One of the things I remember most about Salute Your Shorts was the odd substitution of Michael for Pinsky in the second season, and the rivalry between Pinsky and the infamous Budnick.  No matter how hard Budnick tried, he couldn’t get under the affable Pinsky’s skin.

Because Pinsky had the salami, you see.  No wonder he was such a hit with the ladies.

I haven’t posted anything to my personal tumblr since I set it up to start Fanartica years ago…and I haven’t posted anything online, in any capacity, since August. For, you know, reasons.

But here’s a thing! Stumbled upon StyleJournalTumblrBlog yesterday; I like what those ladies are doing. So here’s my sad copycat effort to do what they’re doing and celebrate my schlubby self.

Inexplicably, my husband came home and said, “You look cute.”