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Bonus page:

TittleCultural Festival Memories
Author / Artist:  高尾鷹浬
Translation: @imanoturugi
Typesetter: Me / Kidokon-kontsu

※Permission to translate & reprint this was given by the artist.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you have a list of fics for overprotective or possessive levi? Thanks!

Hi anon!

We have a protectiveness tag, but applies to both of them. Illness/injuries, bodyguards, and knights can help you. If you want some sort of boyfriend-overreacting/mama-hen kind of story, I’m sorry but I can’t think of one of those, still, you should check the notice me or the dom Levi tags.

For “protective” –considering its wide meaning and shapes– allow me to offer you some samples:

Platonic protectiveness:

Levi is Mikasa’s legal guardian/adoptive father prompt by @snkdrabbles (please, read it. It’s so good)
Gradually by @me-loves-strawberries (canon-divergent)
Star Wars AU (I, II, III)  by @takuans (this fic is everything and more)

Non-platonic protectiveness ❤: 

Protector by @hime-writes  
Loyalty by emicha 
Just Say Goodnight by @anyapie  
No Rest for the Wicked by @hallow17 (nsfw)
twenty one days by sweetlittlething (eternal hiatus probably, but a very unique story)
Kid problems by RivaMikaDailyDose (good but incomplete)
What He Did To You by Freekiellie (mature themes)
Pacing by @kakashis-mole (nsfw)
Exception by @americanrevelation [aka onlytolive] (nsfw)
Love & Liquor by @reinamycloud  
Stay by @whispermethis (aka LittleWhisperer) 

If any of you guys can help, please reply with your suggestions.


Original: Ian
Digital Art; Clip Paint Studio • Time Taken approx one point five hour(s)

Warm up doodling, yet again! This time of Ian, from my eternally on hiatus online comic, 3 Pillars. One day I’d like to work on a side comic featuring this fella and his lovely accomplice Gustia. One day.

More: Original Art | Warmup Drawing | 3 Pillars