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My favorites from my Survival Horror collection! Digital games like all my Resident Evils or Corpse Parties not included ofc. There’s still lot I want, like english PS2 versions of certain Fatal Frames or Silent Hills or physical copies of certain PS1 games that I have digitally…. hopefully someday!

Say Hello to the Moon

My room is bathed in a supernatural glow. It is the night of the full moon. To celebrate I have conjured a moonlit scene outside my window.

Living in a theatrical Realm where everything is conjured by magic, I use symbols of ancient cultures to keep me grounded in real life.

The moon serves this purpose well, for it harkens back to a time when humans were rooted to the Earth. Where the seasons dictated the flow of life instead of the contrived rules of the Decorum. Where the sun, moon and stars were looked upon as mysterious forces that could, if the right rituals were followed, grant health, wealth and luck.

In an attempt to give you a taste of that long forgotten world—and to give you a bit of that all important grounding—I’ve looked up the names of the full moons based on traditional sources:

Harvest Moon: usually occurs in September - sometimes October

Hunters Moon: sometimes called the Fall Moon - occurs in October

Beaver Moon: sometimes called the Frost Moon - occurs in November

Cold Moon: sometimes called the Long Night Moon - occurs in December

Wolf Moon: sometimes called the Storm Moon - occurs in January

Snow Moon: sometimes called the Chaste Moon - occurs in February

Worm Moon: also called the Crow or Sap Moon - occurs in March

Pink Moon: also called the Grass or Egg Moon - occurs in April

Flower Moon: sometimes called the Milk Moon - occurs in May

Strawberry Moon: sometimes called the Mead Moon - occurs in June

Buck Moon: also called the Thunder or Hay Moon - occurs in July

Sturgeon Moon: also called the Grain or Barley Moon - occurs in August

This concludes your moon lesson for today. For homework, go out and find that full moon and say hello. It might be surprised that you know its name.

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures

First Milestone Achieved

This experience has been absolutely amazing. I’ve made some great friends along the way and had a blast roleplaying with everyone that I have interacted with thus far and hope to make more friends along the way. You have all been so awesome to me and Makoto as well and he and I thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. Without further ado, mutuals are bolded and each and every last one of you is appreciated so much!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!! These are not in alphabetical order, but mutuals are first and I apologize if some of these didn’t tag properly. 

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Headache or Heartache (Drabble)

Companion piece to this ask

Admittingly, Jessee could have taken care of the lump on his head by himself. It’s nothing a little ice, some hard liquor (together would be divine), and a ton of sleep couldn’t fix. However, he found himself going down into the dreaded medbay anyway where scores of the world’s best doctors and nurses resided for some inexplicable reason. It was no secret that Blackwatch members were often down here for near life-threatening injuries (most operatives preferred to handle their own wounds until it got too bad), and the respectable medical personnel here were more than a little apprehensive of them. (Blackwatch had caused many a combat medic to return home in less than stellar condition, after all.)

However, he wasn’t here for those judgemental pricks. He was here to get his throbbing head looked at by the best of the best–Angela Zielger, whose office door was firmly shut and lights closed. He stood there for a moment, trying not to feel a little bit relieved. His gaze shifted unconsciously to the right to your office and his traitorous stomach flopped a little when he saw that your door was open. He could see you there, engrossed in some work, looking stern and deep in concentration.

Fleetingly, he wondered if you had your bagel yet. It’s late in the afternoon, past the time you usually head into the cafeteria for your usual treat. Maybe you’ve been so busy, you forgot. You certainly looked the part–hand buried in your hair, eyebrows scrunched together. He slowly slipped his hat off his head and held it to his chest. You looked so serious, so engrossed. It’s be wrong to interrupt your work. 

And that’s exactly why he was going to do it. 

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The sky descends into horizon 


This eve souls pass through the 
membrane of ticking time 
thin as a needle 
kneeded through 
ancient quilt sewn by 






those colossi greasing Universe’s eternal 
clock, to that recital played 
unseen beyond vision 
impalpable to sense 
not yet sharpened by ascendence


Words by John Lopes c2017
Painting: William Blake “The Ancient of Days” - 1794

ohmakemeahercules  asked:

Charming seeing Emma in her wedding dress for the first time?

Oh my goodness, I cannot wait to see this for real!

Charming was trying his hardest not to pace but it wasn’t working.

