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hey!! do you happen to have a download link for invincible iron man 6?

this is the website i’m using instead of torrents! i’m actually going to hold off on doing it every month and just update all in one go (so i’ll 6-10 when they’re all out, although i WILL be posting links to international iron man #1 just because that’s a first issue of a new run).

Zodiac Signs x Cognitive Functions
  • Aries:Se - fiery and fast-paced
  • Taurus:Si - steady and cautious
  • Gemini:Ne - upbeat and verbose
  • Cancer:Fe, Si - caring and dutiful
  • Leo:Te - dominant and sovereign
  • Virgo:Si - detail-oriented and critical
  • Libra:Fe - charming and loving
  • Scorpio:Ni, Ti - enigmatic and penetrating
  • Sagittarius:Ti - philosophical and curious
  • Capricorn:Te - organized and ambitious
  • Aquarius:Ne - eccentric and inventive
  • Pisces:Fi - creative and sensitive

i’m getting really tired of people on here making fun of “straight couples” and “het romances” like has anyone actually thought that is not cool? not just fictional ships but posts about irl people too. because sometimes queer people can in fact be in “het relationships”?? or is it that a “het” ship is ok as long as one or both people involved are bi/pan/etc?
Encores! Off-Center Sets Season, With Jeanine Tesori in Charge One Last Time
The program will feature a musical adaptation of a Kurt Vonnegut novel alongside the previously announced “Runaways.”
By Michael Paulson

Jeanine Tesori, the Tony-winning composer of “Fun Home,” has decided that this summer is to be her last overseeing the Encores! Off-Center program at City Center.

Ms. Tesori is the first artistic director of the program, which presents rarely revived Off Broadway musicals. The program is a companion to the better-known Encores! series, which offers semi-staged concert performances of rarely revived Broadway shows.

For her fourth and final summer, Ms. Tesori will present two shows from the late 1970s, “Kurt Vonnegut’s God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater,” as well as the previously announced “Runaways.”

“Kurt Vonnegut’s God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater,” from 1979, is about a hard-drinking millionaire with philanthropic impulses. The show was written by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken, who later collaborated on “Little Shop of Horrors.” The City Center production, from July 27 through July 30, will star Santino Fontana (“Cinderella”) and Skylar Astin (“Pitch Perfect”) and will be directed by Michael Mayer (“American Idiot”).

“Runaways,” a 1978 show about troubled teenagers, is somewhat better known because it had a Broadway run; the show was written by Elizabeth Swados, who died last month. The City Center production, from July 6 through July 9, will be directed by Sam Pinkleton and will feature local students in the cast.

The Encores! Off-Center summer will also include a July 16 concert featuring Sutton Foster, Jonathan Groff and others, accompanied by Ms. Tesori on piano.

City Center will name a new artistic director for the Encores! Off-Center program, and Ms. Tesori will continue to produce events there on a freelance basis, according to a spokesman, Joe Guttridge.

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Instead of what happened in s8 episode 1 and 2, Kate gets kidnaped by someone one who was with her in the academy and it's jealous or envious about her success. Or kidnapped by a serial killer who's obsess with her. Whatever situation happens(or it's chooses)Castle finds her bracelet covered with her blood.


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So I was really gearing up for a few months of saltiness and constantly gritting my teeth while Ben’s run in phantom was happening, getting ready to have my enthusiasm dampened by all the phantom #drama but I somehow never imagined the whole thing would solve itself with people being super nice and mature and cool about it and acting like adults and ending the drama and making up w each other like
What a turn up for the books
This may be a first in fandom wank history lmao

“Styles is said to feel no affinity toward other band members anymore”

“indeed, their relationship has been so strained during the course of the last year that 1D insiders were expecting a blowup of epic proportions during the group’s last tour”

“The situation became so dire, according to our sources, that the band members were no longer talking to each other, with fist flights nearly breaking out at several points”

“Styles’ apparent disgust with the other members leads many to believe that Azoff will only be representing Harry for the time being.”

…. anyways….