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Snog Me Senseless 4

A/N:  So this was supposed to be a one shot about kissing, but then it became so much more.  Thanks to @team-styles for the teamwork between author and reader.  Thanks, as always, to @little-black-dress-24, for the encouragement and for forcing me to have the courage to tell this story.  I am so grateful to @melissas173, @niallandharrymakemestrong, and @emulateharry for their amazing suggestions and ideas.  

For Soap, my tumblr little sis.  I hope this one doesn’t embarrass you too much.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

As soon as you hear the sounds of the other boys in the fraternity house stirring, you move to get dressed in your clothes from the night before.  Harry, being the thoughtful boyfriend he has proven himself to be, clears the hallway so that you can use the restroom.  And even though you wrinkle your nose at the smell of the place, and even though you are stunned at the amount of shaved whiskers in the sinks, and even though the room is as close to a garbage dump as you have ever seen; you still glide in with confidence because you know your boyfriend is guarding the entrance.  You take care of your needs quickly, washing your face clean of any makeup and sliding into your clothes from the night before.  You finger-brush your hair, hoping that no one really notices that you’re wearing the same clothes.  Then again, you’ve never done a walk of shame, and you’re strangely excited at the prospect.    

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Hogwarts Love Story

Originally posted by hardyness

Summary: Newt Scamander and Y/N L/N are both new professors at Hogwarts, Newt teaching Care of Magical Creatures and her teaching Herbology. Everyone’s favorite Magizoologist had never really believed in love at first sight….but then he met her. 

A/N: I know that logically, they couldn’t be at Hogwarts at the same time as Hagrid, but he’s one of my favorites and I couldn’t help but put him in the story. 

Another fall had arrived and with it was the start to another school year at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. New students, returning students, teachers who’d been there for year, and even some new ones.

Among the new faculty was Newton A. F. Scamander, Care of Magical Creatures professor.

The students always arrived via the Hogwarts Express, but teachers showed up by their own methods, a day before the student body. Newt had spent that day deep in his work, preparing for all the lessons he would be teaching to the next generation of wizards.

A year previously, the young Magizoologist had finally published his book. A few months after, he received a letter from Albus Dumbledore, the new Headmaster of Hogwarts. With hardly a second thought, Newt accepted the job offer in the letter.

The headmaster and his former student had negotiated that Newt could being his creatures on the campus, provided the case was secure at all times. Professor Scamander readily agreed.

An hour before the opening banquet began, Newt emerged from his office, every single lesson prepared to perfection. As he made his way down an empty and echo-y corridor, a familiar anxiety curled in the pit of his stomach.

Memories of not so nice classmates, and the daunting task of meeting new people made his breaths come out faster and shallower. Cheerful voices could be heard around the corner as he approached the next room.

With a deep breath, Newt rounded the corner. He wasn’t sure what to expect, but a very friendly half-giant surely was not it.

“You must be Professor Scamander!” The large bearded man boomed, pulling Newt in for a crushing hug. “I’ve heard so much about you!”

“Oh-! H-hello,” Newt offered, caught off guard.

“Name’s Rubeus Hagrid. Groundskeeper.” The smiling giant held out his hand. Newt took it gladly and shook.

“Newt. Care of Magical Creatures.” He said, trying his best not to be overly timid.

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This is for @acourtoffandomtrash

This is my first time writing Elucien and I have discovered that I love them. I was inspired by the scene in the 2005 Pride and Prejudice where Mr Bingley is following Jane around the ball (see gif) and I’m pretty sure Elain and Lucien are now solidified as Jane and Bingley in my head. Forever. 

Originally posted by maggiebaine

Elucien: Sorry! I didn’t mean to touch your butt. 

The party was bright and vibrant. The windows were open to allow temperate weather outside to sweep away the stuffiness that threatened to swarm the room. Lucien was proud of what he had put together with the help of his mother, and Elain as well. His mother and Elain got along like dry sticks and a flame, which he was not at all surprised about it. They both had a gentleness and kindness that seeped deep into their bones, into their very being, but they still were strong and wilful. 

He and Elain, they were taking it slow. Through the war and the recovery after Lucien hadn’t uttered a word to Elain about the mating bond. He had kept quiet for her. Lucien wanted Elain to adjust, to be and find out what she wanted before he approached her to accept it. He wanted her to want him and love him, without her feeling like she had to. Even though at times in drove Lucien mad not to be with her, not to claim his mate and love her as she deserved. But, slow. They were taking it slow.

In the meantime they had become friends, as they were undeniably drawn to each other. And lately, lately Lucien thought he had felt something more. Both from him and from her. Sometimes feelings thrummed down the bond and they had suggested… well something more. Lucien knew he was in love. Everyday he spent with her he was determined to make her laugh just so he could smile at the way Elain’s nose scrunched up when she did, or he would show her something that would make her eyes to open wide in wonder. He was unwaveringly dedicated to making her happy. 

Lucien watched as his guests danced and mingled. The Night Court’s Inner Circle was here but they mainly kept to themselves. All except Morrigan who danced and flittered about the room seeing whoever she pleased, the shadowsinger never far behind. Lucien looked to the Inner Circle now to see if he could spot Elain. He only saw two golden brown haired heads and neither belonged to his mate and sending a sweeping glance around the room Lucien still couldn’t spot her. 

“Looking for someone?” 

The soft voice that sounded behind Lucien made him turn and he found Elain standing behind him. The sight of her knocked the breath out of him for moment. She looked radiant. Dressed in a gown of the palest lavender that it was almost white and with the tiny white flowers woven through her braided hair like a halo, Lucien thought she looked like and angel. 

Elain smiled at him. “You’re staring.” 

Lucien felt a flush rise to his cheeks and he swallowed before he quickly said, “You look beautiful.”

It was Elain’s turn to blush and she glanced away, “Thank you.” 

Lucien was not this away around anyone else. When Elain stood in front of him his sarcasm and bravado fell away and he was left blushing and almost painfully awkward. His mother said he was simply a fool in love. 

