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Funny emperor Valkorion with his kids. As always he doesnt pay any attetntion to what his children are doing, otherwise he would stop the fatality of the brothers by the their sister. Well, serves them right to make fun of Vaylin with help of their spider

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Raphael Carion, Lord Commander of the Emperor's Children

“I have wept for my brothers. Now I’ll make the enemy weep for theirs.”

Lord Commander Raphael Carion was a Commander of the Emperor’s Children and one of Fulgrim’s ten ‘Prince of War.’ He and his Company were thought lost in the Warp after a horrific accident involving the ship’s navigator, and only recently reemerged still believing it is the Great Crusade and not knowing of his Legion demise.

He is now the Chapter Master of the Palatine Blades, with a strong motivation to regain the honor and dignity that his former legion had. This leads him to sometimes leaves him torn between what is morally right and what is tactically sound. He is skeptical of the motivations of the Inquisition, however, he is normally seen in the presence of Lord Inquisitor Godiva Iboni.



The only son of master duelist Daniel Carrion - a former member of the Chemos’ Callax High Guard - Raphael grew up in training academies and target ranges. As a child, he read obsessively, to the point that jests were made about his habits since most children were focused on survival. However, apparently by something he had read, Raphael became motivated to become a warrior, although he did not initially seem inclined to martial habits. By the age of fifteen, he fought and defeated some of Chemos’ finest swordsmen, soon earning himself a place at the Royal Academe. He soon graduated at the top of his class and had soon gained the attention of Fulgrim.

Raphael found his early assignments, such as guarding the Chemos nobility or garrisoning over the Capitol, tedious but he would perform such acts to the best of his abilities. He would volunteer for the dangerous missions - such as scouting the mining wastes - and soon became a renowned duelist. Fulgrim soon took interest in the young duelist, and when offered a position in the Emperor’s Children Raphael quickly accepted. So began the military career of a young warrior who would come to represent everything that a legionary in the Emperor’s Children should strive to be.

Great Crusade

Enhanced beyond mortal bounds by the blessings of the Space Marine induction process, Raphael became ever more skilled in the arts of the blade. He never tired of challenging his peers in the exercises that their sergeants put them through every day.

Though his confidence and supreme skill might have earned the enmity of mortal men, his brothers in the Emperor’s Children sang his praises in all honesty. Their Legion admired perfection above all else. Before long, Raphael had come to the notice of Lord Commander Vespasian. As the Great Crusade unfolded, Raphael directed his puissant skill towards the goals of the Emperor’s Children on a dozen worlds brought to Imperial Compliance. He was rewarded with command of the 3rd Company. At first, Vespasian saw his faith in Lucius as well-placed. Though the young swordsman was self-serving and cocky, he was never found wanting in the arts of war. However, as he got old the Lord Commander began to worry about the young man’s soul - comparing him to Lucious at times - to the point where he had ordered the 3rd Company to learn from the Crimson Dragons on Meiji.

Time Amongst the Dragons

The Crimson Dragons and Emperor’s Children had always been at odds with each other based on their Primarch’s belief in beauty and perfection. The Emperor’s Children believed that beauty comes through perfection, while the Crimson Dragons believed that beauty came from imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. Neither Legion could stand the other, but the friendship between Vespasian and Daimyo Satsuma Irou allowed Raphael to finish his training under the Captain’s tutelage - and learn some humility.

Raphael had opposed the perceived exile, viewing it more as a punishment than as a chance to learn. He even voiced his opinion to Fulgrim himself, but his Primarch agreed with Vespasian, who viewed it as a chance to civilize the imperfect dragons. During his studies, his duties included fetching water, cleaning the training floors, sweeping the temple-monastery steps, and meditation. All of which annoyed Raphael, who saw these actions as meaningless or meant for servitors. Irou offered that if Raphael defeated one-hundred Dragons, then he was free to go. With this new found determination, Raphael dispensed of opponents with machine-like motions, convinced with every victory was a step closer to going back to his Legion and the Crusade. Irou proved to be his last opponent, and though he fought like a man possessed, every iota of his being focused upon victory, Irou defeated him with a unarmored and with a bamboo training sword. Unsure how he was defeated, Raphael challenged Irou to a rematch and was defeated one-hundred times. Feeling depressed over his defeats, Irou reassured Raphael that he fought like a true son of Fulgrim and now he could start improving himself. From then on Raphael took his training more seriously.

