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Weeb Cult

Context: We were running the Lost Mines of Phandelver map (with 5e Homebrew characters), and have encountered the Cult of the Dragon’s hideout. This was also my first time DMing. 

DM(me): You enter, and it becomes clear that these hooded men are definitely up to no good. They wear horned dragon masks, black robes and- oh god. 

Storyteller(ooc): I can see where this is going. 

Me: They’re also wearing leather-made dragon wings…? 

Storyteller(ooc): Called it! 

Dragon Knight: OH GOD, THEY’RE WEEBS! 

Me: *buries face in hands* I wish I was joking but that’s what it says here… 

Druid (ooc): It’s like the design people thought up some really cool designs but all I can imagine now are people in crappy dragon mascot costumes. 

Dragon Knight: Can I join the cult? I have a mini dragon! 

Everyone: No. 

One Campaign later, we decided to run Rise of Tiamet. This was how I decided to propose the module: 

Me: Guys do you remember the weeb cult from our first game? 

Knight(ooc): Yeppers 

Me: (Storyteller) and I found this: (Insert picture of Rise of Tiamet book cover) 

Knight: Oh my god. OH MY GOD 

Storyteller: The weeb cult is stepping up their game. 

Knight: I’M IN! 

Druid: This is absolutely not going to be a serious game, is it. 

Me & Storyteller: We’ve literally never had a serious game, (Knight) spent the next week after we encountered the dragon cult giggling every time we referenced them. 


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mmmm how do you feel about trans peter quill

peter quill realizing he’s trans at young age, but getting the sense from 1980s society that it isn’t okay, and his mom says that he’s special but not everyone will understand it so he should keep it to himself for now

peter quill losing his mom, the only person who really seemed to accept him, and then he’s immediately abducted before he can even really begin grieving what he’s just lost

peter quill being gawked at by yondu’s crew and peter gawking right back bc some of these dudes are BLUE, and for the first few days they just call him “the terran” and peter begins to wonder if they think that’s his name

one day peter is laying on his side sulking, listening to music, and thinking about his mom, and yondu walks up to him and says “c'mon, boy, we made you food so come eat it or i’ll feed you to the crew” and peter can’t really pay attention the the threat on his life bc he stopped listening when yondu called him “boy”

and peter asks yondu if he really thinks that peter is a boy, and yondu just says “well i wasn’t hired to pick up no girl” and that’s it, and for the first time peter feels a bit better about being on the ship


I relistened to everything while getting hyped for the finale and I have a lot of things to say about Lucretia. Lucretia’s character arc is my absolute favorite on this show because she winds up so far from how she started, but everything fits perfectly with the person she already was. I took note of some of my favorite parts of her development, mainly her parallels to Magnus and the way her experiences shape her decisions. Most of all I’m just so fascinated with how she began as a character who simply chronicled events without any agency in them, but her choices wind up becoming the driving force of the entire plot.

Like, at the press conference that the Stolen Century starts with, the chronological beginning of everyone’s story, the moment she introduces herself made me laugh.

I fucking LAUGHED. I realized the reason why I found it strangely funny is because Lucretia has more influence on the plot than any other character. The story is almost entirely driven by her. Lucretia’s decisions are why The Adventure Zone happens and she has her hand on every single plot point in the show. TAZ, from beginning to end, is the story of her failing redemption arc. Her character development as a friend and an antagonist is so complex and slow-burning and so deeply satisfying.

I love Lucretia more than my own life and I would have died if she didn’t get a happy ending with her family. But still, I don’t overlook the wrongs she has done. She didn’t begin as a bad person nor did she end as one, but she has been an antihero in the story. I actually think her character arc is written to directly parallel Magnus as a hero. Their actions mirror each other’s almost constantly. They both gained the voidfish’s trust; Lucretia used it to take away knowledge and Magnus used it to give it back to everyone in Story and Song. Even Magnus’ lessons in strength that Griffin kept flashing back to at the climax directly apply to Lucretia (more on that in a bit). They both want to be protectors and they want to shoulder pain so that their friends don’t have to.

Another thing from Lucretia’s first appearance in the Stolen Century that I like is when she introduces herself as a ghostwriter for other people’s biographies.

It’s a brilliant backstory for Griffin to give her, because it explains perfectly how easily she could erase everyone’s life and write a new story for them. She had been rewriting and editing people’s lives for a living once, without anyone knowing it was her. It’s interesting the way Griffin describes her plan to void their memories exactly like what her previous life’s work had been.

