4chan rumours.

MASSIVE POTENTIAL SPOILERS (again, RUMOUR, so take with a grain of salt)

- The movie has lower stakes in relation to other MCU movies and also a relatively lower budget

- The movie centers on Peter Parker struggling to balance his private life and his superhero life. As Peter, he’s trying to ask his longtime crush Liz Allan for homecoming dance and fitting in with being the new kid in a prestigious school he got in as a scholarship, while as Spider-Man he’s handling his first real supervillain, the Vulture

- Adrian Toomes, the Vulture, is a military scientist who creates a wingsuit using alien technology from “The Avengers”, and gets fired from it. He eventually learns he needs it to live, steals it and goes on a rampage, killing his former superiors and trying to find a cure

- The Tinkerer is a minor villain, a former Stark Industries inventor who’s supplying crooks with cutting-edge weaponry and is forced to help the Vulture. He gives weapons to Shocker and his gang, who are opening antagonists

- Zendaya really is playing Mary Jane, but that was a late addition from the latest script rewrite. At one point she really was “Michelle”, an original character. She’s Peter’s classmate who has a crush on him, and they end up going to homecoming together. Like him, she’s attending school on a scholarship. She’ll be the main love interest in the sequels

- Flash was also going to an original character, “Manuel”, but was made into Flash in the same rewrite that made Michelle into MJ

- There’s no Jameson or Daily Bugle in the movie

- Tony Stark’s role in the movie is pretty minor and he doesn’t appear as Iron Man. He gives Peter some life advice when it looks like he can’t deal with his first supervillain

- Stark mentions he’s keeping the Accords off of Peter’s back because he’s only dealing with minor street crimes, but might not be able to protect him if he keeps branching out to dealing with supervillains

Toronto Diary - A Few Quick Ones

It is the middle of August and not much is going on. Here are a few quick ones.


A city councillor has asked that celebrities boycott The Trump International Hotel & Tower at next month’s Toronto International Film Festival citing the presidential candidate’s “hateful” rhetoric.

You might think this is a strange cause for an obscure politician of no consequence to take up, but you must recall that elected officials are exempt from the law against public masturbation. If they weren’t, our jails would be awash with dangerous criminals.


In other Trump news, a 12-year-old boy is in charge of the Cheetos Menace’s Colorado campaign. It is not even September and we have already entered the Battle of Berlin phase of the campaign. At this rate, the war might truly be over by Christmas and the Iron Curtain of Hillary Clinton will be draw over the White House windows.


Saturday’s Liberal Party rally featuring the Tragically Hip had an audience of over 11.7 million Canadians - about a third of Canada’s population - according to the state controlled media. If the “Liberals” are not dislodged at the next election, our country is finished. Any countries interested in taking me in as an asylum seeker can message me here.


One country I can rule out fleeing to is France, where Nicolas Sarkozy announced that he will attempt to wrestle back the presidency from Francois Hollande on the platform of banning pork-free options in school cafeterias as a way to snuff out the Muslims. In his time out of office, Sarkozy must have watched Goya’s Ghost where a similar tactic was used by the Spanish Inquisitors to expose Natalie Portman’s character as a Jew.

Sarkozy’s proposal is an interesting one. Essentially he wants to defeat ISIS by purposing something ISIS might do with say alcohol, thus blurring the lines between good and evil. How progressive.


Finally, doctors in India removed 40 knives from a man who said he ate them because “he liked the way they tasted.” Does veganism know no bounds? 

At the very least, I am no longer impressed by people who eat 40 hot dogs in 40 seconds. Next time such a “competition” is held, they must ingest only knives, perhaps grenades, just like we once did when were cavemen living in the state of nature. Perhaps in doing so we can reconnect with the true state of man.