While I’m exorcising my demons, I might as well tell you that I read the Twilight books. All of ‘em. And I’m neither a 13-year-old girl nor a middle-aged woman.  I ate it up like watermelon on the fourth of July.  It’s like a spell was cast on me and it wouldn’t be broken until I’d read the last page of Breaking Dawn. I even took the dust jacket off so I could read it on the train with less shame.

The spell may be broken, but I know now what I’m capable of. And I’m scared.


Oh my GOSH.

I almost let the Embarrassing Fan Art topic go by without an homage to Glee!

Jesse St. James and Rachel Berry, you sing your hearts out. You sing the shit out of one another. You sing Lionel Richie until veins pop out of your head and tendons burst out of your enormous neck (I’m looking at you, Jesse).


Last bit of older work from me: these pieces featuring Lady Macbeth were a bit of intermingled fan art inspired by Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More.  You can read my artist statement for this series here, if you’re so inclined.

Clockwise, from top left: Come, You Spirits That Tend On Mortal Thoughts; I Heard the Owl Scream; Out, Damned Spot!; Fair Is Foul and Foul Is Fair; Unsex Me Here; Unnatural Deeds Do Breed Unnatural Troubles.