eternal hangover

 thank you the one and only @gipsyspirits for tagging me!

 5'7’’ aka 175cm

Favourite Fruit(s): apples, mango,peach,watermelon

Favourite season:  a bit of all, none whole

Favourite Book(s): atm is The girl from the train

Favourite animal(s): cats,bunnies, dogs, little cows, horses,lambs, all

Favourite beverage: TEA

Favourite fictional character(s): Iron Man, Chandler Bing (friends), Stewie (family guy), Phil (hangover), Clementine (eternal sunshine of the spotless mind), Celine (before sunrise)

Number of blankets you sleep with: 0, fkin Barcelona I am dying

Dream trip: van trip whole europe

Blog created:
pff 4 years ago?

Number of followers: 330

I’ll tag everyone who sees this and wants to cause i am  sleepy