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The boy felt like drawing and showing this to the anon right away but after he finished it I was like “um it’s super late in the U.S. right now I’m not sure that anon is still awake and on Tumblr” and he was like “you have a point”


Have a (ORAS) Tamamo-no-mae! Maxie (Based on this

-Here’s to the Super-ultra-not-Chinese-but-just-Asian-in-general Weird Creatures AU

It feels so weird when I can’t talk for an eternity


Noblesse Chapter 401

“Raizel. Do you not regret what happened? The family leaders who betrayed us…were once your most loyal followers. They were the ones by your side when you were on your own for so long.”

“… Regrets…are an extravagant emotion to me.”

“For me, this moment—four years is a moment in history—was the war. The war was and is reality for me, I still instinctively live and think in its atmosphere. These are some of its characteristics: Franklin Delano Roosevelt is the President of the United States, and he always has been. The other two eternal world leaders are Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin. America is not, never has been, and never will be what the songs and poems call it, a land of plenty. Nylon, meat, gasoline, and steel are rare. There are too many jobs and not enough workers. Money is very easy to earn but rather hard to spend, because there isn’t very much to buy. Trains are always late and always crowded with “servicemen.” The war will always be fought very far from America and it will never end. Nothing in America stands still for very long, including the people, who are always either leaving or on leave. People in America cry often. Sixteen is the key and crucial and natural age for a human being to be, and people of all other ages are ranged in an orderly manner ahead of and behind you as a harmonious setting for the sixteen-year-olds of this world. When you are sixteen, adults are slightly impressed and almost intimidated by you. This is a puzzle, finally solved by the realization that they foresee your military future, fighting for them. You do not foresee it. To waste anything in America is immoral. String and tinfoil are treasures. Newspapers are always crowded with strange maps and names of towns, and every few months the earth seems to lurch from its path when you see something in the newspapers, such as the time Mussolini, who had almost seemed one of the eternal leaders, is photographed hanging upside down on a meathook. Everyone listens to news broadcasts five or six times every day. All pleasurable things, all travel and sports and entertainment and good food and fine clothes, are in the very shortest supply, always were and always will be. There are just tiny fragments of pleasure and luxury in the world, and there is something unpatriotic about enjoying them. All foreign lands are inaccessible except to servicemen; they are vague, distant, and sealed off as though behind a curtain of plastic. The prevailing color of life in America is a dull, dark green called olive drab. That color is always respectable and always important. Most other colors risk being unpatriotic.”
~A Separate Peace By: John Knowles

Vanilla (G-Dragon Scenario)

Fourth scenario from the search for random words. I now give you our beloved and eternal leader GD, with the word vanilla.


Summary: Vanilla was by far his favorite scent, since it was a scent that belonged to you.

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i outlined the I Smile fic yesterday after the teaser and now that the MV is out all my ideas have been confirmed and if no one hears from me i’m writing and crying and dying of feels



Jellyfish Entertainment releases teaser pics for all 9 members of VIXX’s sister group and their company’s first ever girl group - gx9!

Move your cursor on/click the girls’ photos for information (which will be updated constantly)! [ALL BIRTH NAMES & AGES NOW AVAILABLE]

Are you excited for this new girl group with the PRODUCE 101 Jelpi Trio?

On outsiders and innuendoes...

(So, context: I just finished making the greatest act of diplomacy I’ve ever made while roleplaying, and the forces of Heaven and the Abyss joined forces just long enough to fight THE MOST POWERFUL BASTARD ON THE PLANET until he/it fled like a bitch. The attack was spearheaded by the Paladin leader of the poor colony this epic clash just happened to wreck, whose true nature is unknown, but he’s clearly more than what he seems. After the battle, the representatives of the angels and demons respectively offer a few fantastic rewards for freeing them from the bastard’s bindings…)

Angel Leader: “[Cleric], the earth breaker you wield doesn’t quite befit a follower of Sarenrae. Let me see it, so I may reward you for freeing me.”

(The earth breaker becomes a two-handed holy scimitar, for which I will be eternally grateful for.]

Angel Leader: “Go ahead, give it a feel.”

Fighter OOC: Woah!

DM: Oh come on, he’s an angel, you know he doesn’t mean it like that.

Slayer OOC: Yeah, the angel, you know he doesn’t say stuff like that in that way. If it was the demon saying that, you know he’d be saying that on purpose.

Demon Leader: “[Summoner], as much as I’d like to tempt you to take on the Paladin, just know that, while most paladins can only do what they do a few times a day, he can keep going all day, all night long~.”

(Cue laughing…)

Me OOC (Laughing): You called it!

Demon Leader: “But that only applies while he’s in his city. If you can get him away from the city, then you can see how well he can keep it up~.”

(…and more laughing.)

Slayer OOC (Still laughing): Yeah, what’d I tell you?


Sometimes I wonder why I like so much of a person on the other side of the world that doesn’t know I exist. Why a simple smile improves my day. Why do I always get emotional to hear her voice. But I see that, I don’t care about the distance or the fact that she even know who I am. I’m grateful to have met her, and that’s what matters. I hope in my heart that where she is, she feels loved and embraced by all her fans on this special day. Thank you for all the moments.

Happy birthday tou our eternal kid leader ♡


I feel proud being a Starlight and even more proud of having Hakyeon as a bias. He still cries when VIXX wins an award, altough they’ve already won several times. They worked hard and came thus far, and they still don’t gain much attention. They aren’t confident enough about their awesomeness, so they try even harder. Taekwoon was also holding back tears, Ravi too- Hongbin, Hyuk and Ken were grinning like a Creshire Cat.
VIXX deserves it, really. And they deserve a lot more.