etched egg


Deterioration with age. Ravaged. Worn. Plagued with problems, even some warts. Things fall apart. But the symmetry is dynamic and the colors are vivid. Age has made everything a little more interesting.
I abused this egg with etching, dyeing and re-dyeing, rinsing off and washing and starting again. The eggshell was not happy and not cooperating with what I wanted. I was frustrated with it and set it aside for a few weeks. Once I was able to not be annoyed with the egg I decided to play with the problems and see how much I could amplify and showcase the issues that are usually frustrating to make them the whole point of the design. I ended up really loving what happened in the end.
Happy Friday!

A few reasons you shouldn’t worry about apocalypse predictions.

66–70 CE Simon bar Giora, Essenes, The Essene sect of Jewish ascetics saw the Jewish revolt against the Romans in 66–70 as the final end-time battle. By the authority of Simon, coins were minted declaring the redemption of Zion. 
365 CE Hilary of Poitiers, Announced that the end would happen that year. 
375–400 CE Martin of Tours, Stated that the world would end before 400, writing, “There is no doubt that the Antichrist has already been born. Firmly established already in his early years, he will, after reaching maturity, achieve supreme power." 
500 CE Hippolytus of Rome, Sextus Julius Africanus, Irenaeus, All three predicted Jesus would return in the year 500. One prediction was based on the dimensions of Noah’s ark. 
793 Apr 6 Beatus of Liébana, The Spanish monk prophesied the second coming of Christ and the end of the world on that day to a crowd of people. 
800 Sextus Julius Africanus, Sextus Julius Africanus revised the date of Doomsday to 800.
799–806 Gregory of Tours, Calculated the End occurring between 799 and 806. 
848 Thiota, Declared that the world would end during that year. 
992–995 Various Christians, Good Friday coincided with the Feast of the Annunciation; this had long been believed to be the event that would bring forth the Antichrist, and thus the end-times, within 3 years. 
1000 Jan 1 Pope Sylvester II, The Millennium Apocalypse at the end of the Christian Millennium. Various Christian clerics predicted the end of the world on this date, including Pope Sylvester II. Riots occurred in Europe and pilgrims headed east to Jerusalem.
1033 Various Christians, Following the failure of the January 1, 1000 prediction, some theorists proposed that the end would occur 1000 years after Jesus’ death, instead of his birth. 

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This egg is part of a series that I’m calling starflower. The eggs are first dyed inside by squirting dye inside the hole with a syringe and shaking it. For this egg, the dye was orchid. After the dye dries, a design is drawn on the egg, waxed with a kistka and etched in muriatic acid. Next, the wax is removed revealing the three-dimensional design. Last, holes are carved in the egg with a carving tool allowing light, and the beautiful dye inside to show through.