ESTONIA THROUGH EUROVISIONUrban Symphony “Rändajad” 2009

Urban Symphony in 2009 was the first time country qualified to the finals since the semi-finals were introduced in 2004. The song got 129 points placing 6th in the final. 12 points were received from Finland and Slovakia in the final and Latvia in the semi. 

Because of Russian actions in Georgia the previous year, Estonia was discussing whether they should participate in the contest or not. Due to public demand, the country decided to not withdraw. 2009 was also the year the national selection was revamped. Eurolaul was replaced by Eesti Laul. 


ESTONIA THROUGH EUROVISION Tanel Padar, Dave Benton & 2XL “Everybody” 2001

In 2001 Estonia won the Eurovision Song Contest. It was only the 7th entry. The unexpected victorious song was performed by Tanel Padar and Dave Benton, who were 20 and 50 at the time. It was Padar’s second time at Eurovision, he sang backup for Ines the previous year. Dave Benton became the first (and to date only) black performer to win a Eurovision title. 

Everybody” got 12 points from nine countries, including Latvia, Lithuania and the UK. Estonia’s 12 points went to Denmark. Although the song received 198 points and won that year, it is considered one of the weakest winners ever. 


ESTONIA THROUGH EUROVISIONKoit Toome “Mere lapsed” 1998

In 1998 Estonia sent a 19-year-old Koit Toome to represent the country. The song received 36 points in total and got 12th place. “Mere lapsed” got 12 points from Finland and 8 from Slovakia while giving 12 to Sweden and 10 to Finland. 

19 years later Koit Toome is back at Eurovision. 


ESTONIA THROUGH EUROVISIONGetter Jaani “Rockefeller Street” 2011

In 2011, Estonia was represented by a young Getter Jaani, who was 18 at the time. The song was predicted to do very well but got the 24th place with 44 points in the final. 12 points from Estonia went to Sweden both in the semi and final.