If the entire day thus far had been a whirlwind for him, he couldn’t even imagine what it had been like for Emma and Killian. But now here they were, half an hour to showtime and Snow had been behind closed doors with Emma for what felt like an eternity.

He checked the clock out of the corner of his eye as he walked back and forth in front of the closed door. He hoped they were all right in there. Should he knock? Maybe they needed something.

But maybe they were just enjoying some quality mother/daughter time before the big event and he would be interrupting.

One more glance at the clock made his decision for him. He was going to knock. Just to make sure they were still running on time.

No sooner had he lifted his hand to rap on the door than Snow pulled it open and gave him a watery smile. “You can come in.”

And as soon as Charming stepped over the threshold, he saw her. His precious little princess, all grown up and glowing in a gorgeous flowing white gown. Snow had done her hair in a kind of French braid half-ponytail; only the top half of her hair was pulled into the braid, which was tied off high so the rest of the tail could hide among her long curls. Curled tendrils framed her face. She’d forgone a veil in favor of a white flower crown not unlike the one she wore to the ball in Camelot.

She was his little girl. His baby. His princess. And she was absolutely beautiful.

His eyes shone with tears as he approached his little girl and wrapped her in a hug. “You make an absolutely gorgeous bride, kiddo.”

“Thanks, Dad,” Emma whispered, blinking back tears of her own.

“Don’t make her cry!” Snow instructed through her own sniffles. “If her mascara runs before the ceremony, I’m totally blaming you.”

That did it; they both chuckled as they pulled apart. “So, you ready to walk me down the aisle?” she asked as she picked up her bouquet from the end table beside her.

Charming smiling lovingly at his little girl. “I’ve been waiting for this since the moment you were born, kiddo.”


ONCE UPON A TIME : the reboot
by drew and menelaos

season 6, episode 4 : Skin Deep

present : Regina has an epiphany and comes to Henry with the idea of finding the author of the book to write a new ending to her story. Mary Margaret leads them to the library, where they find Ruby’s friends Gabriel and Robbie Barbot-Beaumont, two young men who were separated by Regina’s curse but have managed to find each other once again. Meanwhile, Emma debates contacting Ryan, and Matthew finds himself on a series of blind dates with Cynthia’s friends - Nick, Raymond, Willie - each of which ends horribly. As Sydney and Mr. Gold try to work together to form a plan of revenge on Regina, it becomes very clear that they have different styles – Sydney is brash and makes decisions based on his gut, whereas Gold is far more calculated. Nevertheless, as a sign of goodwill, Gold presents Sydney with the lamp he once occupied – he does not reveal, however, that he also possesses the other two lamps.

past : Hundreds of years ago, before Rumpelstiltskin, before Zoso, the Servant is a cunning former fairy named Agatha. This woman falls in love with Prince Adam of the kingdom of Farrador, and after he spurns her advances several times, Agatha demands he take her as his wife or else she will kill his parents, the king and queen of Farrador. When Adam refuses once again, Agatha makes good on her promise and, in addition, transforms the prince into a hideous Beast. She enchants his castle and the people within it to spend eternity as animate objects – clocks, candlesticks, teapots, featherdusters, and other such household items. But the spell has a condition: Adam must fall in love with someone and earn their love in return despite his hideous outward appearance. If he does, the spell will be broken. Agatha disappears, never to be seen again.

‘once upon a time’ stars : Salma Hayek as the Evil Queen/Regina Mills, Emily Rose as Emma Swan, Jaimie Alexander as Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard, Henry Cavill as Prince Charming/David Nolan, Raphael Sbarge as Jiminy Cricket/Dr. Archie Hopper, Cate Blanchett as the Blue Fairy/Evelyn Oxford, Naveen Andrews as Jafar/the Magic Mirror/Sydney Glass, Daniel Gillies as Peter Pan/Dr. Matthew Llewelyn, Meghan Ory as Red Riding Hood/Ruby Connor, Sonequa Martin-Green as Cynthia Fogg, CJ Adams as Henry Mills, and Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold

recurring stars this season include : Aishwarya Rai as Scheherazade, Max Irons as Beau/Gabriel Barbot-Beaumont, Oscar Isaac as Prince Adam/Robbie Barbot-Beaumont

guest stars include : Daniel Dae Kim as the Tin Woodman/Nick Montgomery, Ewan McGregor as the Scarecrow/Raymond Stone, Ian McKellen as the Cowardly Lion/Willie Wallace, Lea Seydoux as Agatha

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Fic: In the Dark

Title: In the Dark

Author: @khaleesa

Fandom: Beauty and the Beast 2017

Characters/Pairing: Lumière x Plumette

Rating & Warnings: T for innuendo, sexuality

Summary: Lumière and Plumette attempt discretion, but life in the servants’ quarters proves something of a challenge for two lovers.

