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When I started this blog about two months ago, I was pretty sad. I had given about a year of my time to a group RP and created a character that I loved more than any I had ever played before. I was RPing with my best friend and it was great. But then things got bad, a new clique that didn’t like me because i was shipping with the guy all the female characters wanted to date took over the group, and I was forced to drop my character so someone in the clique could play my FC. I was pretty devastated because I had worked so hard and it was just all gone. Writing is my outlet for stress and anxiety and creativity and I was kind of lost once I didn’t have that outlet anymore. I decided to come back to indie. Now, two months later, I have 200 followers which just blows me away. I need to thank the people who make me love logging on here every day and who gave me my outlet for creativity, stress, and anxiety.


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Forbidden- Chapter Three

Me and Alyssa are in a battle with each other hence the quick update. My hardest obstacle is this show being American and me being British so I made everyone British aha! And simply because I don’t even think the US has boarding schools, if you do, let me know. All I can say for this is sorry for the beginning but I like wounding people so I’m not really sorry. Aaah! So many words today. What is this?

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It’s the sunlight shining through the curtains that makes her stir. She doesn’t want to wake, not yet. Regina likes sleep, means she can get away from the reality of the world for a few hours.

She turns to the side and is confronted with warm- warmth from a body. She snuggles into it, trying to go back to sleep despite her body wanting to wake up.

“You’re not going back to sleep, Gina.”

She smiles as happiness fills her. And she is happy. For the first time in sixteen years she is truly happy with her life.

“I don’t want to wake up.” she mumbles, telling her brain to go back to sleep. “I’ve got nothing to wake up for.”

And she doesn’t. Nowhere to be for a certain time. No one to come knocking on the door because she’s late. And most of all, no mother.

They succeeded in running away like they planned to. It wasn’t out of the country like they hoped but it was, at least, away. They made it to Nottingham, not as far North as Regina liked but it was away from Ipswich. Away from Mother.

“Really? Nothing to get up for?” she hears the hint in his voice and smirks. Abandoning sleep, she opens her eyes and peers up at Daniel who’s smiling down at her.

“Well,” she says, thinking about it. “I guess I could make an exception for that.”

As soon as the words are said she’s being flipped onto her back, Daniel on top of her, kissing her body. Regina losses herself in it, finally safe and happy.

When Regina wakes up, she’s cold. Turning onto her side, she seeks warmth but finds only an empty freezing space beside her. It’s enough to make her open her eyes, wandering where Daniel is.

Evening night projects across the room. She’s lying on top of the covers, still dressed in the clothes she put on this morning, in her bed in Ipswich.

There’s no morning sunlight, no skin sliding against skin, no Nottingham, and most of all, no Daniel.

Would her brain ne so cruel as to dream up something as sweet as that? Of course it would. It’s all she’s ever wanted.

Her heart aches from the loss of it. It hurts in fact, feels heavy as grief hangs off it, weighing it down.

Regina wants to cry but all her tears have spent. She wants to close her eyes and sleep the rest of the days away. But she can’t. She can’t because her mother has made a farce out of the whole situation that Regina has to attend to because ‘a lady never misses her tea’ or some shit like that.
The knock on the door only confirms this. Regina slowly sits up, resting on her knees, a headache making itself loud and clear. Great, all she needs.

She catches herself in the mirror. Eyes puffy from crying, bits of mascara about her face, clothes askew, and hair a pile of mess on top of her head. She could definitely not go downstairs looking like this.

Judging by the knock on the door she has about half an hour to make herself presentable- she could manage it.

By the time the second knock came nobody would know that Regina had been both asleep and crying. After her fight with the bobble that had tangled itself in her long hair after all the tossing and turning she must if done, she brushed all the knots out and left it down. She’d washed her face until the red was gone. She only changed the top half of her clothes since she couldn’t be bothered to go looking for something clean to put on the bottom, choosing a blue jumper. Mother would no doubt criticise it all but it would do.

Regina makes her way down the dining room where she can see the table has already been set out and her father sitting there. She walks past the staircase leading to downstairs, slowing her walking down. Nothing could be heard today- all the prisoners most likely having been told to keep quiet. Her thoughts go to Daniel but instantly come away- the dream is still fresh in her mind, the pain still there. Mother would never forgive her if she breaks down now.

Speeding up her movements, she walks into the dining room where her father greets her.


Regina smiles, a fake one but one all the same. ‘A smile is a powerful mask,’ Mother had told her once. ‘If you smile, no one will know what you’re truly feeling.’ It was the one lesson Mother taught her which she perfected.

“Daddy.” she greet back and places herself on a chair.