Clearing his throat he said to Elain, “Do you want to take a walk?”

Elain nodded, then Lucien extended his arm indicating that Elain should lead the way. Lucien remained half a step behind Elain as they started to walk, it made weaving through the crowd easier. At times they were paused as people caught their attention, greeting the High Lord of Autumn and complementing him on his party. Whenever the guests commented on the party Lucien was sure to give Elain the praise she deserved, which she waved away with laugh and a blush. When they were left to themselves Elain asked Lucien about his horses, knowing he had been anxious about them recently as this years foals were starting to be born. Lucien could talk endlessly about his horses, being his passion and escape from his High Lord duties. And Elain, she listened and took interest. She knew which were his favourites and she asked after them by name and shared any concern and joy Lucien had in them. 

They had now almost reached the edge of the crowd. Lucien noted that Elain had led them towards the gardens that just lay outside the party room, one of her favourite places in the whole Court. As she walked ahead of him Lucien watched as her skirts swished about her and how the ends of the lilac ribbon that was tied around her waist got lost in them. Without really thinking about what he was doing Lucien reached out to grab it, to run its softness through his fingers. 

He missed. 

Elain turned to him, surprise written all over her face as well as a question. Missing the ribbon Lucien had touched Elain’s backside, practically pinched it. Lucien was sure his face matched the bright red shade of his hair and he was eternally grateful that they were now in the quiet corridor near the doors of the garden where no one could see his shame.

He swallowed once. Then twice. “I umm…” he stuttered out his face going impossibly redder, “Sorry! I didn’t mean to touch… your… ummm…” 

Lucien was mortified. The offending hand rubbed at his face and neck while he looked anywhere except Elain’s face. Where Lucien was to go from here, he didn’t know. He sent a silent, gratitude filled prayer to the Mother thanking her that Nesta hadn’t see, otherwise he may have been dead this very moment. . Lucien felt reassurance and forgiveness and endless amusement pulse down the bond and he met Elain’s eyes. Elain had a slight flush on her cheeks but beyond that she didn’t seem perturbed. She smiled at him then she leaned forward and kissed his cheek before taking Lucien’s hand in her own and began to lead them into the garden. 

Lucien’s cheek burned where Elain had kissed it and he thought to himself that he might embarrass himself more often if this was his reward.

Tonight You're Mine

pairing: jikook
length: one shot, 4.7K words
genre: fluff, smut, non au
rating: pg-13
warnings: mild smut (nothing explicit), swearing, alcohol consumption

summary: when jimin appears at jungkook’s hotel room door with a bottle of champagne at eleven pm, the last thing the maknae expects is to finally confess his love for the older boy. but just one night can change it all, and jungkook’s about to find that to be very true indeed. 

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usagi323  asked:

I am willing to pay you in five potatoes and my eternal gratitude for some quick hcs for twin AU? Can be about either twin and/or their relationship with other characters, or both, or just general ideas for the AU setup, whatever you want!! Nor picky lol just would love to hear more!! :D

This is what I’ve come up with so far:

1) Yuuri considered Yuki as his only bestfriend back when they were little kids since he’s not particularly great at making one ((And Yuki frequently encourages him to despite Yuuri’s protests))

2) Yuki actually has a band named Genesis! Composed of a laid back guitarist, a pianist (which is him of course) , a shy female drummer and a boisterous bassist. They’d usually come over at the Katsuki household to make music together ((and they totally did not go there for Mama Katsuki’s home made tasty Katsudon as well))

3) After Yuuri’s encounter with Victor at Sochi and before he came back to Hasetsu, Victor immediately asks Yuki through video chat if he has a brother with him. And when he says yes, he actually told him about the events from the banquet and how Yuuri asks him to be his coach. ((And sent him some pictures and vids about it and Yuki is freakin mortified and amused from all of it and OH viktor totallt loves to het to know more about Yuuri and frequently asks Yuki for some info))

4) It was Yuki who encourages the girls to upload their video of Yuri skating to Stay Close to Me.. And the one who shared the video to Viktor

Yuki: “Hey Viktor, you’re not gonna believe this but my big bro just did a thing~”
*immediately packs his things* 
Yuki: Haha….what??!!!
Victor: I need to see this man for myself!!!
Yuki: “LMAO That’s pretty quick of you to decide to come visit us but OKAY? O7O”

5) Yuki: Big broothherrrrr
Yuuri: …w-what?
Yuki: Your idol is just a few meters away from you… Aren’t you going to talk to him yet??
Yuuri: I.. I don;t know if I’m ready to since..I mean.. back at the Sochi airport I-
Yuuri: Y-YUKI-!!!


6) Yuuri and Phichit wouldn’t have been friends if it wasn’t for Yuki. Dude, this guy’s had so many connections with the rest of the figure skaters and he has to do whatever it takes to get Yuuri to befriend them all q7q.

Though.. he’s not particularly at good terms with Yurio at first ever since Yuuri casually told him that a young Russian Punk told him that he should retire.


8.In case if you hadn’t known, aside from Victor and Yuuri, he definitely loves watching other skaters like Georgi and Phichit. Fanboying all the way~

9. Yuki secretly practicing the basics of ice skating whenever Yuuri is not around.

10. a) Yuki revised Yuuri’s FS music “YURI on ice” when Yuuri’s unable to contact the person who made the music for him. ((hence that concentrated look he had while he was playing the piano on my doodle cuz he’s really trying to get the music to fit with Yuuri’s career as a figure skater and as a loving son and brother to his family))

b) Yuki made the instrumental for Stay Close to Me and asked a friend of his online to sing the piece for him.

((I’m willing to make more soon, so watch out ;D))

justanotherwannabeclassic  asked:

CS at the World Cup - America vs Great Britain. They can either be players or fans

an: What is this mess. This is ridiculous. I want to write rival country Quidditch commentators FOREVER.

