A Vision of Beauty

Rating: K

Word Count: 1000

Request:  Hiya, hope you’re well! Could you please do a fanfic where MGG or Reid comes to London on their own for some downtime and whilst here sees a girl in a coffee shop/bar and draws her, they get talking and hang out, really hit it off etcccc maybe some smut maybe just some fluffy feelings?

A/N: It’s mentioned this takes place in London. But I didn’t really specify that the reader is from there, just that Reid obviously isn’t, simply because I want everyone to be able to enjoy it. I hope that’s okay. It should definitely work with you being from England though, because there are some comments that would fit in with that.. 

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Note: Hello! I told you all that I was going to be having help with my request for just a little bit until I reach the end of my pile, and here is the first one! 6sauce-writing is helping me out, so be sure to check her profile out if you liked this one! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Xoxoxoxoxoxo :3 

Pairing: Thor X Reader

Prompt:GOOD MORNING/AFTERNOON/EVENING DARLING :D I know that requests are closed, but when they open can you do one where you try to introduce Thor popular music XD (ex. Anaconda, Drunk in Love, Talk Dirty to Me etcccc) Thanks love! <3

Author: 6sauce-writing


“Thor’s First Concert”
The glow of your laptop screen illuminated your face as you sporadically clicked about, your face shining with determination. No one disturbed you while you worked, for fear of you lashing out at them, but they all stayed close by in case you endeavor failed and you needed to be consoled.

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ALSO i’m really feeling the theory that because of Jasper’s “a defective pearl” comment we can infer that pearls are not a Unique Gem or whatever and that there are more pearls out there. Due to how pearls are formed, non geologically, and nowadays usually purposefully made and farmed, i’m guessing homeworld gems synthetically mass-manufacture pearls in a manner different from all other gems (aka kindergarten growing) without any regards for any uniqueness or sense of self. Just tons and tons of pearls. And considering the properties of pearls, they’re actually very soft minerals. Pearls are definitely not made to go to battle in a militaristic society like the gems. so they were probably made for general labor and servitude and things like that, depending on the placement of their gem. i’m guessing our Pearl was made for engineering or some other forward-thinking task because of her gem placement.

and it fits in line with all of rose’s Crystal Gems being misfits of some kind. garnet’s clearly taboo fusion choice, amethyst was obviously just abandoned at the kindergarten because she turned out wrong, and pearl simply existing outside of the role she was made for marks her as defective in gem society.