Author’s Note: Once again I fail at this microfic challenge, because this fic clocked in at over 1000 words. Which is about right for Lumière fic, I guess. For @lafseanchai, who gave me the prompt, candles.

Read it on AO3. Or here. ;)


In the Dark

In the dark, Plumette lies motionless, listening for the telltale signs from the other bed: breath deepening and evening out, a faint snore. Mathilde, the housemaid who shares her quarters, has fallen asleep. Plumette draws back her own coverlet, slips out of bed, and tiptoes from the room.

She must steal her way through the slumbering corridors from the female servants’ quarters without the aid of a candle, but it doesn’t feel dark. Her feet fly across the floor, for she knows the way. Even if she did not, his light surely would guide her. Like the fairytale princess lured by the spinning wheel.

There will be a prick tonight, but not on the finger. And it will result in very little sleeping. The thought flits through her mind, and she claps a hand over her mouth to stifle a giggle.

Her silent laughter stops, however, when she reaches the male servants’ quarters. No shaft of light beneath Lumière’s door. Is he within? Asleep? Has she made some mistake? But how could she mistake him cornering her in the guest room she’d been dusting and murmuring between kisses, Tonight. Come to me again tonight, mon amour? She cannot knock, lest one of the underbutlers or footmen hear. Just as she puts out her hand to try the doorknob, it turns and the door swings inward.

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Caught Out

Originally posted by avenuefandom

Requested by anonymous:

“I was hoping for a Stiles imagine where he sees you in your underwear and awkwardness ensues, including (perhaps) avoiding each other, acting weird and being super duper uncomfortable around one another even though you’re both very attracted to each other (but neither knows this) and he doesn’t really regret seeing you. He can’t stop thinking about you and eventually it becomes too much and he can’t take it anymore and somehow you end up together. Thanks so much♡”

Warnings: Semi-nudity (obvs), swearing, sexual thoughts and all that stuff ;)

It had been a long day, an excruciatingly long day.

For *yn* the classes dragged on for what felt like an eternity. On the clock the huge second hand was almost taunting her as it ticked by so slowly she swore it was broken.

Finally the bell had rung signalling the end of the day. She was the first one to leap out of her seat, her books already stacked up and ready to go. She shoved past everyone to get to her locker and get out of there. 

She had been so preoccupied with getting out of that hellhole that she had forgotten to let the pack know she was going to skip the impromptu pack night. *yn* was tired and frankly just needed the night off from worrying about whatever was terrorising their town at this point. In this case, dread doctors. So she decided not to go.

For her that was probably not a very smart decision.

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anonymous asked:

Can you write a Niall imagine where he wakes you up in the middle of the night crying because he's feeling really ill and he's got a headache and his stomach hurts and he really wants his mum because he's used to her taking care of him whenever he's ill? Thanks !!

Hey! Sorry it took me so long to get this written out and thanks for being patient with me. I went in a bit of a different direction than this for a few reasons and then it took on a mind of it’s own. I hope you still like it it!– Meghan

Niall hates going to the doctor.

I mean, Niall hates going to the doctor.  As long as whatever illness he has doesn’t affect his ability to sing, he avoids the doctor at all costs.  It doesn’t stop his whining, because on top of that he’s a horrible patient, but after a while you learn to ignore it.  By “it” I mean, the whining about being too hot, then being too cold.  The specific requests for noodles in his soup.  The declarations of his coming death.

At least he figured out pretty quickly that complaining about “That’s not how my mum did it!” wouldn’t fly much farther than a lead balloon.  His jaw had snapped shut and it was never brought up again when I told him he could go home so Mommy could take care of him, then.

Was it tough love?  Of course.  It’s not like I neglect him, but I work with kids all day.  I don’t have time for a whiny man-child when I get home.

Except this time, even though he was just doing his general whining about not feeling good and wanting to be waited on (he wasn’t), something told me there was an actual problem.  I might have ignored it, except a few hours after dinner I saw him put his hand against his side and swear, “Fucking Christ, my stomach hurts.”

