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When Quiet Is Violent - Part 2

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Summary: You’re retired, living a quiet and secure life when your ex, Steve Rogers, turns up on your doorstep with his best friend, seeking refuge. (bucky x reader, enhanced reader)

Prompt(s): Okay I know I already wrote Night Walks with these prompts but I really wasn’t happy with it, so here is attempt #2. @pandarositarequest: 93 and 94… but Reader being upset rather than Bucky?

93.“I’m telling you. I’m haunted.”
94. “I had a bad dream again.”
Plus anon request: 64 “Here, take my blanket.”

Warnings: swearing, nightmare, that’s about it. :)

Word Count: 5168 (woops…)

Author’s Note: Okay team, enjoy the fluff while you can… 

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The next morning you’d woken early, it was bright and damn cold. Snowing again. But Bucky was warm, and breathing slowly and softly and you didn’t want to move, wishing you could stay there where you’d fallen asleep, tucked close to his side long into the morning. But there were three people to whom you certainly did not want to explain this situation so you dragged yourself as quietly and gently as you could away from Bucky’s sleeping body beside you.

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Yule Ball Surprise - Draco x Reader

Description: y/n comes from a poor family and is kept from attending the Yule Ball because of money problems. That is, until one handsome Slytherin Prince finds out. —————————————————————