After tutelage was with the Crimson Dragons was completed, Raphael came back a changed man. He portrayed a calmness and humility that was rarely seen in the Third Legion, gaining favor with Vespasian and shared his training regiment with the rest of his company.

Lost to the Warp

After aiding the Iron Hands with the destruction of the Diasporex, Raphael was awarded the rank of Lord Commander and given a place within Fulgrim’s personal retinue. Though he found the whole process ridiculous and divisive, Raphael continued to follow his Primarchs orders. He and his great company aboard the Strike Cruiser Divine Wind were sent aid Imperial Forces on Salusa Unus against the Dobhar Chu - or Water Dogs in low gothic - but never arrived. Once they entered the Warp, the Divine Wind and accompanying fleets were trapped. All hope was given up and Raphael’s name was entered on the roster of the Legion’s fallen and his statue placed in the Gallery of Heroes on Chemos.


Yet Raphael, his company, and fleet were not so dead as any supposed. Due to the fickle tides of the Warp, the Divine Wind and accompanying fleet returned to normal space nearly a ten thousand Terran years later, in 000 M42. However, the situation that the Emperor’s Children found themselves in had dramatically changed since they left. They located a Retribution-class battleship, the Litany of Hatred, with a contingency of Raven Guard on it, that was being attacked by unknown forces. These forces were the Angels of Ecstasy warband who thought that the emergence of an Emperor’s Children fleet would spell doom for the trapped Imperial forces. This all changed when the Divine Wind brought its entire firepower down on the Angels, exterminating every last one.

After every remaining chaos tainted ships had been decimated, Raphael ordered an open communication with the Imperial battleship. He was expecting to hear a friendly, though annoyed, voice of one of Raven Guard. What he did not expect was the voice of Inquisitor Godiva Iboni of the Ordo Hereticus, who ordered them to stand down and parley with her on the deck Litany of Hatred. Raphael agreed to these terms, still believing he was dealing with friendly forces and a simple human who believed that she had a self-inflated position.

Aboard the Litany of Hatred, however, Raphael and his closest legionaries found that this mere human held more power than they once thought. Her Raven Guard retinue listened to her as they would a captain, and it astounded Raphael that the proud and independent sons of Corax would allow a lowly human, regardless how lovely, to command them. Raphael tried to talk to the Raven Guard by asking them how their Primarch faired, and if Arkhas Fal was still their Shadow Lord or if Gherith Arendi had taken it. The Raven Guard were surprised that he knew venerated heroes of their chapter in a way as if he knew them, and if they were still alive. He even asked if the Inquisition was a fancy title given to Godiva by the Sigilite. Godiva simply asked him what year he thought it was, Raphael answered with 001.M31. Godiva corrected him with the correct date and telling him that he and his fellow Astartes had been stuck in the Warp for over ten thousand years. Raphael believes that to be a joke, Godiva decided to take him to Chemos.

Return to Chemos

Lord Inquisitor Iboni allowed Raphael the use of uncensored Imperial Records on their trip to Chemos. Raphael still found it hard to believe that his legion, a legion that swore constantly sought the Emperor’s approval with every endeavor, had turned away and joined Horus Lupercal in a civil war that resulted in the deaths of so many. He found it harder to believe that his own Primarch had given into vanity and hedonism which affected his entire legion.  

Upon arriving back on Chemos, Raphael was shocked at the state of the planet. Orbital bombardments rendered the once beautiful and wealthy world lifeless, the cities and palaces that were once the envy of the Imperium had been reduced to nonexistence ruins in the attempt eradicate any trace of Chaos from the world.

The remains of Callax had been turned into a grand fortress that reminded Raphael of how the city once looked prior to the gold age under Fulgrim. The green forests had been reduced to black and grey wastelands, dark clouds exploded the world and the shining city of art, pleasure, and commerce where he grew up was a headquarters for the Inquisition. The only recent of Chemos’ artistic culture were statues of heroes that lined the Fortress’s promenade; one of which was his.  

