I like who I am when Im with you

And yeah when I started to draw these two my computer told me it was automatically restarting in 15 minutes so here’s the fastest draw I could muster

I think once Teen Wolf ends they should do a one hour or so special with the cast, and just have that as a last goodbye to the fans. I reckon that would be really sweet and I for one would love to see Tyler Poesy, Dylan O Brien, Holland Roden, Crystal Reed, Tyler Hoechlin, Daniel Sharman, Arden Cho, Dylan Sprayberry, Ian Bohen, JR Bourne etc, all reunite as one big massive cast. Or maybe add something like that in the special features for the season 6 DVD.

So I a while ago I was talking to @dana-in-wonderland about editing random Mike screencaps for fic/imagine/headcanon writers to use since everyone is using the same stuff. You all deserve (and need) some new Mike images to work with. 

Tbh I was just looking for an excuse to edit some Mike and I couldn’t decide exactly what I wanted to edit first.

Not sure how many are below the cut. I started at 80 and took off as I went through. I tried making a separate page on my blog for them but it was highly frustrating. They don’t have to be used fics; you can make icons out of them too. 

Also if anyone has any Mike requests let me know.

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Thanx for cutting LV in that pic lol

Oh, anon, no. Fucking, no. Don’t even go there. (did you even look at my tags???)

Sigh. I guess I should make a few things clear about where I stand with their romantic partners and such because I keep receiving bullshit like this. (unless you were being sarcastic, in which case it still needs to be said). 

1) This is a Jonny and Patrick blog. And on rare occasions, a Other Hawks one.

I’m an anal kind of person when it comes to themed sideblogs. I try to stay on topic as much as possible. There aren’t that many random posts on here, everything is about Jonny and Patrick: pics, quotes, vids, fanfiction, etc. The only times it deviates a little is when I make gifs and such of other Hawks (and only mine, I don’t reblog them from others unless they have Jonny and Patrick in them).

2) I don’t care about their personal lives.

Let me make this very, VERY clear: I. Do. Not. Hate. Their. Girlfriends. I don’t think their relationships are shams. I don’t think they’re fake girlfriends. I don’t think LV’s in it for the money, or that she changed herself just so she could bag the Captain of the Blackhawks, or whatever else bullshit is said about Jonny and Pat’s RL relationships and partners. I think they’re cute. I wish them all the happiness in the world. BUT. I don’t care. I don’t get why other people care (if you do, then that’s cool, you do you). To me? It is UTTERLY boring and furthermore, totally irrelevant to my fannish interests. I’m in it for the hockey (neither LV nor Amanda play hockey) and I’m in it for Jonny and Patrick and the RPF (in which both their RL relationships are of no importance since it’s fiction). I don’t feel like my ship is threatened by the mere existence of RL romance with these–perfectly nice I’m sure–women. I’m not sitting here wishing Pat and Jonny are in a secret relationship or whatever, or being sad they aren’t and that they’re in love with their respective girlfriends. In fact, I’d drop the ship like the hottest potato in the world if it came about they were together in RL. Pat and Jonny look happy with them and I’m happy FOR them as well. And for these women, too! But that’s basically where my interest starts and stops. I want them to be happy.

I’m not here for any bashing of these women, especially not the really sexist ones I’ve seen around. It’s bullshit.

3) It sort of crosses my RPF lines on occasion

Look. We all have seemingly random lines we draw when it comes to RPF because RPF deals with RL people with lives that are their own. There’s no control over that. Their lives aren’t a work of fiction that can be prodded and dissected and shaped by a creator somewhere. Since my fannish enjoyment deals with creating fictional romance between two dudes, one of my own personal lines so I can be more at ease/comfortable with it is to keep a distance from their RL relationships. To me, it feels invasive and wrong to touch these RL relationships because I spend a lot of time thinking about situations where I’ve basically destroyed those feelings and given them new ones for other people. I spend A LOT of time thinking about them being in love with other people (i.e. each other.) This is why I never include RL girlfriends in my fics as well–if I need Jonny or Pat to have girlfriends in my stories, I make up new fictional ones. Of course, a picture Jonny posted on his instagram has nothing to do with fics and such (and if you’d look at my tags you’d see that I said to click the link to see the full pic with LV and that the caption was cute, which I still maintain. It’s a beautiful, adorable pic), but I draw lines when it comes to RPF and this is one of them. (Plus, I’ve posted pics of Jonny with LV on this blog before, so it’s not like I’m completely averse to them, jesus.)

tl;dr: I don’t hate their girlfriends–LV and Amanda look lovely and I wish them all the happiness in the world–but I’m zero interested in them. The personal lives of celebs, even ones I love, BORE me, and, in this case, are completely irrelevant to my fannish hobby. 

Also, come on dude, the pic is public on instagram, it’s not like everyone can’t see it in full and there’s a link to it on my post. Focusing on Jonny’s yummy bod isn’t somehow a statement about his girlfriend and relationship. Don’t be a jerk.


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ok so im feeling a little stupid but could you explain what a neutrino is

noo don’t worry! 

Okay so this is a table of the particles of the standard model– basically the elementary particles that make up everything according to the Standard Model:

You’ve your fermions (matter particles, obeys the Pauli exclusion principle) in green and purple and your bosons (particles which carry a force, does not obey the Pauli exclusion principle) in red and yellow (the Higgs boson is a scalar boson btw)

Fermions are divided into quarks and leptons. The difference between quarks and leptons is that quarks feel the strong nuclear force (the force that holds protons and neutrons together in an atom, and quarks together in general), while leptons don’t. A neutrino falls into the category of leptons, so neutrinos don’t interact via the strong nuclear force. They also have no charge, so don’t interact electromagnetically either (ie. you can’t trap them with magnets). Really the only way to detect them is if they hit something, then you detect that the something they hit is moving. It happens really really rarely, but neutrinos are also very very common so it happens

So what do neutrinos do? They interact via the weak nuclear force (the force responsible for radioactive decay). In both beta-decays, either a neutrino or an anti-neutrino is produced to conserve lepton number, as well as carry off momentum. In fact the neutrino was first predicted because while studying beta decay, Pauli noticed that the energy and momentum before and after the decay was different, and since both are conserved then something must be carrying the missing energy and momentum, and later experimental evidence confirmed it. 

There’s also three ‘flavours’– like I’ve mentioned neutrinos change between the three flavours as they travel through space. Beta decay and the sun usually just produced electron neutrinos. 

Basically– neutrinos are an elementary particle that plays a large role in radioactive decay that usually doesn’t interact with matter

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“Mama!Hawk/Ed werewolf Au?”

*laces fingers together * no..go on 0w0

-goes on about AU because I have thought too much about it and hope that by typing out the ideas I will chill a little about it and leave it alone-

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ive identified as grey-ace for at least like? over a year and a half now? and i still use pansexual/bisexual so i dont have to give long ass talks abt my weird ass attraction levels but ever since mogai/cishet ace tumblr has started their Overt lgbt-phobias (meaning i finally noticed it) I have launched that (once helpful) label into the sun. it sucks how "heres some basic labels if you dont experience some/all attraction" turned into "why wont those gross gays let us in the fuckin club"

i love when they complain about someone calling them cishet (usually due to their blatant homophobia etc…. like. you would assume someone like that would be cishet lmao) only to call our side the ~evil cis LGs~ thus effectively erasing the trans/nb and bi people who dont agree with them