Staring Contest

“You’re so going down, Derek. No one has ever beat me at a staring contest.”

Derek didn’t say anything, just continued to look into Stiles’ eyes without blinking. Finally, a few moments later, Stiles blinked. “Damn, Derek, do you not have tear ducts? Do you not need to blink?”

Derek finally blinked then kissed Stiles. Stiles looked surprised for a moment before he laughed. “What was that for?”

“When light reflects against your eyes, sometimes it looks like moonbeams.”

Stiles laughed again, delightedly now. “I fucking love you.”

“And I’m a sap. I know.”

“I love that about you too.”

It’s cold and rainy here and yes I’m writing more fluff. I can’t help it. I want them to be happy. THEY DESERVE TO BE HAPPY. Okay I’m done now lol. Today’s words from @sterekdrabbles  are: Eye, moon, and beat. Thank you!
King Eternal - EloFromMars, Gotcocomilk - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
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This is a tale of the King Eternal, bold and mighty and forever stalwart. This is a tale of the fated warrior, the leader meant to end the infection of evil across our lands. This is a tale of a young village boy, made mighty by his destiny.

This is Izuku’s tale.

My Bro @thehoardofthegreatdragon and I have absolutely no self control and too creative brains. And we’re very happy about it! We hope you’ll enjoy this new project!!

Can I Tell You A Secret?


Author: omegasubreddit

Rating: Explicit

Relationships: Min Yoongi/Kim Seokjin

Status: Completed

Chapters: 1/1 (5785 words)

Tags: Roommates AU


“I’m going to die alone with no one for company except you.”

“Hey!” Yoongi grumbles.

“Okay, you’re not bad company, but can you imagine just having each other for the next 50 years?”

It sounds pretty good, in Yoongi’s opinion.

In which Seokjin goes on a lot of dates, and Yoongi has to be a good friend and hear about it.