Sorrow and anguish began to build inside of Raphael and his Company, leading Inquisitor Iboni to start believing who he was. However, a harsh cackle came from the ashen deserts; Lucius the Eternal had come to challenge the last Prince of War. Lucious and Raphael had been rivals in the Third Legion, each one trying to best the other to gain Fulgrim’s favor. Now Lucius had found favor with his new God, Slaneesh, and offered the Third Company similar favor if they merely submitted to the Will of the Dark Prince. All they had to do was kill their Lord Commander as well as every other soul on Chemos. Without hesitation, the Third Company refused, which sent Lucius into a crazed slaughter.

The Raven Guard retinue and the Inquisitional Stormtroopers were the first to die, while the loyal Emperor’s Children fought their disgraced brethren. Inquisitor Iboni led her forces admirably, but even her psykic powers proved no match for the mad swordsman. Raphael managed to stop Lucius from killing the Inquisitor, leading to the fight the Traitor wanted.  Each fresh wound had sent Lucius giggling with glee. Raphael bared his teeth, slashing and jabbing as his opponent laughed, staggered and whirled across the decease world like a demented marionette.

Raphael was every bit as fast as his tainted foe. Lucius fought hard to get within the reach of the saber, ducking and rolling with fluid grace. Weapons clashed and clanged in a staccato blur. Though Lucius’ blade was sharp as a razor and blessed by She-who-Thirsts, it could not penetrate the conversion field that Raphael’s Iron Halo offered, and Raphael could not scratch the demonic armor that protected Lucius. When their blades locked, Lucius tried to goat Raphael into making a fatal error. Raphael merely smiled and took out his bolt pistol, blasting Lucius’ sword arm off at the elbow. Time seemed to freeze as Raphael cut away Lucius’ lash, while also grabbing hold of the Blade of Laer - using the ruined remain of Lucius’ arm as a shield against its corruptive power, and plunged it through the once Lord Commander to it reached the hilt.

As Lucius lay on the ashen fields that had been his home, he questioned if Raphael took any pleasure or satisfaction in besting him; knowing of the curse. Raphael sighed as said that under any other pretenses he would be, but now he merely pitied the sorry state that his Legion had become. He turned away from Lucius as his remains were reclaimed by the Dark Prince. Lucius’ master was not pleased.

Raphael ordered the Company’s apothecaries to treat the wounded, starting with Lord Inquisitor Iboni. The dedication and strive that Raphael and his Company demonstrated in fending off their once brother Astartes proved to the Lord Inquisitor that the Third Company was true to their loyalty to the Emperor. In return for saving her life, she would help Raphael rebuild his Company into a full loyalist Chapter.

Palatine Blades

With the blessing of the Inquisition, Raphael has now received fresh gene stock, weapons, armor and new Planetary system to draw recruits from. However, he now has the new responsibilities of serving as a Chapter Master for a newly found Chapter. Raphael had to reorganize his company to fit the design of a Chapter, by making the veterans of the Company into the Captains and specialty contingents. Inquisitor Iboni has been helping with the transition, but there had been challenges which had lead to conflicts in the Chapter. 

One comes from the mandatory Chaplains within the Chapter. These unique units were made after his Company became trapped in the warp, and were meant to serve as spiritual leaders while also preaching the Emperor’s laws as if they were religious decrees. Since Raphael and his men came from a time when the worship of any religion was outlawed, and that Emperor of Mankind had rejected all forms of divinity, he had a hard to adjusting to Inquisition placed Astartes.

Another conflict comes from the existence of the Codex Astartes. Though many in the Chapter will admit that the Codex Astartes is a well written and throughout tome for military organization, those same supporters find it ridiculous that other Chapters would read it as a holy text. 