“And another score for England, which brings us to 80 points to 20 for the American team - let’s hope they don’t take defeat like they treat a victory - as you’ll recall from their win against Liechtenstein last year, the American’s do know how to-”

“And that’s Smith with the Quaffle, heading down the field, dodging a Bludger sent by Dorkins, Smith tosses the Quaffle off to Knowles, and now it’s back to Smith, Smith shoots - Smith scores, 80 to 30 England -”

“Angus Dorkins, with the missed block, is the son of Ragmar Dorkins, former manager for England’s most consistently miserable team the Cannons. And Knowles is something of a star, over the pond, isn’t she Swan? There was some to-do about her rise as a singer, and a scandal when she chucked a grand career to play for a subpar team in - Alabama, was it, Swan?”

“If you hadn’t noticed, there’s a Quidditch game happening, Jones, so maybe keep the gossip to yourself - and Blaggart with the Quaffle, heading upfield - nice block there by Page, the Quaffle recovered by the US-”

“That was clearly a penalty, Beaters are meant to use the Bludgers to block, not fly straight into their opponents, Swan, what kind of shoddy Quidditch do you play over there? Of course, no one could blame Page for not knowing the rules, she’s only American, after all -.”

“And Knowles with the Quaffle again - some excellent flying from Knowles, who, as it happens, played for Alabama for three years and brought them to two championships while juggling school and a singing career, I’m sure it’s hard for you to wrap your thick head around, Jones, but some people excel at multiple things, unlike you, who can’t even commentate a Quidditch match - ”

“Knowles nearly knocked off her broom by a Bludger from Dorkins, but she recovers nicely - and Knowles scores for the American team again, 80 points to England, 40 to the US, honestly, Swan, there’s a Quidditch game on, didn’t you know?”

Regina flicked her wand in the general direction of the radio that had been replaying commentary Emma was hoping the world had forgotten, by now. Regina crossed her arms, her dark hair perfectly coiffed and one burgundy nail tapping out a rhythm against her bicep. 

“Swan, remind me what happened to our ratings for this game.”

Emma rolled her tongue over her teeth, staring hard at  spot over her bosses head. “They doubled, twenty minutes in.”

“And remind me what the Daily Prophet and the Salem Gazette had to say about it.”

“They said it was the most entertaining game they’ve listened to in thirty five years.”

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50 Duas For Arafah!

