((Part 2 of ?. Some of my colors might be off as I have a limited collection of colors >.< But this time we have:

I hope you all enjoy! Keep an eye out for the next batch! :D ))

Etchpony helped me redesign Wild Card’s outfit a bit so it looked a bit more unique than just a typical leather duster, in order to stand out more against his cadre of bandits and other criminal leaders. He’s still got his lever action shotgun on the back –just hidden a bit in this picture–and some reinforced steel horseshoes with divots that make reloading shells and tossing gadgets easier; they also give his kicks quite a bit more punch.

And of course he has all the rest of his hidden weaponry and explosives in his saddlebags and all over <3. I’d give all the details but it’s boring to everybody except me.

WIP ( no color palette yet ) for another character in Wild Card’s gang o’ thieves. This is Helping Hoof, their trusted unicorn medic and sharpshooter. Etchpony’s been helping me out since my usual artist is busy busy.

Helping Hoof was once a doctor under the employ of a small, private hospital in Canterlot. However, a medicinal mix up concerning the diagnosis of a well known noble’s brother –due to the incompetence of an intern under Helping Hoof’s tutelage– earned him the unnecessary and overblown hatred of said aristocrat. With his name and credit unfairly tarnished due to the influence of said socialite, he was laughed out of the medical world and wealthy social circles. Unable to resurrect his career or reputation in Canterlot, he developed a rabid hatred for the rich and the unfair bias they held throughout the world just from wealth alone. He voluntarily sought out The Crimson Saddles to join up and become a thorn in the side of pompous ponies, convinced he could no longer return to the esteemed career he once had.

Helping Hoof is obviously a great asset to the bandits, being both a talented physician and surgeon, but he doesn’t prefer to just mend wounds. He’s also shown to be a remarkable shot with a rifle, and is jokingly referred to as ‘The Deadeye Doc’ amongst the Saddles, picking off impossibly far targets with ‘surgical’ precision. His personality is typically pleasant and even charming, but hes been known to have a bit of a short fuse and sometimes sinks into periods of foul self loathing.

Helping Hoof will be voiced by Mr. Kenyon.

askseaborn asked:

Are you only a wanted stallion of the west, or are you known in other regions?

Friend, I am wanted EVERYWHERE, and I mean that to the most gratuitous and unlawful extent. I’ve robbed Canterlot, Trottingham, Appleloos—

—aaand you made me spill my drink. Son of a bee-sting.

Etchpony surprised me with a little scribble based off last night’s mod blog shenanigans. Wild Card with a good ol’ fashioned crank gun. Who needs magic, amirite?

If you’re not following Etch, you really should. Super sweet guy and ultra talented.


rain-down-love asked:

Wildcard, I've heard you've had, ah, experience with certain stuffsaddles' wives. ... What would you do if the husband wanted to watch? Just out of curiosity.

Standing room, only. 10 bits. It’s like auditing a class, ‘cept I’m making you pay for it.