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Although they would live eternally, an understanding of their existence silently plagued the immortal men. Whilst many refused to speak of it, as if they feared an answer to their celestial bodies, greater philosophers put together intricate devices.

Eternal astronomical clocks, which whirred with countless hands and illustrations, were carefully pieced together over centuries; to read one would take considerable study, and once learnt would still take deep speculation. When time could not be measured by the life of a single man, it was hard to debate through philosophy or science. And so, the intangible movement of the universe could only be grasped theoretically within these gilded frames, rotating endlessly.

The most famous examples of such stood in the midst of grand city squares, their faces moving in a constant motion, never ending over the unobservant bodies beneath. They remained almost entirely aesthetic in presence, with their painted stars and beasts and women and men – symbols in gold leaf, deep blue shades and crimson arrows. And to date, not even the finest of minds had begun to discover an absolute truth through such a machine or otherwise.

And yet when he stood in the square of his own city, silent and lost in the crowds, he would often begin to stare upon the rotating face. Even when his mind was entranced within literature, searching for distraction in every corner, his concentration would drift back. His eyes peered towards the hands as if willing them to stop – as if urging those golden spheres to fall before his feet.
—  Celestial Dynasty
Pranking Astro

I don’t really know much about pranks so yes, I’ll be using one prank for all of them- a prank involving airhorns. <3333


Originally posted by moonbinny

Installing an airhorn between MJ’s door handle and the wall was no easy feat, as it had to be done in such a way that he couldn’t see the airhorn. 

You had to sneak inside his dorm room and do it while he was sleeping. Luckily, your boyfriend slept soundly enough and you were able to install it without much difficulty (although you did have to send out the other five boys because you were worried their loud giggling would wake the eldest up).

When MJ woke up hours later, he had no idea what would soon happen to him. Groggily attempting to rub the sleep out of his eyes, he yawned hugely and went to his bathroom to get ready. 

You and the other members waited patiently outside. From your place barely a few meters from his bedroom door, the six of you held your breath as you heard the soft padding of MJ’s feet moving across his wooden floorboards.

The door handle was turned and you all braced yourself.

A sound equivalent to that of a small ferry’s foghorn ripped through the door, immediately followed by a high shriek and a scrambling noise. The other Astro members and you burst into uncontrollable laughter as your red faced and wide-eyed boyfriend came running. At seeing you all in hysterics, he put two and two together.

MJ practically collapsed into your arms, moaning and groaning about how much he hated you and the other members and how he didn’t deserve such a prank.

“Jagiyah~ why do you do this to me!?”


Originally posted by a-little-too-obsessed

You stopped by the Astro practice room everyday around lunchtime to bring your boyfriend and his members food. Everyday when you came in, JinJin was never in the room because he always spent an extra ten minutes with Rocky working on choreo, just to review everything they had done. 

Afterwards, JinJin always sat down in his particular chair while the other members and you congregated in front of him to hear what he had to say- it had become routine. Because you knew the schedule he followed so well, you knew exactly how to efficiently prank him.

You told Minhyuk about the prank beforehand, so he made sure to keep JinJin away for an extra five minutes as compared to everyday. Like every other day, you came in to see only MJ, Eunwoo, Moonbin, and Sanha waiting for lunch. This time, however, not only did you bring homemade food, you also carried a bag which had an airhorn and lot of black duct tape. 

The five of you set to work. 

MJ rolled JinJin’s chair to you, and you caught in and sat down in front of it. Moonbin carefully took the airhorn from the bag, making sure not to accidentally press it. Sanha went outside to keep lookout, while Eunwoo assisted you in duct taping the horn to the underside of your boyfriend’s chair. 

Just as you finished and set the chair back in its place, Sanha burst in saying that he heard his hyungs voices down the hallway.

You quickly handed out the food and the boys ate as much as they could, to make it look like they had been eating for a while. JinJin came in, and you had to stuff your mouth to withhold a smile. Minhyuk quirked up an eyebrow from behind JinJin, asking silently if everything had gone well. 

Nodding discreetly, you looked out of the corner of your eye to see JinJin wheeling his chair to the middle, like everyday. Muffled giggles came from the other boys, and they all shoveled food into their mouths to keep their laughter from bursting forth and ruining the prank. 