1. Ya Allah Al Wali - The Protecting Friend, protect us from hearts that are not humble, tongues that are not wise, and eyes that have forgotten how to cry.
2. Ya Allah make me and my family from amongst the sabiqoon you mention of in Surah Al Waqi'ah. Let the light of our eeman emanate from our chest and from our right hand side.
3. Ya Allah, Grant me and my loved ones a blessed death. Let me utter the shahada before I die. Grant me the intercession of Prophet ṣallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him). Ya Raheem make my last moments the best moments of my life. Let me die a shaheed in madina with my head in sujood and with my eyes shedding tears because of the love I have for you.
4. Ya Allah grant me the companionship of Prophet ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him), his family and the Sahaba’s in Jannathul Firdous al 'aala.
5. Ya Allah save my non Muslim friends from the Fire. Guide them to Islam and righteous in the most beautiful of ways.
6. Ya Allah, reunite me in Jannathul Firdous with those whom I love for Your sake alone. Please make me a means of protecting and transferring my friends from hellfire into jannah because the love I have for them and because I will miss them in Jannah and would want the same for them.
7. Ya Rabb, perfect my Deen and my Worship. Save me from Faahisha and let me complete half of my Deen with someone whose heart is attached to you.
8. Ya Allah accept my good deeds and increase me in reward and Your Mercy. Wipe away my sins and pardon me completely. Shower your Mercy upon me and save me from disgrace on the Day of Reckoning.
9. Ya Allah, when I die, let my soul and my record of Deeds be with the Illiyeen. Grant me and my loved ones shade under your throne when there will be no shade but yours.
10. Ya Allah grant me, my parents, family and children guidance, steadfastness and increase in Imaan and taqwa. Keep me and my loved ones miles away from major and minor sins and from everything that earns your displeasure.
11. Ya Allah, make me of the few You love, You Pardon and You shade on a Day when there is no shade but from Your Majestic Arsh (Throne).
12. Oh my Lord, increase me in Yakeen and Tawakkul in you. Let there be no doubt in my belief in Your Oneness, Your Majesty and Power.
13. Ya Allah increase me in my love for You and Your Prophet ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him).
14. Ya Allah forgive me and increase me in Your Blessings and Provisions.
15. Ya Allah lead me to more opportunities to do good and seeking Your Pleasure. Help me expand my dawah with sincerity and ikhlas.
16. Ya Rabb, Purify my intentions for Your Sake alone and let me not show off or take false pride. Save me from arrogance, pride, showing off and reminding of favors.
17. Oh my Creator and Sustainer, do not leave me alone. Bless me with a righteous spouse and children who will be the coolness of my eyes. And please help every brother and sisters who is aiming towards the same goal. Bless us with spouses who will guide us towards your pleasure and with whom we will spend an eternity and more in Jannatul firdous al'aala.
18. Oh my Lord, make me of those who are patient and obedient to You and to my parents.
19. Save me from the Fitnah of Dajjal. And please save me from becoming a fitna for others. Save me from being the source of trail for others.
20. Save me and my loved ones from the punishment of the grave and the punishment of the Hell Fire.
21. Ya Allah, increase me in Sadaqa -e - Jariya. May the legacy of my good deeds be never-ending.
22. Ya Allah, bless me with good health, so I can make sajdah with ease till my final breath.
23. Ya Allah, protect me and the Muslim Ummah against wicked oppressors. Save us from Fitnah and give us ease in our times of trial. Ya Allah unite our Ummah.
24. My Lord, bless me with the best in this world, the best in the Hereafter and save me from the fire. I am indeed in need of the good You have in store for me.
25. Ya Allah increase me in gratitude towards You alone.
26. Oh my Rabb, save me from hypocrisy. Save me from cheating others, save me from giving people false promises and hopes, save me from bad language and save me from destroying someone’s trust in me when they entrust something.
27. Ya Allah, let me and my spouse be among the pilgrims to perform Hajj in 2017
28. Ya Allah protect me against Evil Jinns and Spirits. Safeguard me from their evil incitements and plots. Save me from every evil that you have created
29. Ya Allah forgive and have Mercy upon my parents, as they looked after me when I was young. Ya Allah Al Mannan make my parents proud of me in this world and in the hereafter.
30. Ya Allah, I pray and beg of you for the guidance of the Muslim Youth and Ummah. Save us all from Kufr, Despair, Misdeeds, bidah and Shirk. Keep us away from confusion of different sects and keep us on siratul mustaqeem.
31. Ya Allah grant me the strength to battle laziness and sleep, so I may wake up for Tahajjud and Fajr daily.
32. Ya Allah grant me Ultimate Success -safety from the Fire and entry into Jannathul Firdous al alaa.
33. Ya Ghafoor make me from amongst the True slaves of Ar Rahman you mention in Surat Al Furqan who are protected from Hell fire.
34. Ya Allah help single mothers and sisters who have lost their husbands and guardians. Be their Wali and ease their hardships. Provide them with finance and help them take care of those under them.
35. Ya Allah Al Shafi cure everyone who is suffering from chronic diseases and those suffering from Cancer.
36. Ya Allah keep us away from people who want to cause us harm. Ya Allah make my enemeies my friends and make my friends my best friends. Surround me with people who remind me of your and about the akhirah.
37. Ya Allah help me become a hafidh and let me marry a hafidha of Qur'an and give tawfeeq for my entire progeny to be huffadh of Qur'an. Those who have Qur'an in their hearts and on their tongues. Men and women from my progeny who will be walking Qur'ans like our beloved Prophet ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him).
38. Ya Allah make me from amongst the best. Those who learn Qur'an and teach Qur'an.
39. Ya Allah, please grant my parents strength, health and happiness. Please make me a light in their life, make me a source of laughter and smile, just as they have been for me. Guide them to the straight path, and keep them away from worries and grief.
40. Ya Allah uplift the men of our Ummah. Make them men of true honour and deen. Make them our protectors and those who help us and guide us. Keep us away from men and hypocrites who might destroy us, our peace of mind and our eeman.
41. Ya Allah allow us intercession of Qur'an. Ya Allah let Surah Baraqah and Al Imran come as clouds over us on the day of judgment.
42. Ya Allah always keep us financially secure and content with what we have. Keep us away from arrogance and worldly competition.
43. Ya Allah make Qur'an the light of my heart and the dispeller of my worries. Help me Increase my khushoo in Salaah.
44. Ya Fattah grant me wisdom and awareness, keep me away from foolishness and pretension, grant me a share in every blessing You send down, by Your generosity, O the most Generous.
45. Ya Allah strengthen me in carrying out Your commands, let me taste the sweetness of Your remembrance, grant me, through Your graciousness, that I give thanks to You. Protect me, with Your protection.Place me among Your righteous and obedient servants, and place me among Your close friends, by Your kindness.
46. Ya Rabbi let me have mercy on the orphans, and feed [the hungry], and spread peace, and keep company with the noble-minded. Make me, among those who rely on you.
47. Ya Allah make me patient over events that are decreed, grant me the ability to be pious, and keep company with the good, open for me the doors of the heavens, and lock the doors of Hell from me, help me to recite the Qur'an fluently and please send down tranquility upon my heart.
48. Ya Hayyum Ya Qayyum do not raise me blind on the day of judgement, let me have the honor of seeing your face and let me meet you with Qalbun Saleem.
48. Ya Allah Al Azeez keep shaytan miles away from me and my loved ones. Help me be sincere, strong, truthful. Do not let me be oppressed and do not make me an oppressor.
49. Ya Wakeel I entrust my affairs in your hands do not leave me incharge of my affairs even for a blink of an eye, please rectify for me all of my affairs. Purify my heart and clear the dark spots on sin. Bless my heart with your Noor.
50. Ya Allah to you we belong and you is our return. Have mercy on us and forgive us and guide us towards things that lead to your pleasure and keep us miles away from things that lead to your displeasure. Please accept all our duas and protect us from hardships.
Ameen ya rabbul alameen.
This is my small dua collection. Please feel free to tweak it the way you want. Add duas to this list or delete duas from this list. We cannot make enough dua during Arafah.
Please make sure you sit down before breaking fast and make dua atleast for half an hour.
May Allah accept all your duas and give you all more than you deserve.

The Execution of Elsa


Realistic fairy tale endings

- After Elsa nearly killed them all because she couldn’t control her powers, the people of Arendelle conclude she is too reckless and dangerous to have as ruler and send her to the guillotine, Marie Antoinette-style.


“Elsa, NO, you can’t DO this!  I just got you back, I can’t watch them … execute you!” Anna was sobbing, her words choked out through her tears.

Her sister sat in the window bay of her room.  When the Council had (timorously) told her that the people demanded her execution for the crimes she had committed against the kingdom on her Coronation Day, she had meekly submitted to their judgement and gave her solemn oath that she would neither resist nor run away from her fate.

So instead of being imprisoned in her own dungeons, she was allowed to spend her last days in her room.  With her sister, the soon-to-be Queen Anna of Arendelle.

Elsa didn’t want to die, but she felt that her crimes were so heinous that it was justice that she pay for them with her life.

“Anna, I don’t want to leave you, but, it is all that I deserve.  There were people that died from the cold, and the kingdom will come close to starvation this winter because of the damage my winter caused the crops. I must pay for those crimes.”  She hung her head, not wanting Anna to see her tears.  "I’m sorry that I am leaving you to handle the shambles I created.“

Elsa’s room was on the side of the castle facing the fjord, not the courtyard, so they could not hear the hammers and saws as the workmen built the guillotine.  But she knew it was happening.