Feeling a pang of sadness, the shy Slytherin girl tears the wax seal off of a cream envelope to reveal her mother’s response to her question. Y/n wanted to go to the Yule Ball at Hogwarts more then almost anything else in the world, but the problem was that her family had next to no money, especially none to be spent on something as frivolous as a dress and such to attend a school ball. Still, she had sent her owl back home with a letter asking if there was even a possibility that she could go.
Still, the most minuscule glimmer of hope held stock in y/n’s heart as she pulled out the card stock from the envelope. And there, in midnight black ink and her mother’s fanciful cursive penmanship, was her answer. Her family simply couldn’t afford it. She couldn’t say that she was surprised or even disappointed, really. She was sad she wouldn’t get the experience, but putting her family in financial hardship, especially when they worked so hard to provide, was something she couldn’t imagine doing.
Y/n thought to herself about how she would just help her friends get ready, instead of attending herself as a tear escaped her eye and bled onto the paper.
Absentmindedly, she placed the card back in its envelope, stuffing it inside her reading book on the common room table before scurrying off to class.
“So, y/n, did your mother say you could go?”, y/f/n asked y/n later that night while in their shared bedroom. Y/n sighed and fluttered her eyes shut before shaking her head slightly. She felt reluctant to come right out and say the reason she couldn’t go was because she was poor, even though it was most likely evident, especially in contrast to all of her rich Slytherin housemates.
“That’s so ridiculous, I really don’t understand your parents sometimes, y/n,” she replied. “I mean, what could it hurt? I know they want you to keep your grades up, but, come on, it’s one night.” Y/n couldn’t help but feel a rush of relief that she was actually believing y/n’s white lie about her parents not letting her go because of grades. “I know, but it’s probably for the best. I mean, I wouldn’t have anyone to go with anyways,” y/n replied, the latter part of her statement likely being true. “That’s such a lie y/n. You would definitely get a date. I mean, if you were going. I bet Malfoy would’ve taken you. Word is, Parkinson dumped him for some dark and brooding seventh year Ravenclaw,” y/f/n gossiped. Y/n’s heart jolted. She and Draco were good friends, but y/n had practically been in love with him ever since he was partnered up with her in their first potions class. True, he might have asked her because of the lack of single Slytherin girls, but y/n figured he would find someone else from another house much more rich and attractive. “Well, I honestly hope he finds a date, and soon. Otherwise the poor guy is never gonna hear the end of it from his father,” y/n replied, her mind still lost dreams of the Yule Ball.
As the rest of her friends visited Hogsmeade to shop for last-minute Yule Ball items despite the bone-chilling weather, y/n made the executive decision to stay at the castle and cozy up in front of the fire with her book. With her slipper-sock clad feet, she padded her way across the floor to the big leather couches in front of the mantle to where her steaming mug of cider sat on the table.
Draco sat sunken into an oversized armchair next to the couch, covered with a soft fleece blanket and with a notebook and pen in hand. Y/n smiled at him as he looked up and then retreated back into his writing. Reaching the couch, she quickly became confused as to where her book had disappeared off to. After all, she had left it on the table the night before. “Looking for your book, love?” Draco questioned, looking up. Y/n’s heart swelled at how he addressed her, despite the fact that he had called her that since they became friends.
“Yeah, you’ve seen it?” You asked him. He nodded. “It’s up in my room. I didn’t want someone grabbing it by mistake, or for you to lose it. I’ll go grab it,” he stated, making a move to get up from his cozy nook. “No, no, no, don’t get up, I’ll get it. You’re comfortable,” you told him, not making him want to leave his spot. He sat back down slowly. “Thanks, Draco. Second door on the left?” Y/n asked him, basing it solely off of memory from one time when she worked on a school project with him during their second year. He nodded, smiling softly and cozying back up into the chair.
Y/n found her way up and into Draco’s room, not worrying about being seen by another boy since everyone else was out getting ready and buying lunch before the Ball. Opening the heavy wooden door to his room, she found her book immediately on his bedside table. Taking a look around she got a small insight into Draco’s life. Various books in new looking condition stacked perfectly and organized on a dark wooden shelf. A green marble paperweight shaped like an apple holding down a thick stack of parchment filled with Draco’s barely legible cursive scribbles. A small hourglass on his desk ticking away the seconds with blindingly white sand. His broom, newest edition, propped up in the corner. A bottle of amber-hued firewhiskey and a couple of crystal tumblers etched with an intricate pattern, despite him being under age. Y/n smirked to herself. Only he would do that, and get away with it being in plain sight.
Suddenly realizing that she was spending probably way too much time in his room, she dashed out and lugged the ancient wooden door closed behind her. She dashed down the stairs, only to find Draco with his eyes closed, cozied up in a peaceful slumber. Y/n smiled to herself, making her way noiselessly to the end of the couch, dozing off herself.
“Y/n, time to wake up my dearest!” Y/f/n yelled joyfully, shouting above the flurry of activity as, suddenly, everyone that had been at Hogsmeade noisily bustled inside the common room. Y/n stretched out of her slumber, but barely opened her eyes before y/f/n whisked her off to their room. With only a couple hours before dinner in the great hall began, they all wanted to start getting ready.