JinJin sat down.

The noise was deafening. 

The moment the chair sank with your boyfriend’s weight the airhorn sounded loudly, causing JinJin to shout and jump up, kicking the chair away, and everyone else to fall over laughing. You yourself erupted in a fit of soundless giggles, practically falling over at the bewildered expression on your boyfriend’s face. 

After a stunned second of silence from him, JinJin started smiling. He sighed, pulling you up to stand with him.He grinned again, his heart still beating fast from the scare.

“You’re lucky I love you and your pranks too.”


Originally posted by fairy-min

Attaching an airhorn to the underside of your boyfriend’s desk was no easy feat, especially since it was upside down.

While Dongmin was at practice, you went over to their dorm and attached a mini airhorn (smaller in size, not smaller in volume) upside down to the bottom of his desk. He had a habit of bouncing his leg up and down while he sat, and you knew his knee would hit the airhorn eventually.

You hoped so, for the sake of your prank.

Dongmin and the others got home at midnight, just like every night. Just like every night, the boys scarfed down the dinner laid out for them, and then went off separately. Dongmin went to shower, and, just like every night, sat down at his desk to study and do homework. 

Like most nights, you sat on his bed and watched him work as you had completed all of your schoolwork while he was practicing. You used your phone to cover your face and hide your growing smile. 

A long time went by as Dongmin finished his homework and brainstormed some ideas for lyrics. He eventually completed everything to his satisfaction without any disturbances.

Your smile had faded. Was your prank not going to work?

Suddenly, Dongmin stood up a little too quickly and accidentally hit his knee on the bottom of his desk.

Or, what would’ve been the bottom of his desk had there not been an airhorn there. The sound caused your boyfriend to shout out in surprise and fear and fall back into his chair, breathing loudly. You started laughing, tears running out of your eyes. Your prank hadn’t played out like you expected, but at least it worked.

“Wow, that was- was that you, jagi? What did I do to deserve that?” 

You looked at him and gestured at the minions posters covering his walls.

“Honestly, what didn’t you do?”


Originally posted by goodnitekitten

Moonbin slept like a brick, so sneaking into his room and placing an airhorn right by his alarm clock wasn’t difficult at all. You had told Sanha, Bin’s roommate, about what you were planning on doing so he wouldn’t give it away or be the one to hit the airhorn.

It took you several tries to actually get the airhorn into your boyfriend’s room- every time you saw his sleeping figure you erupted into giggles. Eventually, however, after the nth time, you steeled yourself and managed to tiptoe along the side of the bed and place the airhorn carefully in the place you had chosen earlier.

Now, you only had to wait thirty more minutes for Moonbin to wake up and groggily hit the alarm clock- or what he thought was the alarm clock.

The half hour felt like an eternity. The clock in the corner of the room ticked steadily, as if taunting you. Keeping your laughter in was already difficult, but as time passed it got even harder. 

It finally reached four in the morning, however, and the alarm blared. Moonbin sat up, shaken at the noise like he always did. In his sleepy just-woke-up state, he didn’t notice you crouched in the corner of his room. Sanha pretended to be asleep beside him, opening his eyes when he knew Bin wasn’t looking and winking at you. 

Moonbin sat up, stretched his arms, and let out a loud groan while scrunching up his nose. It took all you had to keep from squealing at how cute your boyfriend was.

He blindly reached towards his side table, patting it until he felt something.

Bin let his hand come down on it. Hard.

The blast from the airhorn caused your boyfriend to scream, and even Sanha, who was prepared for it, fell out of the bed flailing. You couldn’t hold your laughter in anymore, and stood up, doubled over laughing.

“Yah!” Bin yelled, groaning. He shook his head and looked at you.

“I’m only letting you off the hook because you’re cute.”


Originally posted by rockybin

It took a ridiculous amount of effort when it came to hiding an airhorn in your couch cushions without it going off randomly. In fact, in the end, you had to raise the other cushion on your loveseat by putting books under it to avoid suspicion. You set up your camera in the far corner of the room, in such a way that it caught everything that would happen on the couch.

Once you were finished, you walked around your living room, surveying the final product.

One couch cushion was raised, with books under it. 

The other one had books holding it up as well, but there was an airhorn placed strategically underneath the very center of it. 

The camera was set up.

And your two million YouTube subscribers were probably waiting anxiously for the video of your boyfriend you had promised them. 