Anna broke into even louder sobs and wailed, "But I don’t want to be the Queen!  I want my sister to be Queen and I can be her right hand and we can fix this together!”

Elsa went over to the bed, sat down next to Anna and took her into her arms.  "I am so, so sorry, Anna.  If only Papa had let us be together, if only I had the courage to reach out to you after we lost them, maybe none of this would have happened.  But the past is in the past and there is no other way to atone for the evil I brought down on Arendelle.“

The two sisters stayed in their embrace for hours, tears flowing freely as they shared the love they felt for each other; the love that had been stolen from them by fate for thirteen years.  But there would be no happy ending to this tale, only Elsa’s death, and a sister bereft of her best friend forever.

A knock on the door startled Anna, but Elsa seemed to expect it.  She kissed Anna tenderly on the forehead, then stood and said, "Come in.”

The door opened to reveal the Bishop and the Baron who was the head of the Royal Council. The Bishop said, “You summoned us?”  He used no honorifics and his voice was strained. He did not agree with the decision to execute the Queen, but had no choice.

“Yes.  I called you here to witness my abdication,” Elsa said in a calm voice.  

Anna’s head shot up in astonishment and it was clear that the Bishop and the Baron were equally caught off guard.

“Why?” snarled the Baron. He had lost family to the cold, and his farms were in ruins.  Hatred was the only emotion he felt toward Elsa.

She looked at him cooly and replied, “Because the history of Arendelle should not be marred by a regicide.  I accept the judgement of the people that I have committed a crime that deserves death.  By abdicating in favor of the Princess Anna, I will die as a common criminal, and Arendelle’s conscience will be free from future doubts concerning my execution.”

Elsa walked over to her dresser, and got a sheet of paper and something else from the top drawer.  She brought the paper to the Bishop.  "Here is my decree of abdication.  If you both sign and witness it, the throne passes to my sister.“

While the Bishop and the Baron read and witnessed the document, Elsa went back to sit next to Anna, who was still in stunned silence over this development.

The Bishop looked at the two sisters and said, "Very well. It is done.”  He addressed Anna and said, “Your Majesty, we will discuss your coronation after her exec … after.”  He bowed, and the two men left the room, closing the door behind them.

Elsa put her arms around Anna, who had begun to cry again once the men left.  "Shhh, shhh, it’s okay, Anna.“

"Elsa, I can’t handle this, I can’t!” Anna wailed.

Her sister tried to reassure her. “I know this is hard; so hard.  But you are strong, Anna, and you will make a wonderful Queen.  You’ll fix the mess I’m leaving you, and Arendelle will grow and prosper under Good Queen Anna.  I pass this crown to you with the confidence that you will wear it with honor and grace.”

Elsa held out her hand, her golden tiara lay in her palm.  She mused that she was glad that they had been able to return to her Ice Palace before the turmoil had arisen that resulted in her condemnation.  They had found Marshmallow, and he had returned her crown to her.

“No, I don’t want it.  I won’t take it!”

“Yes, you will.  Because it is your duty, Anna.  And you will do your duty to the kingdom, just like I will do mine.”

Anna flung herself into Elsa’s arms again, and they spent Elsa’s last hours on earth trying to make up for thirteen years of isolation.

Shortly after the dawn, there was another knock on the door, and they heard Kai’s voice, strained and awkward. “Milady?  It’s … time.  They are calling for you to present yourself.”

“Tell them I will dress and be ready in a few minutes, Kai,” Elsa replied.

She rose and pulled Anna to her feet.  "Help me dress, Anna?“

It didn’t take long for her to dress in a plain but elegant dress in dark gray with purple rosemaling.  Anna helped her brush and plait her hair, and put it up in a bun, so her neck was bare.

Gerda had brought a dress for Anna as well – her mourning clothes; the ones she had worn for her parents’ memorial service.  Anna would mourn Elsa, even if no one else did.

Finished, they looked at each other, then embraced tightly, neither of them wanting to let go.

"Come, Anna.  It’s time.”  Elsa finally pulled away, then took Anna’s hand and walked to the door.

Hand in hand they walked to the main door of the castle, accompanied by two Arendelle guards.  The halls were lined with servants and staff, who bowed or curtsied as the sisters passed them.

At the courtyard door, the last two servants were Kai and Gerda. It was clear that Gerda had been weeping, although no tears were on her face now.  Kai had the stoic look of a man pushed to his limits.  They both bowed to Elsa.

“Thank you for everything, Kai, Gerda.  For years you served me, and my gratitude for your kindness knows no bounds.”  Elsa looked at Anna, then continued, “I know you will take care of my sister for me.”

Anna was fighting back her tears, her face twisted in anguish as she realized this was the end, Elsa was really going through with this abomination.

“Elsa …”

Her sister wrapped her in one last hug and whispered into her ear, “I love you, Anna.  I have always loved you, and I will carry that love into eternity.”  Elsa kissed Anna, then released her and turned to go out into the courtyard.

Kai said to Anna, “Your Majesty?” and waved at the door.

“No.  No I will not go out there and witness this horror.  How can you even suggest that?  No.” and Anna turned away from the door and slumped to the floor, her back against the wall.  She wrapped her arms around her knees and put her head down to begin sobbing again.

She could still hear, though. The crowd noise had increased when Elsa had stepped out into the courtyard.  A minute or so passed, long enough for Elsa to cross the courtyard to the steps of the guillotine and mount them.  There was a moment of absolute silence.  Anna braced herself. She heard the “Thunk!” and the crowd cheering wildly.

Elsa was dead, her sister was dead.