It’s just a wildly good twist on the aspect of her character that kept Lucretia as a passive observer at the beginning of the story! In the Stolen Century, Merle suggested to her that she had leadership qualities and Lucretia laughed it off; she told merle she was happy to sit and watch. This gets turned on its head and she uses that skill against her loved ones and the entire world, now she is making them passive characters in the narrative she is driving.

Lucretia used to rely entirely on others to the point where she didn’t want to take action, or didn’t think she needed to. The turning point for this, obviously, is the year she faced alone. She stopped observing her friends save the world and started participating in it with them.

The motive for her character’s turning point in the Stolen Century mirrors Magnus’ motives. She wants to be a protector, but she doesn’t know how. Like Magnus, she needed to learn to ask for help. But she learned the wrong lesson.

The year when the judges and their officers pursued her, the one that carved her into the person she is now—It taught her that she didn’t need help to protect her friends. She could struggle through it alone, without anyone’s support, and come out of it stronger. Lucretia fixed everyone’s mistake and none of them suffered for it.

And this year explains why she thought erasing her friends’ memories could be redeemable. She carries with her a trauma and a complex that shaped her into believing she has to suffer alone for the good of her friends to save them—She did it once, she could do it again. Lucretia learning to be a protector was a case where no one was there to help her and she had to take on everything by herself, so she thinks she can keep her friends safe by cutting them off. From her, from each other, from their past. She wanted everyone to just wake up and find that everything was okay now because of Lucretia, again.

Contrast it with Magnus, whose only flaw is that he’s totally willing to sacrifice his life for his friends. He doesn’t think his friends are strong enough, so he must be the one to “take the big hit” for them.

I’m pretty sure Lucretia shadows this. Her first priority is preservation, whereas Magnus’ is sacrifice, but they’re both too ambitious and think they can take on more than they should. In her mind taking the big hit = shouldering the knowledge of what they’d done to this word and responsibility of repairing their mistakes on her own. She thought it was allowing everyone to live safely and free of guilt while she went through the hardship of absolving them. I think maybe it’s why Magnus forgives her without thinking. He understands this.

That’s why I referred to TAZ earlier as secretly being the story of her failing redemption arc. She betrayed everyone she loved with certainty that recovering the relics and locking out the hunger would vindicate her in their eyes. And it didn’t work. She didn’t mean to draw her plan out as long as she did, but she was afraid to back out or else she’s just left with the consequences of a horrible thing she did and no end to justify the means.

But she didn’t need to. Like Magnus didn’t think to ask for help because it was just too simple, Lucretia didn’t think she could just ask for forgiveness and it would come.

Let us be just, my friends! What a splendid destiny for a nation to be the Empire of such an Emperor, when that nation is France and when it adds its own genius to the genius of that man! To appear and to reign, to march and to triumph, and to transfigure Europe at the pace of a charge; to make you feel that when you threaten you lay your hand on the hilt of the sword of God; to follow in a single man, Hannibal, Caesar, Charlemagne; to be the people of some one who mingles with your dawns the startling announcement of a battle won! To cause constellations of victories to flash forth at each instant from the zenith of the centuries, to make the French Empire a pendant to the Roman Empire, to be the great nation and to give birth to the grand army, to make its legions fly forth over all the earth, as a mountain sends out its eagles on all sides to conquer, to be in Europe a sort of nation gilded through glory, to conquer the world twice, by conquest and by dazzling, that is sublime; and what greater thing is there?

MBTI as 2017 memes

ENTJ: Covfefe

INTJ: Roll safe

ESTJ: Whomst

ISTJ: He protec but he also attac

ENTP: The floor is ___

INTP: Expanding brain

ESTP: Student athlete

ISTP: Frog in Tom Holland’s mouth

ENFJ: Cracking open a cold one with the boys

INFJ: Russian cat translation

ESFJ: Sometimes things that are expensive are worse

ISFJ: Brother may i have some oats

ENFP: Fireflies

INFP: In case you haven’t noticed, I’m weird

ESFP: Salt bae

ISFP: Wot in tarnation

So, about that new pokémon trailer!

Lots of observations : 

Pokémon following the trainer is back? It seems so? At least this Rockruff is following for sure. I wonder about that ♪ over its head, will this raise pokémons happiness? 

so this looks like a gym to me (Lt.Surge’s gym in R/B/Y with the trashcan puzzle) that girl trainer is even at the same place as one of the trainer in Surge’s gym 

but this : 

looks like a trial place to me? So my guess is we’ll have both gyms and trials ! I have no clue where that place could be though. 

about that building, people seem to think it’s a gym but I don’t think it is? It’s a really … questionable outdoor for a gym… The star on the fence kind of remind me of the pokestar studios or maybe the video studio in X&Y I wonder what it’ll end up being.