You were ready. 

Moments after you had double checked and triple checked everything, Minhyuk showed up at your door. He wore his clothes from practice as you had told him to just bring spares and shower at your place.  After greeting him with a kiss and promising him a hug for when he got out of the shower sweat-free, Minhyuk went off to your bathroom.

This gave you time to turn on your camera and crouch down in front of it, talking softly.

“All right, so you guys wanted to meet my boyfriend and kpop idol, Park Minhyuk! I decided I’d prank him for his first video with me, and it took me forever to set it up. It’s a pretty basic prank, so don’t expect too much! Right now he’s in the shower, he came directly from practice.”

You settled yourself on the couch, giggling slightly to yourself as you imagined Rocky’s reaction to the airhorn. A few slow minutes later, your boyfriend came out and pressed his lips to your cheek, wrapping his arms around you from over the couch’s backboard. 

Motioning for him to sit down by you, you bit down on your lips to keep from laughing.

“I’m filming a get to know my boyfriend video for my channel, so sit!” You grinned, and he mirrored your smile.

“All right, then.” 

The moment Minhyuk’s body connected with the couch, the airhorn sounded, causing your boyfriend to yelp and jump up and sending you falling onto the floor laughing. He looked around, bewildered, until he realized it came from the couch.

“Wow, jagi.” He shook his head, now laughing with you.

“Can I still post it?” You asked. Minhyuk grinned and nodded.

“As long as we make a better, airhornless video for your channel together later.”


Originally posted by moonbinny

Your boyfriend was a fan of making short jokes about you, so you decided to get back at him for it. Once a week you got together with the boys at the Astro dorm to make food for the seven of you (granted, it was usually just bread or something else simple, but you were all together, which is what mattered).

Even though you were the one who always made the snacks, after all, the boys were often tired due to practice and incredibly hungry, you always had to get your boyfriend to open and close the cupboards for you.


This made you the butt of multitudinous jokes about your height (or lack thereof) and how Sanha could probably pick you up and fit you in the cupboard without you having much difficulty. 

It was all fun and games until he actually tried it.

You had cramps for days. 

That was why you duct taped an airhorn to the inside of your cupboard. 

The other members and you spent a long time creating an elaborate contraption which hit the airhorn button when anyone opened the cupboard while your boyfriend was asleep. When the victim opened the cupboard, it pulled on a string which pulled a piece of wood straight into the button of the airhorn you duct taped inside, away from the naked eye. You could hardly keep still when the unsuspecting Sanha woke up.

You loved him, yes, but you loved revenge as well. 

The moment came upon you, and you allowed the boys to sit idle on the couch while you rushed about the kitchen as usual. Half way through your activities, you called Sanha in.

“Can you open it for me?” You asked, referencing the cupboard. He laughed, patted the top of your head, and pulled it open.

The noise was deafening. 

Sanha stumbled back as though he had been hit, while you cackled. After he recovered, your boyfriend turned to you. 

“What was- was that revenge? I didn’t mean to get you stuck in it!” You just laughed again.

“Now you know to not cross me.”

anonymous asked:

Waking each other up in the morning 4/4

So with Michael you were always the one waking him up, which was understandable because he always had such a busy and exhausting work schedule. And he would just groan, tucking his face under his pillow so only tufts of colored hair were sticking out the top and you would say ‘mikey, come on, it’s almost the afternoon’ and he would sigh, turning back around to face you so that he could open his arms for you with a pout and hopeful eyes.

But with Ashton, he was always the first one up. As soon as he woke up he wanted to get his day started because he wasn’t the type to waste his day away in bed (except for the rare occasions where the two of you watched movies all day and never left the bed) but he was also a sucker for your pout. You would whine as he would start to open the blinds and the sunlight would come streaming in and his persistence would falter a little as he came crawling in the bed, rubbing your arm and whispering good morning but you would just frown, shaking your head as you cuddled into his chest and he thought, okay, five more minutes can’t hurt.

You and Luke always woke up around the same time, almost as if your eternal clocks were in sync after spending so many morning together. You would hear him rustle a little bit and would open your eyes, only to find him staring right back at you. And you would whisper good morning at the same time, laughing when you did so. And you would lean in for a good morning kiss, not caring about your stinky morning breath or that fact that it wasn’t morning at all because you had both slept in till 11.