“The Queen is dead; long live the Queen …” Anna whispered to herself.  She wiped her eyes and stood.  She was the Queen, and there was her duty.


december 28.

this date marks a year since we separated. it rained all day today, a neat little touch from the universe. i worked out, took riley on a long walk, and kept a doctors’ appointment. [which reminded me of how on this day last year, in a distressed but unfeeling haze, i went to the dentist and snapped at the hygienist when she chided me for having delayed my appointment for so long.] i read for hours then took myself on a really nice date: i went to cocoa cinnamon to read + write and had a [seemingly] magic latte with hazelnut + black pepper. i went to carolina theater to see youth and marveled at how harvey keitel’s still got it. tonight i changed plans with a friend once i realized my need to be alone, and just now received a text from my sister: i put something on your porch. i went out to find the hyacinth + note pictured above, my eyes immediately welling with gratitude for this perfect gesture and the light it brought to this evening.

the date matters because in north carolina you must be separated for a year before you can divorce. in some ways it feels an eternity, in others it’s a blink. for me, it has been strange to be legally tied to someone i loved and with whom i shared my entire life, but now haven’t shared a home with in a year and have seen exactly twice in almost as long. especially since it was neither my choice nor desire. our divorce will be final within a month or so and i vacillate between feeling relieved that the titles will finally match reality and feeling the loss more acutely than i have in some time.

i struggled with how best to spend this time. last year, it was the beginning of an incredibly dark period, which was only accentuated by the quietness of this particular calendar week – slow at work and distinctly melancholy after the holiday chaos. this year, i saw it coming a mile away. at first i planned a short escape, only to scrap those plans a week later in favor of keeping with one of my tenets: the only way out is through. i did a lot of thinking, and then more thinking, and realized that while all of the adventures + experiences i’ve afforded myself this year have been invaluable, i needed to do some sitting with this. i needed to continue to give myself opportunities to find vitality and contentment on my own, in my own space, even during what feel like some of the darkest times. i took this week off and plan to just be really kind to myself.

here’s to being in so i can be eventually be out, and as my sweet sister says, to fresh starts.

Dear F,

When I used to think about you, I’d get a knot inside- twisting its way around my delicate heart and squeezing so tightly. It hurt so bad. What we had wasn’t a relationship. What we had was a despondent friendship-bound together by glimpses of hope and me wondering, “Does he like me as more than a friend?” I know it’s cliché to say you were my best friend, but you were. You were the best guy friend I’ve ever had and I am sorry. I am sorry I was a terrible friend, I am sorry I cried after you told me you didn’t feel the same way about me, I am sorry I kissed you on my driveway on August 13, 2015. I miss the way I felt when I saw you just as a friend. I miss that day we flew home from Guatemala together and we shared ginger ale on the plane and listened to Taylor Swift songs together. I hope you remember that day. My dear, sweet friend, I hope you remember.

I remember with a nostalgic ache the day you called me up, sobbing on the phone saying how you had a really rough day at swim practice and when you saw my simple text afterwards stating how much I cared about you, you broke down. I wanted nothing more than to hug you and hold you and help you stick all those pieces back together inside you.

You told me about how others thought you were gay, you told me about the girls you loved, you told me about how you got along with your mom better than your dad.

You came to me one day with a collection of beach houses on the Oregon coast and said, “Hey, I found a few beach houses for us!” Other people thought we were dating. I thought you liked me. I definitely fell in love with the way your blue-green eyes were so damn expressive.

We saw The Oh Hellos on New Years Eve together and I thought you might kiss me. You didn’t.

You were Homecoming King and I followed suit as Homecoming Queen the year after. I thought we were meant for each other. Our families liked each other, I had known you since the third grade. We went to Sunday School together and I remember when I thought you were an older, “popular” kid who wouldn’t ever talk to me. But you did.

It was your junior year of high school and my sophomore year. I was dating another boy. We had just become friends. I was sitting on my friend’s bed. She was probably painting her fingernails black and we were discussing boys as most typical fifteen year old girls do. She mentioned you. “Hey, he said in P.E. class that he’d like to marry a girl like you.” I responded with, “Ew. That’s gross. I have a boyfriend. He is just a friend to me.”

I was wrong.

I wrote you a letter about how I loved you so. I became brave somehow and gave it to you the summer before you went off to college. We had a picnic up in the Colorado woods a week later and you said, “Sorry, you’re just a friend to me.”

I’ve watched you go from an extraverted, friendly, open 17 year old boy with so much potential, to a 20 year old man who is cold and distant and does things he vowed as a 17 year old he would never do. You told me over this summer how you get along better with your dad than your mom now.

We spent one last day shopping and eating sushi and as you told me you friendzoned me, I felt I had nothing left to lose. You are still a good guy, my dear friend. I know you are. You gave our leftover food to a homeless man that day and you let me pick all the music on our car ride and you still know where your heart should be. It’s just not there yet.

When I asked if I could kiss you, you responded with, “Yes, please.” And as our mouths became familiar with one another, I had a glimmer of hope. Friends shouldn’t kiss how we kissed. You said, “See you sometime.” And drove away.

We don’t talk anymore.

When I used to think about you, I’d feel heartbroken. But now when I hear a familiar Mat Kearney song, I think of you and I don’t feel empty anymore. When I hear someone say, “Oh my lanta!” I think of you and I don’t feel empty anymore. When I smell chlorine, I think of you and I don’t feel empty anymore. My wonderful friend, our time has passed. I understand now. Your journey is no longer connected to my journey and I will forever have our memories. You taught me so much and I don’t see you as a wonderful, precious, extraordinary thing anymore. I can’t idealize you any longer.

You’re just a boy.

And you’re going to be alright. And I’m going to be alright. And maybe we’ll run into each other in an airport or something someday, and we’ll catch up. Remember, my beloved, flamboyant, giving, artistic, talented, forgiving friend, you are loved. “And in this moment, I swear, we are infinite.”

Eternally sending my gratitude,


anonymous asked:

Hey I really live your blog and your art is really amazing!!! I was just wondering if you maybe had any fanfiction recommendations? Maybe? Idk you're just really cool and awesome thanks!

Thank you so much! And yes I have some! And god I love them so much so thank you for asking me this! This way I can share with everyone as well~! 


