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ok but consider - tall Terezi, small Vriska.

(I like to imagine Vriska’s one of those kids who grew quickly and was the tallest in their grade/middle school classes but then high school hits and everyone shoots up past them. Terezi was a slower grower but overtook Vriska over the course of meteorstuck.)

ths isnt a psa but im sure its gonna be full of Buzzwords? anyway ive been thnkin about this lately as an “artist” “of” “color” but recalling the genuine difficulty i experienced a few years back trying to accurately depict nonwhite individuals..ethnic features.. has been an absolute process of unpacking a lot of self hatred ive internalized as an e asian growing up in a white community/in a household where white beauty standards were enforced violently

like the best advice i really have for any young artist who is struggling the same way is to go out of your way to surround yrself with positive influences. maybe it comes across as a Tryhard action but for me, as a 14, 15 yr old who hated herself..i cannot express how cathartic it was following body positivity blogs, following the monthly asian face appreciation day tag, etc. normalizing those faces and stories brought an unimaginable comfort and while i obv continue to experience a lot of issues w my body, i can genuinely share that (as fucked up as this may sound) i find faces like mine more attractive and Normal. Acceptable? i really cant come up w words to properly describe it but ethnic features exist in my realm of consciousness now as a positive force

and bringing ths back 2 the note of the drawing process, ofc all ppl learn differently but when i started to try to work on my own racialized self image issues i can genuinely tell u tht jus looking at asian selfies helped me draw monolids better. lik no tutorial needed it jus came 2 me naturally. anyway im hungry and theres leftovr cake in my kitchen

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Can you post the rules to get posted on here?

The actual rules page includes screenshots to help explain, but I will copy and paste the text:

Rule 1. Tags

  • ONLY select tags that apply to you. Do not select multiple ages or multiple locations. I try very hard to make this site easy to use and free of spam.
  • Do NOT select both “15andUnder" and “16to17" (or combination of multiple age group tags)
  • Choose YOUR current age. This MUST be stated or selected as a tag. I need to know your age group even if you think it is obvious.
  • If you say you are a certain age but select a different tag, I will delete your submission because your age is not clear.

  • Only select the “USNorthEast” “USSouthEast” etc tags if you live in South East USA - it says US south east for a reason!!
  • The ONLY exceptions are the states Texas, New York, California, Florida and Illinois, which can be selected in addition with the appropriate corresponding tag (USSouthWest, USPacificNorthWest, USMidWest or USNorthEast) and the Ontario tag which can be selected only in addition with Canada.
  • Do NOT select UK and EuropeMainland 

Rule 2. Nudity
GLFG no longer accepts nude, partial nudes or suggestion of nudity.

Rule 3. You must state your age
You may have noticed that I include a disclaimer for all submissions of people under 15. This is to promote a safe blog. It doesn’t matter if you think your age is obvious, you must let me know whether or not I need to put the disclaimer on your submission. It is okay to simply select the appropriate age group tag.

Rule 4. Do NOT submit on behalf of someone else.
Even if it is a friend who is okay with it. If they want to do it, they can. I get too many requests from people asking for their post to be deleted because it was submitted by a friend.

Rule 5.
When you submit a picture, click submit and WAIT. It usually takes a few seconds for this message to appear: (It says the submission has been received and is awaiting moderator approval)
Every time you click ‘submit’ I get another picture. So please resist the urge to keep clicking it. I’m no longer going to post submissions if I receive multiple copies of the same picture all at once. I’ve received 34 of the same submission all at once. If I get 5 or more copies, then it is clear that you have ignore this rule and I will NOT submit your post.

I do not make changes to submissions. If you want to resubmit, feel free, but please wait awhile before doing so, otherwise I will delete your additional posts.

