“How can the human eye can see more shades of green than any other color? ‘Cause of predators. Used to be, monkeys we were, right? And in the woods, in the jungle, everything’s green. So in order to not get eaten by panthers and bears and the like, we had to be able to see them, you know, in the grass, and trees and such. Predators” Fargo 1x4: Eating the blame.

My hair is still done all pretty even though I sleep like a beast.

Hahahahahahaha, this has to be the happiest I have felt in the longest time.

Sad? maybe. Do I give a fuck? not really.

This year so far has been the most amazing year. 

Ohh, I want to write little things about all the people that made it better, but I’m hungry, so I’ll do it later . lol :c


hey guys so i’ve been pretty inactive over the past few months but I’m really trying to put in more effort.. I’ve decided to make a group (kinda like a network) 

if you are selected (I will choose the members) we’ll basically all just talk about anything/everything, help each other out, promote eachother, become best friends lmao (hopefully), interact on social media outside of tumblr, etcccc

I hope you kinda get what this is all about, I’ll be extra active in the group and introduce different ways to interact because I have a shit ton of ideas lol im really excited :))))

more info:

- number of members remains unknown

- must be willing to be really active!!

- must be within the age group 15-19

- must reblog this post!!!!!!! thats the only way to ‘apply’

- Idk when ill be choosing but definitely really soon because I want to get started so badly hahaha ill let you guys know though

pleaseeee don’t hesitate to ask me any questions at all!!!!