All Theory by recluse [Complete]
The Buttershark Effect by SparklingGanymede
Standstill at Greenling by derasorea [AU]


Logic and Beauty by madisuzy
Butterfly Kiss by clandestine7
Crash Course by perculious
Dive(rgent) by aestivates
Butterfly Bros by ezzydean
Post-it Notes by kioee
Haunted House by kioee
Fashion Sense by kioee
Not a Girlfriend by kioee (it’s amazing how this one was written way before Eternal Summer was aired, it’s so similar to Ep 3)
Trapped by kioee (a bit NSFW)
Gratitude for Dummies by Jessus
Beauty in Chaos by creativedoodle
Property of Matsuoka Rin by PurrfectCatastrophe
Paper bits by PurrfectCatastrophe
In Spirit by Pinkgrasshopper
Spelling Beauty by Pinkgrasshopper
All, All Apologies by Pinkgrasshopper
Muffin Top by writing-fiend [NSFW]

These two aren’t really RinRei but it sort of helps you see the spark.

Shining by sonnet009 
The Plan by sonnet009

And here are some friends here in tumblr who also writes great RinRei fics/drabbles! <3


There are still some titles I can’t seem to remember atm so I think I’ll update this list of recommendation from time to time. xD Thank you for thinking I’m awesome and cool! <3

[To Carve A Heart ]

Series: Fairy Tail.
Pairing: NaLu.
Setting: Canon. 

A/N: I felt like doing a few Halloween oneshots so here’s NaLu for starters!

Summary: Carving pumpkins was going great…until he set her room on fire trying to light them up. 

‘You said you’ve done this before, Natsu!’

Smoke whipped up from the chimney top, spluttering and coughing into the cool night air. Natsu had done his best to eat the flames, but not before the better half of Lucy’s novel had already turned to ash.

‘I have!’ he argued. ‘The pumpkins never set on fire before!’

Lucy spun around to face him, blonde hair plastered across her face. She could feel the sweat trickling down her back. ‘I told you to use a match,’ she scolded. He cringed at the admonition. ‘Why do you have to destroy everything?’

The words stung when they hit their mark. She watched the wrinkles form on his face, watched the scowl twist uncomfortably at his lips. He clutched at the scarf around his neck and turned his gaze on the remaining smoke twisting out of the chimney top. It would be clear soon, then they could go back inside. 

‘I’m sorry, Lucy,’ he said.

Lucy heaved a sigh. ‘No. It’s okay. I know you didn’t mean it. It’s just…’ Her mind flickered back to memories of her childhood. She’d always dressed up for Halloween with her mother. She missed those days. ‘Why don’t we go for a walk? You know, until the smoke clears up.’

Natsu nodded. He was hurt, she realised. She shouldn’t have said what she did. It was wrong. Natsu destroying things was just, well, Natsu. It was the mark he left in Fairy Tail’s wake. It was just…him.

They walked through Magnolia under a veil of starlight, listening to the sounds of Halloween echoing all around them. Parents walked their children through the dark streets, navigating from one house to the next in search of candy. Lucy’s mind reeled with the memories of the Heartfilia manor. She remembered how Aed would make candy and chocolate for her to find around the mansion.  

When they reached the woods bordering the outskirts of Magnolia, Lucy pulled Natsu to a stop. He hadn’t said a word during their walk, and hearing him shuffle in silence was far worse than watching him set her room on fire. She could rewrite her novel anytime – but she couldn’t rewrite their friendship. Theirs was a story that would transcend time. It may not have been written on paper, but that’s what made it so special. Nothing could erase what was in her heart. Not even a fire. 

‘Thank you for coming to see me,’ she said. ‘I know you really wanted to go out with Happy and the others.’

Happy had wanted to stay with Lucy, too, but she’d insisted he leave with Carla. It wasn’t everyday that Wendy’s stubborn Exceed agreed, willingly, to a date that involved catching salmon. She supposed even Carla would do things she didn’t like for the sake of someone she loved. 

‘It would’ve been boring without you,’ he said, as though the fact should have been obvious. 

Lucy’s heart skipped a beat. ‘Do you know why people carve pumpkins on Halloween?’ she asked, peering in to see if her question sparked his interest.

Natsu folded his arms across his chest and said, ‘Because it’s fun?’

Lucy laughed at that. ‘Well, there’s that,’ she said. ‘But, there’s actually an interesting story behind it. Do you wanna hear it?’

Before he answered, Natsu took off his jacket and quickly draped it around her shoulders. She hadn’t noticed that she was shivering until his warmth seeped into her cold bones. Pulling it closed around herself, Lucy offered him a smile of gratitude before setting off deeper into the woods.

When they’d left the city behind, Lucy decided to tell her story. ‘There are a lot of rumours surrounding carved pumpkins, or Jack-o’-lantern’s as they’re called on Halloween. Some people say that a boy called Jack tricked the Devil and trapped him inside his pocket, sealing away his powers. When the Devil agreed never to take Jack’s soul, the boy finally set him free. After living a long life, Jack passed away, as all people do, and the Devil was true to his word. He never came back for Jack’s soul. He had nowhere to go.’

Natsu’s hand came up to take hers. He was enthralled by the story, she realised. He hadn’t said a word since they’d started walking again. 

Taking a breath, Lucy continued. ‘Jack was alone in the darkness. Not even Hell would take him now. He asked the Devil what he should do. Jack couldn’t see without a light, so the Devil mocked him and threw him a flame that would never die out. Jack carved out one of his turnips, which were his favourite food at the time, and he put the ember inside it. After that, he began to wander Earthland aimlessly, searching for a resting place. He became known as “Jack of the Lantern”. So, in honour of Jack’s story, we started carving pumpkins and lighting a candle inside them, so that the dead will be able to find their way.’

Natsu could only stare at her. He didn’t seem to know what to say. Lucy glanced down at their hands, grateful for the warmth. The wind trespassed through the woods, howling and wailing into the night. It was a fitting sound for Halloween, she thought. A chilling sort of noise that raised the hairs on the back of her neck. 

Clearing her throat, Lucy tipped her head back and added, ‘The pumpkins are also used to ward off vampires and evil spirits, so they can’t get you in your sleep.’

