eternal darkness: sanity's requiem

After the success of last year’s Nightmare Ned stream, this year I’ve decided to take it to the next level and have not just one, but a WHOLE WEEK of Halloween streams with a DIFFERENT SPOOKY GAME EVERY DAY!!

Through next Monday each stream will begin at 6 PM East Coast US (Eastern) Time, while on Halloween itself the stream will last ALL DAY (starting at 11 AM Eastern) with a SPECIAL MYSTERY GAME!!! You’ll have to tune in to find out what it is and why I’ll be playing it for an entire day!!

We begin tonight with the indie classic Yume Nikki, arguably the game that launched the entire “RPG Maker Horror” genre, along with it’s well-known unofficial spin-off .flow! Sweet dreams and don’t flick the light switch…

See you at! Thanks for tuning in!!

My favorites from my Survival Horror collection! Digital games like all my Resident Evils or Corpse Parties not included ofc. There’s still lot I want, like english PS2 versions of certain Fatal Frames or Silent Hills or physical copies of certain PS1 games that I have digitally…. hopefully someday!

The History of Nintendo: Taking Risks

The GameCube had already given us a lot of great content in its early years: cowardly ghostbusters, ant-sized captains, a new Smash, and the first Mario since the mid-‘80s to feature the plumber doing his actual job. But this console was far from showing us its best work.

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