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Anissa Weier pleads guilty to ‘Slenderman stabbing’

On the 31th of May 2014, Anissa Weier (12) and Morgan Geyser (12) lured their friend and classmate, Payton L. (12), into the forest while playing a game of hide-and-seek. During the game, the two girls pinned Payton down and stabbed her a total of 19 times in the legs, arms, and abdomen with a five-inch-long kitchen knife. Immediately after the stabbing, the two girls told Payton to be quiet and that they would get help for her, but they fled the scene instead. Payton dragged herself out of the forest and was discovered by a bicyclist who called 911. She survived the horrible attack, has made an incredible recovery and was able to return to school in fall of 2014.

The motive for the stabbing was a fictional character named ‘Slenderman’, however Anissa and Morgan believed he was real. The two girls wanted to become his followers and to do so they believed they had to kill someone.