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do you read a lot of books? or what do you often read? do you happen to have any recommendations? :)

i haven’t read that many published books in the past few years because of school, but typically, i just… like things that subvert their genres, have interesting narrators, or… have good writing styles. thats it, thats all. here’s some books i’ve enjoyed*

  • the rest of us just live here by patrick ness: the indie kids are really weird, always running around fighting off zombies, or mysterious blue ghosts, or whatever the latest world-threatening danger is going on. the rest of the town, though, like mikey and his group of friends, are just trying to live their lives. a look at a typical “chosen one” story from the uninvolved bystanders’ point of view 
  • akata witch by nnedi okorafor: twelve year old sunny, born in new york but now living in aba, nigeria, is a little bit lost. then she makes new friends and is plunged into the world of the leopard people, where your greatest defect is also your greatest asset… 
  • chaos walking trilogy by patrick ness (#1: the knife of never letting go; #2: the ask and the answer; #3: monsters of men).  prentisstown isn’t like other towns. everyone can hear everyone else’s thoughts in an overwhelming, never-ending stream of Noise. todd and his dog manchee stumble upon an area of complete silence and find a secret so awful that they have to run for their lives. 
  • raised by wolves series by jennifer lynn barnes: a human girl in a werewolf pack. i know this sounds cracky and terrible but this series also was good enough to make me cry so if you like heavy hitting narratives and anguish you should give this a try 
  • curse workers series by holly black: interesting narrative, really good world building, suspenseful plot akin to the tension you feel when watching a high-stakes chinese court political drama… similar in tone to the “raised by wolves” series. good stuff
  • welcome to night vale, the novel by joseph fink: a deeply weird story i’m not sure how to explain. has an absurdist sense of humor, as well as a thoughtful exploration of people’s struggles to find themselves. i loved the ending and would highly recommend it 
  • monster blood tattoo series by d.m. cornish: god, the worldbuilding, the language, just. everything about this series was so good!!! orphan boy rossamund, a boy with a girl’s name, is about to begin a dangerous life in service of the emperor. on his journey there, though, he runs into monsters – and people, who might be just as dangerous. i really loved this series when i was younger and if you like worldbuilding you WILL love it 
  • let’s pretend this never happened: a mostly true memoir by jenny lawson, which made me laugh and cry tears of laughter when nearly nothing else in the world could. 
  • graceling realm series by kristin cashore: i love this series. i will defend it to my dying breath. beautiful strong characters, beautiful plot, beautiful worldbuilding, everything is good and the character relationships are so wonderfully done. 

* disclaimer: i haven’t read some of these books in years so i don’t actually know if all of them live up to how i felt about them in memory. read at your own discretion 

Enjolras and Grantaire are the hardest to find faceclaims for, because no matter what I pick, I feel like it’ll be wrong for some reason

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I for some reason just instantly made your icon your gender. Not as in a boy like Mitoki, just ... that vibrant color is you. Thank you for letting us know about your pronouns!

this is actually the ideal. current gender: mitoki enabling izuku to make bad decisions with an ill-advised and unjustified sense of confidence 




  • <p> <b>Fanfic:</b> Two cinnamon rolls fall for each other.<p/><b>Me:</b> Cool<p/><b>Fanfic:</b> Two pure unadulterated badasses fall for each other.<p/><b>Me:</b> N I C E<p/><b>Fanfic:</b> A Pure unadulterated badass and a cinnamon roll fall for each other<p/><b>Me:</b> F U C K Y E S<p/></p>