Y/n sleepily padded her way up to her room and entered it, greeted with the sight of her four-poster bed’s green silk curtains drawn closed on all sides. Confused, she stopped dead in her tracks. In all her years of attending Hogwarts, she had never closed her bed curtains.
“Y/n? What’s wrong? And why are your bed curtains closed? You never do that,” y/f/n stated. “Oh nothing, sorry. And I was…” y/n tried to think up an excuse, “um, napping,” she finished.
Y/n made her way to her bed, peeking the curtains open on the side of her bed that faced the wall instead of y/f/n’s bed. Light from the window filtering into the dark fort, y/n found a large black box, as well as a stark white envelope contrasting the dark color.
She carefully lifted the envelope flap from its seal and lifted out a piece of parchment. In familiar looking hand writing, she read:
Don’t ask how I know, although, you’re quite intelligent, so I gather you’ll figure it out. I know you’re not able to go to the Yule Ball. Not because of grades, but…the real reason. You don’t have to be shy about it towards me, because, really, it doesn’t change a thing about you.
Put this on, I hope you like it. I’ll meet you downstairs when the rest are leaving. If you don’t want to go, I understand completely. Just write back and you don’t have to mention a thing to y/f/n. (That’s why I pulled the curtains closed).
I hope you know that you deserve this.
- D
Y/n gasped to herself and slammed her palm to her forehead. Of course, she was such an idiot. She had left her mothers note in her book…the one Draco had found. It must have fallen out for him to read when he picked it up.
She couldn’t accept this. It was too much.
No…wait. She had to. When would she ever get an opportunity like this again? And with her friend and crush since first year? She couldn’t refuse.
“Y/f/n?” Y/n called out.
“Yeah?” She replied.
“Change of plans. My parents said I can go,” y/n called out from the dark of the curtains.
“Oh perfect! You have a dress and everything?” She asked.
Y/n came out from behind her bed curtains and nodded enthusiastically.
As y/f/n rushed to another room to have another girl do her hair, y/n had some alone time to open the package and get ready. She eagerly opened the box that Draco had delivered, took out the dress that was neatly pressed and folded inside, and held it up. It was stunningly gorgeous. A strapless ball gown, with grey silk that shimmered and danced in the light. It had silk ribbons that varied in shades of stark white to a velvety black - all intricately wrapped and intertwined across the bodice, then falling loosely to the floor in the back of the dress, weaving in and out of each other and dancing as the gown moved. Y/n’s eyes brimmed with tears as she thought about the sheer amount of genuine thought that Draco had put into this.
She slipped the gown on quickly, and styled her hair and makeup as well. For the first time in her life, she felt truly beautiful.
“Bloody hell, y/n,” she suddenly heard from the door, “you look incredible,” y/f/n finished, looking at you with a smile.
Once everyone was ready and leaving, y/n took a breath as she prepared to see Draco.
She descended down the stairs, looking at her feet until she reached the bottom, where a pair of soulful blue-grey eyes met hers. Draco stood at the base of the staircase, utterly and hopelessly lost for words.
“Y/n I–” he started, before he was interrupted by her.
“Draco, before you say anything, thank you. I literally have nothing more to say to you. Tonight you’ve done for me what no one has been able to do before. I don’t think I could ever repay you, even if it’s not…financially,” she told him nervously.
“Y/n,” he began, taking y/n’s hands in his. “No. Thank you. I can’t think of anyone more deserving,” he finished. He raised the back of her hand to his lips, kissing it gently. Y/n blushed and softly smiled at him.
“I do have one more thing though,” he added. He reached his hand inside his coat and fished for something, pulling out a small, shining necklace.
Y/n’s eyes widened, “Draco- you’ve already given me so much. You really, really don’t have to,” she said. “No, y/n I do. I really do have to. Because in my family, I was taught to give people what they deserve. And you, love, deserve this. More than anyone I know,” he replied.
Draco moved behind her, looping the necklace with a round crystal pendant around her neck, his hands softly brushing the back of her neck as he clasped it, sending chills down y/n’s back.
His hands moved to the sides of her arms, holding her reassuringly. “And love, trust me. You already have paid me back. I mean…look at you,” he whispered in her ear from behind her. Before moving away, y/n felt his lips kiss her shoulder. She was lost for words. At the night, how it’s events unfolded, at him.
“Shall we?” He questioned, offering his arm to her. Y/n looped her arm gracefully through his, moving closer to his safe and protective feeling side.
As the last ones to leave, they began walking to the door when y/n stopped in her tracks. “Draco?” She called. He turned around questioningly, his full attention on her.
And with a second of insane courage, before even she knew what she was doing, she moved forward, and placed her lips gently on his. Once he was able to react, he moved a hand up to cup her face, the other snaking around her waist and pulling her as close to him as possible. His lips moved against hers, kissing her more and more passionately by the second. After a few moments, y/n pulled away, resting her forehead against Draco’s and looking up at him. His steel blue-grey eyes showed his emotion - happiness, passion, desire, disbelief. Softly, he moved his thumb over her bottom lip. As it moved over the middle of her lips, y/n softly kissed it, causing him to crack a soft smile. Y/n then placed a kiss on his dimple that appeared, and whispered in his ear, “Ready?”
“Absolutely, love,” he replied, intertwining his hand in hers, bringing it up to his lips to kiss it.
Thank you for reading!
By @hphogwartsimagines
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Etch star on ruby crystal.