One Piece

  1. Portgas D. Ace
  2. Nico Robin
  3. Portgas D. Rouge
  4. Roronoa Zoro
  5. Brook
  6. Chopper
  7. Laboon
  8. Sanji
  9. Vivi
  10. Carue


  1. Bokuto Koutarou
  2. Kuroo Tetsurou
  3. Nishinoya Yuu
  4. Hinata Shouyo
  5. Iwaizumi Hajime
  6. Kiyoko Shimizu
  7. Sugawara Koushi
  8. Sawamura Daichi
  9. Haiba Lev
  10. Aone Takanobu

Fairy Tail

  1. Sting Eucliffe
  2. Lyon Vastia
  3. Gray Fullbuster
  4. Lucy Heartfilia
  5. Erza Scarlet
  6. Natsu Dragneel
  7. Mirajane Strauss
  8. Jellal Fernandes
  9. Ultear Milkovich
  10. Gajeel Redfox


  • Orihime Inoue
  • Kisuke Urahara
  • Yoruichi Shihoin
  • Hitsugaya Toushiro
  • Kuchiki Rukia
  • Kyoraku Shunsui
  • Ukitake Jushiro
  • Shiba Kukaku
  • Yasutora ‘ Chad’ Sado

Game of Thrones

  • Daenerys Targaryen
  • Nymeria Sand
  • Rhaenys Targaryen
  • Arya Stark
  • (all the dire wolves) yes I’m doing this idc
  • Tyrion Lannister
  • Jon Snow
  • Missandei
  • Jorah Mormont

Star Wars

  • Padmé Amidala
  • Obi wan Kenobi
  • leia Organa
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Finn
  • Anakin Skywalker
  • Ray
  • Chewbacca
Have some personal shit

RULES: tell us one favorite character from ten fictional works ( shows, films, novels, etc. ) & tag ten people

<b> 1. House MD </b>
-Dr. Chase

<b> 2. Supernatural</b>

<b> 3. Friends</b>

<b> 4. Shameless</b>

<b> 5. Criminal Minds</b>
-Dr. Spencer Reid

<b> 6. Harry Potter</b>
-Draco Malfoy

<b> 7. MCU</b>
-Bucky Barnes

<b> 8. Hannibal</b>
-Will Graham

<b> 9. Queer as Folk</b>
-Ben Bruckner

<b> 10. The Breakfast Club </b>
-John Bender

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RULES: Tell who is your favorite character from 10 fictional works (Shows, Movies, Novels, Etc.) & tag 10 people!

tagged by @jadisjavaisuncoeur (thanks dear ! :) )

Alright that’s not gonna be easy…

1) Aragorn (the lord of the rings)

2) Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars)

3) Deadpool (Marvel)

4) Furiosa (Mad Max : fury road)

5) James Flint (Black Sails)

6) Mulan (Disney)

7) Sirius Black (Harry Potter)

8) Augustus Hill (Oz)

9) Brienne of Tarth (game of thrones)

10) Ray Holt (Brooklyn nine nine)

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when I was 17 the first girl I’d ever loved told me if her parents found out about how I looked at her she’d be homeless. 
we cried for 2 days straight, 
and I told about concrete counter tops.
I told her about dark hardwood floors
with at least three knit blankets on every couch.
Our bedroom facing west 
because even though I love the sunrise, 
you look the best in our bed 
covered in nothing 
but the deep purple of sunset.
The library that would smell like our books 
had been there longer than our home had been standing on solid foundation, stone, reliable.
Sweet girl, I know they say not to make homes out of people 
but I don’t want anyone else’s dirty dishes on my counter.
I don’t want to take the trash out for anyone else at 11pm.
You’re the only person I’d race to kill a spider for in the shower.
How could you ever be without a home 
when every time I look at you I’m building ours.
—  anonymous

and when the lights start flashing like a photobooth
and the stars exploding
we’ll be fireproof

—troye sivan “youth” / © hoshi majoo

i smile
but i don’t look at her
while she informs me of
the latest date her and her boyfriend went on.
“that’s nice.” i whisper. “that’s nice.” i say more to myself.

“i really want you to meet him.”

my blood boils. she really wants me to meet him. the man that get’s to touch her in the places that used to be mine. the man who doesn’t understand that he gets to wake up to the sight of a million stars everyday. “that’s okay, i don’t need too.” my lips tremble and i start to fiddle with my fingers.

“what’s wrong? is it something i said?” she says blindly, then reaches out to grab my shaky hands.

“no.” she could throw a thousand insults at me and i’d still remain calm. she could spit on my grave and my soul would still be at peace. but the thought of her with somebody else is one that cause volcanoes to erupt in the pit of my stomach, fires to start within the balls of my fists and tsunami’s to form in the back of my eyes. “i’d love to.” we all know i wouldn’t. but that’s the closest i’ll ever be to saying ‘i love you’ to her, so i squeeze her hand in mine and let it go, picking up my phone to divert the attention from me. i miss her. i want her. but god, i need her.

—  k.f