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21. Which player ship is your favorite?

Fury, hands down, my beautiful and deadly Fury. Was my first and still favourite and I have seen almost every ship. Haven’t seen Trooper’s and Agent’s, though. Close second is BH’s ship. Partly because of the way you get it. Just awesome.

22. Of all the in-game events (Relics of the Gree, Rakghoul, Life Day, so on) which do you like the most, and which do you dislike?

I really dislike Rakghoul event, because of it’s mechanics and because I am in general dislike rakghouls. And have very disturbing memories about them from the time I was playing KOTOR and was smol.

Life Day was kinda fun and cute. Not so familiar with other ones, sadly.

23. Share some of your favorite quotes/dialogue with us!

I am really bad with remembering quotes, sorry :(
But I really adore SI’s sass, witty lines of Smuggler and dialogues with Talos, because he is so Talos.
Also I really like that dialogue between Vit and Dramath, because of TEH FAMILY DRAMA™
Koth is my cinnamon roll and I really like dialogues with him. Also Senya’s trolling sass expert skills.

24. Do you have a primary/preferred stronghold?

It was my dream since I started playing and now I have one and started making it comfy and nice.
Though, I am really short on fancy things because of crazy prices.
Dromund Kaas one is also neat, I should say. But nothing (maybe not-existent Zakuulan) beats Yavin.

25. Mind sharing some screenshots of your stronghold(s)?

Sadly do not have any right now.
And I guess no one will wait for me for like three or more days, while I am updating.
Maybe later, when I will play again.

26. Who is/are your favorite non-companion NPC(s)?

It always so hard.
There are probably a lot more since I am fuzzball with a big hearth, but they are dominating the top of all tops.
But okay, some more I am bad with names now, sorry, Darth Vowrawn and Darth Marr, that nice old Darth Silthar from Teh Sand Planet, Yuon Par, lady that was BH’s guide in the Hunt, Watcher Two and Keeper, Lord Praven and more, and more, and more.

27. If you could make any current NPC a player companion, who would you pick?

Can I have Vitiate?
I miss his A+ voice.
And overall eldritch personality.

In all of my universe I have seen no law of nature, unchanging and inexorable. This universe presents only changing relationships which are sometimes seen as laws by short-lived awareness. These fleshly sensoria which we call self are ephemera withering in the blaze of infinity, fleetingly aware of temporary conditions which confine our activities and change as our activities change. If you must label the absolute, use its proper name: Temporary.
—  Frank Herbert, God Emperor of Dune

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1. How many characters do you have?

If I recall correctly, I have 10 characters on Ebon Hawk, and 9 characters on Progenitor, though I don’t really play on Progenitor anymore nowadays, I’m mostly on Ebon Hawk.

19. Where can other players most commonly find you in game?

Imperial fleet! That’s where I am most of the time for RPs, and for crafting/selling on the GTN (I can be seen lurking around the GTN terminals and the mailboxes with Inixa because I could spend hours buying outfits for cheap and selling them three times the price, I’m an actual credits hoarder and I’m not even ashamed lmao)

20. What do you most often do while playing? (ex. PVP, FPs, quests, crafting, RP, etc.)

Answered here!

5 Good Things

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  1. World building (I love me some speculative biology and culture building!)
  2. Writing (it’s a thing that makes me happy, even if it drives me nuts too)
  3. My weird cats (seriously, I got 4 now and they’re all weirdos…)
  4. Reading (I love to read, be it fanfics about SWTOR, biology, or whatever else)
  5. Science! (cause Science is constantly doing amazing things and I love it)

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1. How many characters do you have?

3, I believe. 1 Sith Warrior, 1 Jedi Knight, 1 Bounty Hunter

2. What is your favorite class and why? And/or list the player classes in order of most -> least favorite

Oh man, I couldn’t do the whole list. I don’t know them well enough. But suffice to say that I love the Sith Warrior story very dearly for many reasons I’ll be happy to put somewhere else if asked lmao. It’ll always be top of the list for me

3. Do you prefer to tank, DPS, or heal?

I have little experience, but what I do have, I enjoyed healing. Fuck if i know why

4. What is your favorite player combat ability?

Anything that sends everything flying regardless of damage it actually does because I have no chill and love destroying things

5. Favorite advanced class and discipline?

Fuck if I know - you’ll find out why shortly

6. Do you primarily play Republic, Empire, or a mix of both sides? Is there a specific reason for this preference?

Empire. Because the Empire owns my ass and I’m a narcissistic little shit who loves being addressed as ‘My Lord’ all the god damn time

The Life of a Sterek Shipper:

The collective reaction upon seeing any sort of canon interaction, even if it’s just a mention of the other’s name.