Whether natural or synthetic, ruby crystals have shapes on their surface. These occur as pits or raised bumps, and are usually triangular or hexagonal. Their shape is influenced by the crystal structure of the mineral, and they represent areas there the crystal was growing when the Earth ichor from which it crystallised ran out, or eaten away by magma or hydrothermal metamorphic fluids during its sejourn deep in the Earth.

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Me:  We have officially arrived in Minneapolis and have our  badges and the lay of the land, dealer’s room wise, at least. First (and probably only major purchase), was an amazing etched crystal light up TARDIS with Twelve etched inside it.  Once I get home, I’ll light it and post a picture here.

4.0:  We slept okay last night, now for the adventure! 

Bill:  *cheeky geekygrin*

1.0: *works on his scowl for the new person he will be with*

Me: Right…so since there is no way I can possibly keep track of three Teensys, I’ll have two friends helping me out.  Vicki will have TeensyBill, and Critch will have 1.0, and  we’ll meet up at the pass.  Or at least the meet and greet.  OH, yes.  We have a Meet and Greet with the human-actor in about three hours…

My mom and I both have bottles of rain water on our altar and it’s so funny because hers is this beautiful glass vial with an etched crystal stopper and mine’s just a blue glass bottle with a cork and every time I see them I’m just like “If this was a video game mine would heal like 20hp and hers would heal like 500hp”

thezelbinion  asked:

SUMMONS YOU WITH: ball bearings, color sparing shampoo, 3D laser etched and colored crystal diorama of the horsehead nebula, galaxy themed leggings, one of those metal queensboro bridge shaped pencil sharpeners

All of these are correct!!

And I would appreciate a link to one of those pencil sharpeners, please and thank you…

Christmas Traditions

A/N: Written for @avasmommy224‘s Christmas Prompts and Gif Challenge. I have also combined this with @iwantthedean‘s YouAU Challenge.  This story is mostly true, with the exception of the Dean part of it!  I wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season! 

Word Count: 2037

Warnings: Christmas with an Italian family (yea, its real), drinking, smoking, SUPER FLUFF

This was the GIF assigned to me by @avasmommy224 for her part of the challenge.

Christmas Eve was my favorite day of the year. I loved spending time with my huge crazy family. But especially I relished the time I could spend with my Grampa. He is amazing and I Ioved just sitting with him at his kitchen table, listening to his hours of fascinating stories he had to tell us. We would always have whiskey and cigarettes. It was tradition. There was never a shortage of alcohol at Grampa’s house.

The other things I loved about that night was the food, the tree, well, everything. This year was going to be different though. This was the first year I would be bringing someone with me. My wonderfully amazing boyfriend, Dean. Dean and I had been together for almost a year and sure, he had met my family before at the annual Fourth of July pool party, also known as Grampa’s Birthday. But this was different. This was Christmas Eve. This a ton of people jammed in a house with a poor floor plan and almost nowhere to sit. This was Christmas with my large, crazy, Italian family and it was the best night of the year.

Being the prompt person that I was, I was always early. Dean and I arrived at seven o’clock sharp. I loved being the first one there, with the exception of my father who was perpetually early for everything. He would tell me the festivities start at six, so I knew it was seven. He did this for my brother and his wife, who would still arrive late.

We took off our shoes, hanging our coats in the closet. Dean let out a low whistle. “Wow! That is some tree.” He exclaimed, taking in the white tree standing tall against the windows, on a full skirt of red carpet. Yes, my Grampa’s house had red carpet. This time of year though, it pulled it all together quite nicely. 

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“Yeah, it is. It is the same very year. My grandmother always loved the flocked tree and had one every year. After she passed, Grampa just kept on with the tradition. That is what Christmas is all about, Dean; traditions and family.” I placed a tender, but passionate kiss to his full lips before walking to the back of the house.  Dean stopping every few steps to look at another photo on the wall. 

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whitecadiz  asked:

Do you think a sink made out of amethyst would be a good idea? Someone could cut themselves with that, right?

There are a few reasons why an amethyst geode sink is a terrible idea.

  • Yes. It’s sharp as fuck and if you chip the crystals they will get sharper, hence the megaladon flossing comment. Although in retrospect it’s more of a great white shark.
  • It would be a royal pain to clean all the toothpaste and other gunk from between the crystals.
  • It isn’t sealed so all the dissolved solids in your water (the “hardness”) would get into the matrix and cause salt weathering.
  • The dissolved fluorides would slowly etch the nice glossy crystal faces.