If it’s a gym though, I’m not sure what type it’d be aha. 

EDIT : Most probably the building for the photo club [x]

the new map is really similar but I marked all the new things anyway, the only thing that’s really different is the dark vortex thing over Poni Island. It doesn’t look like an ultra wormhole though. 

So that’s interesting! 

the japanese trailer also shows the scene where we’ll pick our starter, it’s not in the same place so I’m guessing the beginning scene with Lilie (the one where we save Nebby!) won’t take place. In the background we can also see a new (?) place it’s also on the new map (number 2 on my ugly map up there)

And the real most important information : 

Kahili !!!!!!!!!!! 

Oh my frickin’ god, you guys. You guys are so unbelievably amazing and I was brought to tears when I saw how many of you had sent me support and advice and everything… Like… SO MANY of you came in and wrote me a chunk of text to try and help.

I am so frickin’ grateful for the lot of you and all the love and support you give little old me.
I think special mention goes to @elsa12tmnt, who wrote me a gigantic note that had me bawling like a small child. Heck, all of you had me crying. I love you guys so much, thank you for all of the support💦

All my trademark sappiness aside, pretty much everyone said I should take a break from my work and collect myself, and take a break I shall!
The Undertale Graphic Novel is going to go on a brief hiatus for at least another week, to give me some time to reconnect with what inspired me for the project in the first place (my strong feelings about Undertale and its themes!), as well as just going and absorbing the goodness of life again.
I’ve kinda not been taking very good care of myself for a while either, so I’m gonna use this break to work on that too.
Part of my thinking and refreshment process is doing what I enjoy the most, which is, in fact, making art!! So I’ll be finishing that palette challenge, maybe opening themed requests from you guys, doodling really stupid stuff… the whole works. A break from my big work means more time for fun!!
It’ll be a good time.

So uhm… thanks, you guys. You all really are the best follower base a silly artist could ask for.

I’ll seeya soon, and stay awesome, you guys.✨



Jack: Hey Ray, how good would you say are the sights on your sniper?

Ray: Depends what you’re looking at, I guess?
Ray: I feel like there’s a story here.

Jack: I’m not saying I’m spying on a date, but, as a matter of fact
Jack: Our next target happens to be on a date while I’m doing recon

Ray: I mean being able to see people is kind of the point
Ray: Are they in a window seat?

Jack: It’s one of those fancy balcony restaurants.
Jack: But the binoculars we use can’t zoom in close enough to make out whether the diamonds she’s wearing are fake.

Ray: Give me the address, I can be there in like 15 minutes

Jack: Yeah sure, gimme a sec. I’m on the rooftop across the restaurant.
Jack: Sent you the GPS coords.

Ray: Aight, see you soon then.
Ray: You need anything else on my way?

Jack: I’ve been watching them eat pasta for hours. Hours, Ray.

Ray: Note to self, bring food and retreat to a safe distance.

Jack: You’re an asshole, Ray.

Ray: I mean, yeah. A little.
Ray: What food do you want?

Jack: Anything but pasta. I’ve seen enough pasta for life, Ray. For life.

Ray: You must be traumatized.
Ray: Chinese sound good?

Jack: Mei Fun and General Tso’s? And some Wontons.

Ray: Got it.

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Hey there! So I'm trying to start a d&d campaign for Lost Mine of Phandelver and rather than printing off the maps and things (cause I'm cheap) I was wondering if you knew of a way to display maps on a screen in such a way that the characters and enemies could be moved around easily? Thanks a bunch! (Also the Andy art tore at my soul a little bit 😭)

If you are playing with people in person, I’ve seen people use flat-screen monitors to display grids and you can then move pieces on it!

If you are playing online, obviously Roll20 provides a way to move tokens and etc, I use photoshop with my players because between internet funkiness and me having to learn a new program it’s just easier.

(example map with the lettered tokens being my players, the yello unline spot is a spiritual weapon, the yellow lined token is an NPC and the eyeball circles are Occulo swarms)

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Hey Jerm I don't know if you've been asked this before, but are the tides connected to your emotions? Or do you just have them flow as you see fit?

Jeremy: Well, I can affect the tides, but I can’t really control it.

Jeremy: Whenever I go down to Earth to visit Jake or walk on some beach with Michael, or, heck, walk by any body of water, I kinda…pull it towards me. It’s an unconscious ‘ability’ of mine, and I can’t shut it off. But the pull does vary in strength sometimes, but I can never figure out why. So…sort of?