The final grievance, and most divisive amongst the Blades, are the inclusion of the new Primaris Space Marines. Furthering an already tenuous relationship with the Sons of Guiliman, many Palatine Blades find the Primaris Astartes to be an insult to them and to the Emperor’s design. Some have openly lashed out, stating there it is impossible that an ambitious Techpriest could out perform the Greatest Human who had ever lived. Though Raphael shares these same views, he has proceeded with the Primaris operations and started to welcome more Primaris Marines into his Chapter. His example had inspired more to receive the surgery, leading to ninety-nine percent of his Chapter becoming augmented. While seeming complacent, his apothecaries have warned him about the rusting nature of the sinew coils, and all Primaris Marines are stripped of a previously held rank or title and given the rank of an initiate. From there they will be under the watchful gaze Scout-Captain Greco Colt and Company Champion Jidaar Ecaz.

The Chapter’s regalia is similar to the Third Legion origins. The Talon wing is now a platinum color on a dark purple field, which matches their armor now. Though an importance is still placed on perfection, Raphael always makes a point that the pursuit of perfection should not cold one’s judgment. The Chapter is routinely scanned for any trace of Chaos by the Inquisition, and Raphael allows it if it means seeing Lord Inquisitor Iboni again.


Raphael is seen as very impressive, even for an Astartes. He is tall and handsome, with striking green eyes and brown hair that he wears long. He wears Artificer Power Armor that demonstrates his rank as a Lord Commander, and his own artistic abilities. He wears a long purple and gold cape that would seem to deter Raphael during a fight, but those who have seen him in action say that the cape becomes another extension.


Like all Emperor’s Children, Raphael was once driven by the impossible desire to attain perfection in all that he did. Raphael accepted nothing less than perfection in all of his endeavors and worked ceaselessly to perfect his and his company’s military endeavors. However, with his time amongst the Crimson Dragons, Raphael’s perception of perfection had changed, leading to a freedom that few in his legion could claim to have. This freedom allowed Raphael to study his legion’s habits more closely, and he became worried with their obsession for perfection. He began to teach the Third Company his knowledge that he acquired. This began to alienate Raphael from the other Companies, but it allowed him to create a stronger bond with his legionaries.

Raphael could still be cocky, arrogant, and snarky, even after his time with the Crimson Dragons. Part of this comes from his own martial abilities, while also being from another time. He has little interest in factions outside the Adeptus Astartes, and would rather do business with factions he knows.  During the parley that followed the battle against the Traitorous Space Marines, Raphael walked past Inquisitor Iboni and engaged the Raven Guard who were escorting her.

Though his legion had turned to Chaos, Raphael and his Company remain loyal to the Emperor and the Imperium of Man.


• Artificer Power Armor

• Charnabal Sabre - an elegant and deadly melee weapon that relies on speed and dexterity rather than brute force for its lethality. Though Raphael is astute in all manners of blades, he preferred the dexterity of the sabers over the clumsier power weapons.

• Master Crafted Bolt Pistol

• Iron Halo of Invulnerability - A gift bestowed to him upon becoming a Lord Commander and one of Fulgrim’s Prince of War. The Halo is said to offer “perfect protection from any harm.” Whether this is true or not, Raphael has shrugged off blows that would have felled other opponents.

So another OC for the blog, yay.

The reason I created Raphael was because I drew inspiration (inspiration = copied) from @fuukonomiko with Karimah and Magnus from her story “Tainted”, and @sisterofsilence for Vallerie, Sobek and Thrax. The idea of a member of a renegade legion has always intrigued me ever since the Garro novels, and I thought of taking it to an extreme a bit. @mrsdorn Can tell you how a certain Imperial Fist was stuck in the Warp for over a thousand years, I just had Raphael be trapped inside for longer.

As for inspiration (more like appropriation), Raphael is based on Duncan Idaho from the Dune franchise. Master swordsman who died killing twenty Sardaukar and then kept coming back thanks to those disgusting, little zealot bene tleilax. Inquisitor Godiva Iboni is based on Ikora Reyes from Destiny. A) because she is cool (and that is now-way catering to my Warlock playstyle), and B) she is voiced by Gina Torres who was Zoe on Firefly. 