She plays with her hands under the table as they sit in silence and wait. Daddy’s reading the newspaper, the one he read this morning. Or maybe he didn’t read all of it. Sometimes he begins to read it then halfway he’ll get distracted or forget about it. It scares Regina sometimes, to know he’s getting older, that he’ll have no choice but to leave her. Apart from Daniel, her father was the only decent man she lived with. Everyone else was just pawns of her mother, they all hated Cora secretly which meant they hated Regina, too. Daniel should have hated her.

Regina sniffs as Daddy turns the page. Finally, Regina breaks the silence.

“Do you know who the guest is?”

Daddy looks up, he shifts uncomfortably as he places the paper down. Regina sees it in his eyes that he’s looking for the answer to her question.
“Perhaps it’s one of your Mother’s colleagues.”

‘He’s lying!’ Her brain screams but she shuts it out. He’s probably forgotten.

“Perhaps.” she says giving a little reassuring smile.

Henry turns back to his paper. Regina let’s her smile drop as anxiety ripples in her stomach.

The bell rings and the door is immediately answered. Louis’ voice can be heard as he ‘Welcome the guest into their lovely home’. Moments later, Mother is entering the dining room with a brunette trailing behind her looking around the house with hesitance and something tells Regina that the woman has never been in a mansion before.

“Henry, Regina; this is Belle French.”

“Hello.” the girl says. Daddy nods and Regina smiles.

Mother, annoyed at their lack of greeting though skillfully hiding it in favour of pleasing this vision of theirs, motions for Belle to sit down as she pleasantly calls Louis to which loyal Louis comes running in.

“You may serve us tea now.”

Louis nods as Cora sits herself at the head of the table. They want in awkward silence for a moment until Belle breaks it.

“You, uh, live in a beautiful house.” she says to Regina making Regina look up. “You’re so lucky to live here.”

“Yeah, definitely.” Regina replies, not making eye contact. Belle’s smiles drops as she takes note of Regina’s lack of conversation. Regina, however, catches her mother’s glare. Not wanting to face her wrath tonight, Regina sits straighter and coughs.

“I am. It’s amazing. I’m absolutely lucky to live here.” The words are lies. She’ll be lucky when she gets to live somewhere else. Still, she looks to her mother and Cora nods her approval. Regina looks away. 'Well done. You’ve officially achieved lying. It only took you sixteen years.“

’'Where did you live, Belle?” Mother asks.

Regina rolls her eyes. Mother’s way of getting to know whether a person is good enough to breathe the same air as her. And it all begins with knowing what type of house they lived in.

Belle responds awkwardly. “Our house was fairly small. Two bedrooms. One for, uh, me and one for my father.”

Mother hums agreement while still smiling. Regina watches her closely trying to read her thoughts but Mother keeps them well guarded so Regina goes back to observing the scene.

“You said you and your father. Where is your mother?”

Belle swallows. “She…died when I was younger. Some men broke into our house and held us hostage while my father was away. She tried to call him but they killed her before they got the chance.” Regina notices that she seems withdrawn all of a sudden. Reliving the death of someone they loved, Regina can understand that.

“And what does your father do for a living?” Cora asks.

If there was ever a time for inappropriateness that time was now. After somebody opens up to you about someone they loved dying, you offer them your condolences. But not Cora. She’s more interested in how much money they made. Regina could kill her mother.

Well, she couldn’t. If she could that would’ve happened by now.

Even Belle seems surprised at the lack of empathy from Cora as she replies “He owned a flower shop.”

“I see.” is all Cora says, disappointment laced within the sentence.

Regina sees Belle shy away with shame. Another person who is not immune to Mother’s tone of words.

The awkwardness is broken when Louis enters with plates of food on a tray. It’s a Sunday meaning it’s roast dinner. Father has put his newspaper down now, he was completely zoned out of the conversation.

They eat their tea in complete silence. Not that that’d any different to any other days. In fact, this is the most they’ve ever conversed.

Halfway through, it’s Mother who breaks the silence.

“So, Belle,” the woman looks up. “Tell me about this school.”

School? Regina stills her hand that’s holding the folk as she listens to the conversation.

“It’s amazing. The library has been refurbished. The dorms are cleaned every day. The teachers are wonderful.”

Why was Mother asking Belle this? If Belle works in a school, why was she here? She looks to her father who is also listening and guilt is written across his face. He did know who Mother invited.

“And the students?” Mother asks.

“They’re all…righted by the end.”

What was this school? Military camp?

“Good. Regina?”

Regina breaks away from her thoughts and looks up.

“Miss French is an escort to a boarding school in London. She’s also the librarian there.”

The whole thing clicks.

“You’re sending me away.” Never did it occur to Regina that her mother would send her off to a boarding school. Mostly because of Mother’s pride but another part of her believed Cora loved her enough to never throw her away. Just something else to add to her collection of made up fairytales.

