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the united states of america only views 18 year olds as adults when it’s convenient for them, 

like signing them up for the military, or stripping them of benefits, in anything else, nah they don’t view 18 year olds as adults lets be real fucking honest with that one.

no one seen as an adult needs to use their parents tax information to file for aid, you clearly aren’t viewed as an adult in that case and to pretend they are is a fucking joke.

Now that our character list has been filled we’re opening up submissions for mascot art! These mascots will be used for both the Heroes Poster and our lovely fanbook. This is open to everyone, so feel free to grab a friend and join in!

  • What to draw: moogles, chocobos, and cactuars!
  • Size: Minimum 400px x 400px, draw as large as you’d like.
  • Format: CMYK 300ppi/dpi recommended. PSD, JPEG, PNG
  • Requirement: No background, make it transparent (or a clean scan on solid white paper for traditional artists)
  • Pose for poster: Flying, floating, falling, jumping, any action in the air works! They are allowed to hold small objects such as books, potions, plushies, other mascots, etc. Dress them up! Get creative!
  • Pose for fanbook: Any, objects/costumes are allowed.
  • Limit: Send in as many as you’d like!
  • Submit to: as you complete them.
    - Title email: MASCOT ART (your username on [insert social media]) 

Deadline to make it on the poster: December 9th*
Deadline to make it on the fanbook: February 4th

*not every mascot submitted will be able to fit on the poster, but will be used in the fanbook.

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How do you learn korean? I really need some help. 😔

well for me I’ve been studying on and off on this rly rly rly helpful website ( and they’re VERY articulate and there’s even voice recordings of sayings and phrases and words and it’s very helpful esp for beginners like yours truly :’))))

also I’d say just study often and don’t keep putting it off (like me lmao) bc you’re really gonna struggle more than you need ;;;;

yall cuties have any other methods to suggest learning the language easier????

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Are you a fan of gintama? I get the feeling from your writing that some of the comedy is very similar to that of gintama

i am indeed a fan of gintama!! it’s gotten me through a lot of dark times and i have an endless appreciation for its humor, which has never failed to make me laugh – if not because of the genuinely clever irony, because of the sheer absurdity and the near-lethal amounts of second-hand embarrassment it inspires. i could never write a gintama-esque comedy though. i would get way too embarrassed, i can barely stomach just watching the best/worst episodes, trying to write something along those lines would probably kill me instantly


resting BELOW.….are lovely..LOVELY….shield christmas icons bc tbh…who doesnt wanna see dean in a santa hat …but photoshopped…but its the thought that counts…

ANYWAYS….like/reblog if you use pls!!! no need for credit but it woooould be nice! have a nice/safe week and happy holidays!! look forward to more icons!


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