@firedickace WELL to be super mainstream i love my three moms: lana del rey, marina, and florence. I also love the killers, arcade fire, BISHOP BRIGGS (She’s new but SOO good), chance the rapper, ASAP rocky, KANYE, MØ, childish gambino, the migos!!!!!, jcole, johnny cash, etc etc but what i MOSTLY love is film scores I am the bIGGEST hoe for music scores i fucking love: hans zimmer (obvs), ramin djawadi, cho young wuk, johann johannsson, XL junkie, trent reznor, etccccc etc 

Dash is Deaaad..

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Friendly reminder that just b/c I’m ecstatic about RenRuki and Ichika doesn’t mean that I’m content with the ending.

I too am furious that we don’t know the fate of half the cast (Grimmjow, Hollow Ichigo, Nel, Harribel, Urahara, Yoruichi, The Soul King, etccccc). But I find it almost impossible to believe they won’t be addressed somehow.

I’m not going to get my hopes up for a sequel, but there’s got to be a databook or something that fixes some of these plotholes.