“It’s not sending you away, dear, it’s giving you options.” She turns to Belle then. “My daughter always thinks the worst of things.” Belle just smiles nervously in response.

Anger took over Regina as her mother belittles her. Gone is the mask as defiance shines through.

“I’m not going.” she said.

Through smiles Mother said, “Now don’t be ridiculous, Regina.”

But Regina wasn’t having it. “You can’t make me go!”

“Regina.” The tone in Mother’s voice turns dangerous. She should stop, eat her tea, don’t show her mother up in front of a guest. Yet, Regina can’t bring herself to care about that.

“Regina doesn’t have to go if she doesn’t want to.”

Answer silence forms as everyone looks at Belle. Regina give her her due, she was only trying to help her. Of course, her Mother wasn’t having it.

“She doesn’t know what she wants. Regina, you’re going, there’s no discussion.”

Shut up her brain screams. Face the fact that you have to go. But she can’t. She doesn’t belong in that school. Why can’t her mother understand that?

“You’re impossible to talk to.”

Unable to stay in the room any longer, she pushes her unfinished food away and leaves.


But Regina doesn’t answer. In her head she just repeats that she isn’t going over and over. Perhaps that’ll make it a reality.

The older woman’s voice is like nails on a chalk board. She’s been invited to many dinners in the past but none have been disastrous as this. Even the Fraughans make their family look happy and content compared to these.

Cora Mills didn’t seem to think of her daughter in any situation. The woman didn’t seem to think of anyone and the father hadn’t helped.

Belle stands up. “Perhaps I should go.”

Cora sighs. “Yes. I’m sorry my daughter ruined your dinner.”

“It’s fine.” Belle says at the same time the woman says “Louis will see you out.”

Belle nods as she looks to the husband, the look of resign on his face. It’s clear who runs this house.

“Do you still want me to pick Regina up tomorrow?”

“Yes.” says Cora who is also standing up. “Regina is going with you even if she has to be dragged out by her hair.”

Belle awkwardly smiles. The girl should have a choice, what did she even do wrong to get sent to St Eva’s anyway? It’s not the type of school you willingly want to go to despite what Belle said to Cora before.

As she is led out by this Louis she sees the father shake his head. If he cared that much why didn’t he say something before?

She walks over to her car, she gets the feeling someone’s watching her. Looking up at the expense of the house, green vines twisting against white bricks and black pipes, she makes eye contact with Regina.

She wonders if she should let the worm stay in the snakes nest until her father’s voice floats into her voice.

'You can’t save everyone, Belle.’

“No, I can’t.” she says out loud. She turns away to climb into the car. With one last look at the house, she drives away.
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Oeilvert originally existed on Terra but ended up on Gaia 5,000 years ago due to Garland’s failed attempt to merge the two planets into one. It is an ancient structure that holds information about Terran technology and history. An anti-magic field prevents visitors from casting magic inside the structure.


Hello everybody!! :D How are you all my dearies? ^^ Hope you are doing well hehe! :) *smooches you all* So!! I’m doing a follow forever cause it has been a time since I done one and I’m doing it because I’m so blessed by having you guys sticking with me and gaved me SOOO much support when I was working on my master’s course! :D You always checked if I was doing alright and to not force myself and when I read those message I totally cried of happiness *snif* ; U ; haha XD. I really THANK YOU ALL for being so sweet and kind to me!! ; U ; You don’t even know how much you guys helped me to go forward and never give up! Your strength is my real energy! :D Even if I didn’t talked with some of you guys, I still enjoyed every moment when I was on Tumblr to relax a bit, watching you posting and seeing you and your works around totally made my days all better, bright and with a smile on my face! :D  So this is almost a friendship follow forever heheh! Celebrating for being with you guys one more year and I treasure every sec, min and hours I spend with you :) PLS NEVER CHANGE GUYS!! >//U//< HEHE
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@0hta | @0ni-chan | @3cchi | @aaox | @aidoru-ojisan | @aikamiteitoku | @aineh | @akiyamalove | @alphastigma117@anime | @anime-scarves  | @animepenguin | @assdare | @bokutouh | @byzantine-love-machine | @caskitsune | @chitosenosebleeds | @chuunibyou | @clerfy | @clofster | @cthuwu | @cute-girls-from-vns-anime-manga | @cutegirlsdoingcutethings | @dangerousbride | @darkrai-10 | @deadecchi | @dutch-kun | @edgygenji | @elsa-granhirte | @emerworld | @ettoh | @evangelikon | @fairytailwitch | @fukiage | @funnyanimeshit