Natsu’s eyes lit up like her apartment when he’d set it on fire. ‘Really?!’

Lucy grinned. ‘Yeah. Really.’

‘I guess we should make one for Wendy. She’d be pretty scared if a vampire came for her in the night,’ Natsu said thoughtfully. Lucy could only smile. It was his love for his friends that made him so special. Even on nights when she wanted to throttle him for being so careless. 

‘Hey,’ she started, squeezing his hand to slow their advance through the woods, ‘we should start heading back. My apartment will be clear now.’

Natsu nodded. ‘Hey, Lucy?’


‘Do you think there are vampires in the woods?’

Lucy shivered. ‘I’d rather not find out.’ 

They encountered Happy on the way back to Lucy’s apartment, and the two friends bid Lucy farewell. Happy promised to share his candy with Natsu on the walk home, which put Natsu in an even better mood.

Lucy worked hard at restoring her novel well into the remaining hours of the night, falling asleep at her desk between the hours of two and three. And when she woke the next morning, a small pumpkin had been set on the windowsill by her desk. The Fairy Tail mark had been carved into the face, and a single flame burned brightly in the centre. A note had been left beside it. 

So the vampires don’t get you, it read, in clumsy handwriting.

‘Stupid Natsu,’ she whispered, folding the note against her chest. The vampires would never lay a finger on Lucy. She didn’t need a jack-o’-lantern to warn off the monsters. Not when she had Natsu to protect her. He’d already carved a place into her heart, where the flame of his love would burn on eternally.

Clock Ticking for Kitteh Kats Blog

I hate to say it, but I think time is running out for this blog.  I simply cant afford the internet connection any more, at least not the isp bill and my cats medical expenses and groceries.  As some of you know, I am on disability, and for years now I’ve been spending more for my internet than all of my other expenses combined.

It’s been an honor that so many of you have chosen Kitteh Kats for all of your cat and kitten pic needs, and I’m particularly sorry to new followers, but I will leave the blog in place for those who would like to peruse its archives.

The PayPal button will also remain in place  on the blog page for anyone kind enough to help with  my cat, Dory’s medical needs.  Please help if you can.  I hate to see her in pain!  You will have my eternal gratitude and love!

It’s been an amazing journey, sharing the wonder of kitties, posting every day for 4 years, and it’s been a bigger and better part of my life than you can imagine. If it made you smile, I’m glad.  A big part of that has been having all of you along for the ride (I love ou all) as well as finding finding a couple genuine and valued friends… but mostly, because cats.

Andrew & Dory


P.S.  Will reblog once or twice so everyone gets to see, and no one thinks we just disappeared without saying goodbye.

Yep, you read that right! As amazing as it sounds, I reached over 700 followers not too long ago. I’m mesmerized by the fact that so many people are hooked enough on my blog to follow me, and I really, really love each and every one of you. I honestly couldn’t be grateful! Without all of you, I wouldn’t be able to get my inspiration and channel my inner Mike Warren. I haven’t done anything like this for a long time, and 700 followers is a pretty huge number for me (the highest amount of followers I’ve ever had in any indie account, actually!), so I thought a little present for you all would be fitting for the occasion. 

So, first of all, I want to express my undying gratitude for your support, your constant affection and care, your nice words when I’ve needed it, your amazing ways of inspiring me day after day, for putting up with me when I’ve been at my worst – for everything! You’re the bomb diggity and I couldn’t ask for more than all of you.

And now, for the fun stuff!

01. Bias list

To begin with, I decided to put together a list of the people I admire the most from those I follow. They’ve either been with me for long and are therefore close friends, or are super sweet people even if we’ve known each other for little time, or manage to impress me with their writing every day, or I’ve simply been admiring them from afar – either way, if you’re here, just know you’re among my favorite people ever!
NOTE: The URLs are listed alphabetically.

THE WIFEMy number one, my one and only, my best friend, my favorite person in the world, the only one who understands me, loves me, cares about me, and stands me no matter what. My Allie, my little, beautiful Italian treasure. ( frayedpcges)

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02. Giveaway

Here comes the REAL fun stuff for everyone who’s following me! Besides expressing my eternal gratitude, I wanted to give away some fun prizes to everyone who’s been putting up with me and my craziness. The rules are the following:

– The giveaway is exclusively for my followers, which means you must be, well, following me.
– Only RP blogs will be able to participate.
– I will only count the reblogs, but each person can reblog as many times as possible!
– Ends Monday, August 17.

And now the fun, fun, fun stuff – aka. the prizes! NINE winners will be picked randomly, each of whom will get the chance to choose ONE of these prizes:

– 3 icon packs (50-100 icons). For this, I will need: links to the gallery from where you want me to make said icons (10000 times better if you can provide a .zip file with the screencaps!) as well as your preference for the icons (Bigger than 100x100px? Borders? Texture? Watermark? Nothing at all?). Examples here.
– 3 fanmixes (10-15 songs). For this, I will need: a topic for your fanmix – be it a character, a ship, a theme, anything goes! (Have into account, the more I know about the person/people/theme I’m making the fanmix about, the better the outcome will be). Examples here.
– 3 promo banners. For this, I will need: Your URL (or the URL of whoever you want the promo for, if you want to give it to someone) as well as any particular preferences you may have (text on the picture, color palettes, etc). Examples x x x x x x x

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Everyone who reblogs this wins:

– The chance to ask me a question about anything at all (be it Graceland, Mike Warren, any other character(s), my portrayal, any of my verses/ships/partners, anything personal/OOC, anything you can come up with!) whose response I will be recording in separate audios for each one of you and posting along with your questions! You can take this as a way to have some fun embarrassing me with awkward questions, take advantage to make me talk in Spanish, ask something you’ve always wanted to know about me or simply request me to share some of my views on something; I promise I’ll try to be as clear (and fun!) as possible!

So that’s all I can offer, kiddos! I hope you enjoy this and, again, thank you so much for your daily support and your love. You all rock!