Calum would be the absolute worst to try and get out of bed. You would always rise way before him and start to get antsy and bored but if you wanted Calum to wake up, you would really have to get his attention in a bold way. You would start by kissing his cheeks and playing with his hair, which would stir him a tiny bit. But after a few minutes of doing this with almost no results, you would climb up on his chest and straddle him as you shook his face in your hands and say 'cal, wakey wakey’ and he would try to act so mad because he loved sleep but he loved you more.

I hope this okay!

papaya-boy  asked:

my baby cousin just left & I won't see him for 10 months and I already miss him so if u have any cheerful or happy enjoltaire ficlets or fluff could u please tell me so I get less sad

hey elise, but what about enjoltaire + a lot of pining and ust that lasted too much for them to be coherent + seven minutes in heaven? omg

First minute

The wardrobe is smaller than the outside would suggest. Enjolras could feel the heat radiating from Grantaire’s body, ever so close. Their breathings were loud enough to cover the voices surrounding them. Enjolras made it a point never to run and hide, but he was ready to make an exception.

“So,” Grantaire said, startling him, “Wardrobes. Pretty fucked up, right?”

“Actually I think this one is made of oak,” Enjolras replied without thinking.

“Damn oak, putting honest fuck carvers out of business.”

Enjolras snorted.

“Well, I’ll be damned!” Grantaire exclaimed. “Did you actually laugh at one of my jokes?”

“Well I’m allowed to laugh.”

Second minute

“So how do you want to do this?”

“Do what?” Enjolras asked, faking confusion.

He knew how he wanted to spend those seven minutes. Six minutes. He simply knew Grantaire would not agree to his plan. For all he knew, Grantaire surely thought Enjolras hated him, and to be fair, he would have good reasons to believe that. Enjolras just didn’t know how to act around him. Grantaire was hard to read, and even harder to understand. To say Enjolras was frustrated would only be the tip of the iceberg.

“Seven minutes in heaven feels more like seven minutes in a wardrobe right now,” Grantaire said. “I suppose you don’t want to repeat Courfeyrac’s performance and fake an orgasm right here and now, by any chance?”

“No, indeed I don’t.”

Third minute

“Heaven,” Grantaire started singing. “I’m in heaven.”

Enjolras heard the plank creak. Grantaire was walking towards him. The walls of the wardrobe echoed the beating of his heart. Grantaire was so close he could feel his breath against his lips.

“And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak.”

This had to be a joke. Surely Grantaire could feel Enjolras’ heart and was making fun of him! Oh jesus, he knew he shouldn’t have agree to play this game!

“And I seem to find the happiness I―Come on Enjolras, sing with me!”

“I―I don’t know the lyrics. I didn’t even know it was an actual song, I thought…”

Grantaire laughed.

“You give me too much credit, Apollo.”

Fourth minute

Hands took Enjolras’, pulling him softly into a little dance.

“When we’re out together dancing cheek to cheek―Cheek to Cheek, it’s the name of the song,” Grantaire explained.

His palms were warm. Enjolras had not expected anything less. He smiled in the dark, in spite of his nervosity. His breath caught in his throat when he felt Grantaire’s breath getting warmer. He took a deep breath and his chest touched ther other’s.

“Heaven… I’m in heaven,” Grantaire kept singing.

He had a beautiful singing voice, Enjolras surprised himself thinking. Somewhat raucous but soft.

“Heaven… I’m in heaven,” he repeated.

“Yeah! See, you got it!”

Fifth minute

Enjolras was starting to get a little dizzy. The lack of fresh air, no doubt. There was a lot of Grantaire’s air in his lungs, it was intoxicating. The lack of sight heightened the rest of his senses, and all he could feel was the body pressed against his, the breeze blowing on his cheek and the warmth of it all.

“And my heart beats so that―”

The rest of the song was cut short, pressed against Enjolras’ lips. The wardrobe went silent and deafening at once. Grantaire pinned Enjolras to the side, as though to feel it all. Their hearts had jumped to the edge of their lips. A whole eternity went by, the clock had stopped counting. All that mattered was this, again and again, avidly, relentlessly, their―

“Time’s up!”

Light flooded the wardrobe. They both froze on the spot, caught red handed in a compromising position they couldn’t shake off. Courfeyrac quickly went from surprise to shock to elation.

“Just because you’re in a wardrobe doesn’t mean you have to get wood, you know?”