eterna diva


*Kidnaps Brenda Triton and threatens to harm her and/or Luke if Clark doesn’t cooperate. 

*Manipulates the griveing Oswald Whistler with the promise of resurrecting his dead daughter to find the Kingdom of Ambrosia. Later, kidnaps Melina and orders her to sing if she wants to save her father and friends from the wolves. 

*Tries to kill Luke with his machine during Eterna Diva, forcing his brother Layton to save Luke’s life, almost blowing Layton up.  

*Manipulates Randall Ascot - who suffered a lot of trauma, overcoming amnesia - and turns him against his loved ones. 

Descole, as Desmond Sycamore:  

“Targent Bronev are the scum of the Earth. They force people to work for them by threatening their families.”