And for Lucius the Eternal fans out there - why do you exist?! - don’t worry he’s not dead. Lucious Lucius is fine… in general terms. He just happened to lose a good amount of favor with Slaanesh and Fulgrim for being killed by his own blade. By a mortal. Who came from the same Legion as he. And stayed uncorrupted…. Yeah, he’s getting a good, hard spanking from the God/Goddess of Suprise Butt-Sex.

Also a shout out to @crysdrawsthings , I think you would have fun with Raphael and his pretty hair.

In all of my universe I have seen no law of nature, unchanging and inexorable. This universe presents only changing relationships which are sometimes seen as laws by short-lived awareness. These fleshly sensoria which we call self are ephemera withering in the blaze of infinity, fleetingly aware of temporary conditions which confine our activities and change as our activities change. If you must label the absolute, use its proper name: Temporary.
—  Frank Herbert, God Emperor of Dune

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Killed? No… never! I’ve just replicated him, because why settle for one Theorn Shanks, when you could have three?

Paul took his second trip with John. On Tuesday 21 March 1967, during the Sgt. Pepper sessions, John, Paul and George were overdubbing vocals on to a track of ‘Getting Better’ in Studio Two at Abbey Road. John took out the little silver art nouveau pill box that he had bought from Liberty’s and rummaged among his pep pills.

Paul: 'He would open it up and choose very precisely: “Hmm, hmmm, hmmm. What shall I have now?” Well, by mistake this night he had acid, and he was on a trip.’

John went upstairs to the control room to tell George Martin that he was feeling unwell. George Martin reports the incident in Summer of Love; 'He suddenly looked up at me. “George,” he said slowly, “I’m not feeling too good. I’m not focusing on me.” “Come on, John,” I said. “What you need is a breath of fresh air. I know the way up to the roof.”’ Just as John was explaining how amazing the stars were looking, Paul and George came rushing out on the flat roof. They knew that John was tripping and when they found out where George had taken him they ran anxiously to restrain him in case he thought he could fly off the unguarded parapet. […] The session was cancelled. For some reason John did not have his car there, and in any case did not want to travel while having a bad trip, so Paul took him back to Cavendish Avenue.

PAUL: I thought, Maybe this is the moment where I should take a trip with him. It’s been coming for a long time. It’s often the best way, without thinking about it too much, just slip into it. John’s on it already, so I’ll sort of catch up. It was my first trip with John, or with any of the guys. We stayed up all night, sat around and hallucinated a lot. Me and John, we’d known each other for a long time. Along with George and Ringo, we were best mates. And we looked into each other’s eyes, the eye contact thing we used to do, which is fairly mind-boggling. You dissolve into each other. But that’s what we did, round about that time, that’s what we did a lot. And it was amazing. You’re looking into each other’s eyes and you would want to look away, but you wouldn’t, and you could see yourself in the other person. It was a very freaky experience and I was totally blown away.

There’s something disturbing about it. You ask yourself, 'How do you come back from it? How do you then lead a normal life after that?’ And the answer is, you don’t. After that you’ve got to get trepanned or you’ve got to meditate for the rest of your life. You’ve got to make a decision which way you’re going to go. I would walk out into the garden - 'Oh no, I’ve got to go back in.’ It was very tiring, walking made me very tired, wasted me, always wasted me. But 'I’ve got to do it, for my well-being.’ In the meantime John had been sitting around very enigmatically and I had a big vision of him as a king, the absolute Emperor of Eternity. It was a good trip. It was great but I wanted to go to bed after a while. I’d just had enough after about four or five hours.

John was quite amazed that it had struck me in that way. John said, 'Go to bed? You won’t sleep!’ 'I know that, I’ve still got to go to bed.’ I thought, now that’s enough fun and partying, now. It’s like with drink. That’s enough. That was a lot of fun, now I gotta go and sleep this off. But of course you don’t just sleep off an acid trip so I went to bed and hallucinated a lot in bed. I remember Mal coming up and checking that I was all right. 'Yeah, I think so.’ I mean, I could feel every inch of the house, and John seemed like some sort of emperor in control of it all. It was quite strange. Of course he was just sitting there, very inscrutably.
—  paul mccartney: many years from now, barry miles

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