun with your unique personality that matched his was the only thing he could think of. Each time he did though, Gabriel felt a tug on his wings as if encouraging him to go to you. However, he stayed in his chamber even after hearing you pray to him during the past few days. Worry was evident in your voice with each word that you spoke, but he grounded himself. If he went to you now there would be no way he would be able to hold back. Just as he curled up on his large bed, surrounded by his favorite things to keep him busy, another one of your prayers came.

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anonymous asked:

pleaaseee can i have some elorcan werewolf canons please please also cant wait for your next update!!!

  • Elide sees Lorcan’s wolf for the first time at midnight as she stargazes in her backyard. Spotting the large midnight dark wolf, she whispers fluffy. Fluffy goes onto his hind legs and holds his paws out, a whine escaping his maw, demanding to be pet. Elide indulges him, and Lorcan’s wolf licks Elide’s leg while she scratches him behind his ears. Later, Elide buys Lorcan a collar for his birthday that’s pink and says “fluffy” on it. On certain days when he’s feeling it, Lorcan prances around in his wolf form to show who owns him, proudly. Only Elide’s allowed to see it, though. He’s still got an reputation to maintain. 
  • Elide tames the big bad wolf. He’s a ruthless predator, and can take down bears and mountain lions at the same time. Cunning, sly, and powerful, he’s the ideal epitome of the Alpha. The first time he sees Elide, he rolls into the river, trying to wash the blood off his coat, not wanting a monster to be her first impression. He doesn’t expect the water to be cold, so he jumps out, and his mate’s first words to him are you drowned rat. He bows his head and shamelessly and fruitlessly tries to clean his coat, and eventually Elide strokes him to help, and he loses it right then and there, his tongue lolling out and he pants so hard Elide thinks he’s having a seizure.
  • After Lorcan’s been courting Elide, trying to swoon her over into the final stage of the mating process, she catches Essar and Lorcan chatting in her own backyard where she met Lorcan. Essar’s hand touches Lorcan’s cheek, telling him goodbye, but Elide doesn’t hear that, and stalks out of her own house, and into a bar. After Essar leaves, Lorcan searches wildly for his mate, tearing the house apart, and tracks her scent to the bar. Seeing the other unmates males pawing at his mate, he roars and carries Elide back to their house bridal style. Elide’s pouting and has other males’ scents on her, so Lorcan, quite shamefully, turns to drinking. While Elide’s moving her stuff out of Lorcan’s room, she finds Lorcan clutching the pink collar to his chest. His eyes flutter open and he slurs out, asking if they’re dating, and if she’s single, if she’ll have him. Elide merely gives him water.
  • Lorcan doesn’t have hangovers, much to everyone’s dismay. He takes Elide to the woods for a picnic and asks her to be his girlfriend again from the start, and after he shifts into his midnight wolf, licking her and rubbing his fur against her body, she finally says yes. His wolf yips out and flops himself next to her, and Elide shifts into her white wolf. Two animals lying next to each other in the Sun, and Lorcan’s wolf lightly bites Elide’s tail, eyes holding raw playfulness. Next thing you know they’re shooting through the woods, Elide a bullet, Lorcan attempting to nip Elide’s paws. Elide races forward, stumbling into a river, cold water causing her body to shake. Lorcan’s wolf licks her pelt dry and covers her shivering body with his, licking behind her own ears, just as she used to scratch him behind his own ears. He’s so absorb with his mate’s scent that his cock twitches, especially awkward as he’s on top of Elide, who freezes. Lorcan jumps into the river for his own douse of cold water. 
  • They’re stargazing in the backyard, Elide pissing in the spot where Essar last sat. Lorcan merely nips Elide’s tail, and they sit at the fringes, blanketed in the darkness. Lorcan thinks he’s never seen anything so beautiful under the moon, and staring at the white wolf, he knows that he belongs to her. Elide feels her mate’s gaze, and turns her head, seeing his doting looks. Her wolf quickly looks away, while Lorcan’s wolf yips, and the next thing she knows, her wolf’s belly is exposed and Lorcan’s rubbing his maw across from her. Elide relaxes into her mate’s affections, and listen to his beast rumble of all the adventures of successfully killing bears and mountain lions, knowing its his male behavior trying to impress the female. 
  • It takes nearly a year for Elide to convince Lorcan to join him on a hunt. When she kills her first bear, wearing out her prey for what seemed an eternity, her mate cries, and licks away her wounds, howling to the wind that this female is his and how he’s underestimated her. Elide merely shakes her head, and asks a favor from Lorcan, who agrees on the spot. The next day, Lorcan proudly hands Elide a skinned bear blanket with leather on the other side, a sign that she’s not the damsel in distress and not unworthy of the predator. Her wolf rolls around in the blanket and cocoons in it so her head pokes out, and Lorcan’s wolf strides over, and licks her face affectionately, showering her with kisses. 
  • When Elide goes in heat, Lorcan pleads for someone, anyone, to cut off his cock, which literally screams for Elide. He ends of locking himself with silver chains in the basement for prisoners so he won’t unwillingly take his mate. Elide finds him and frees him, much to his protest, saying he doesn’t want him to chain herself up like she was chained, all because of her, and Lorcan’s too immobilized to move, his cock straining for her. The pain’s so unbearable he shifts into wolf form, and growls lowly at his mate to leave, but Elide sits stubbornly on the cell floor, also in pain from the heat, and shifts, and both relinquish control to their wolves, who tackle one another, teeth snapping. With the last shred of his control, Lorcan licks the scruff of Elide’s neck and carries her to the backyard’s fringes, where they shift under the fading moon, where Lorcan claims Elide and they complete the mating process, tearing at each other as their inner animals howl in synchrony. 
  • Bonus: Elide and Lorcan have just finished their hunt and shift into their human forms. Elide screams, seeing a large spider on Lorcan’s ass. Lorcan just cheekily grins while Elide demands Lorcan smack it. Being the total muscle master, Lorcan flexes his ass cheeks and the spider falls off, because yes, he does have an ass, while Elide simultaneously swallows and reaches forward to smack the spide, but misses, ending up spanking Lorcan harshly, who’s wearing the pink fluffy collar. 

Hope that suffices ~ may add more later.