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@ga-doman | @godku | @gothloli-sama | @gurikajis | @gurrenlagging | @gushikens | @hakujiin | @hiratsukaze | @hishiron | @hotaru-shidare | @houshou | @hyouka | @ice-queen-mei | @ipscell | @ipsi-lateral | @is-the-order-a-destroyer-new | @izukumi | @jacobtheslothone | @justintaco | @kaenimmx | @kidomarus | @kinotabi | @kirisaki-chitoge | @kiruyos | @komm-susser-tod | @kongou-san | @kuro-yukihime | @kv3dia | @literally-the-best-onii-chan | @literallytheworstblogger | @little-bird-in-your-universe | @maddie-neko | @mekoo-san | @meowmori | @messingo | @mirayamana | @mobu-saiko-100 | @mochi | @moekingdom | @more-moe-more-problems | @myazunyan

N - S:

@nakanoazusa | @narumeias | @nattsun | @nnishikih | @noseydewdrop | @nothingamazing | @nozoshi | @nyapping | @official-tenryuu | @officialkirishima | @officiallylewd | @officialyasen | @onee-samaaa | @onix | @onodera-kosaki | @oogoediamondd | @ookazaki | @osheakie | @panzoom | @pepperonii-chan | @pervertedequality | @pink-imouto | @powertopsenpai | @ppoi | @rebeccareberebe | @relife-project | @sachi-komine | @sakamotoz | @secretotaku | @seieiryu | @shiintan | @shinobu-is-daijoubu | @shinobukaka | @shirobaka | @shokugekis | @skyholic | @spawn-senpai | @strag | @sugoihime | @surugakanbaru

T - Z:

@tachibana-marika | @that-puckerd-my-butt-hole | @themorganiser | @theoneshotwonder | @thewaifuwhisperer | @tokimune | @tsunglasses | @tygah | @udon-udon | @vanillabell | @vergil03 | @vesperiastar | @xmd | @yachiie | @yonkou | @yuubarii | @zsaber

If I missed anyone do tell me. Hope you all are having a wonderful day and I hope you all keep liking what I do here :D


guess who’s 14th bday is today ‘,: )  yep! it me!  thank u so much to everyone below, u make me so happy and ive had such a fun time with u on my dash.  u make tumblr an amazing experience for me and i couldnt thank u enough!  i guess i could also make this a 2.85k follow forever except my follow count keeps teeter-totering so its kinda unreliable pfff

thanks for an amazing 13 months on this blog so far!

ps; i’d bold mutuals but y’all kno who u r + im rlly lazy.  wat can i say its my bday >u>

Good Buddies™: @elizabcthschuylcr @sapphiccs @hoedamereon @hadessword @bluesharkk @subclass-sakuya @kidsflashes @cyber-faun @miraculous-band-nerd @cyber-faun @dawnisgone @ghcstflower @mercymccree @dorkysetters @virgoravenclaw @softneil @prometheuis @sexualpercy

special thank you to @saberghatz for being my art inspiration and always treating me with such kindness during her streams!  u’r my idol and im so glad to have found u + ur art.  u’r such a welcoming and warm person, i hope we get to talk more in the future c:


@actuallyethereal @acuite @aditivevo @adonisbabe @aestheticallydeadinside @alienpal @apoll-no @andlightupthemoon @annabethisterrified @annimalistic @anxiousreyna @asantii @asexualfrankzhang @aspenthenerd @auspru @aveereeno @bailci @beautysnake @bellimoon @blackjacktheboss @blueandnoah @bluesharkk @bottleofpjo @burntpercy


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@eartheld @ehlihr @elizabcthschuylcr @fabulouthowell @faeneko @faithfullyspooky @faizhang @fallenapollo @falloutpercy @feistiest @feministhowell @fightiingdragons @first-class-cutie @gansey666 @gaydrienagreste @gdvibegod @genderfluidapollo @ghcstflower @ghostystarr @thegirlgangnw @girlskissessquad @glitternoah @glitter-of-death @hadeshousewife @hadessword @haikyuroo @hellazhang @hoedamereon @hoesidon @honeyyouth @hupplpuff @holy-shoot @hyenahijinks @ikimaru @ilovemesomepie00 @jasipereos @jason-gracefully @jawn-watson16 @jeanbf @jen-iii @jsongrace


@k1ance @kagehina @kagehinaass @karasuno @kaurou @kaylaknowles @kidsflashes @klanced @laffayettes @lanceispan @lancesexual @lapislazulis @leovaldcz @lesterstans @levesque @lightningmclean @maggiechsae @marasartstuff @memeufacturing @mercymccree @metaljupiter @minlanuel @miracuious @miraculous-band-nerd @mirelleortega @mytinygayitalianson


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