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Imagine Beyond the Plot-Chapter 02: Eighteen (Pilot part 1)

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Imagine Beyond the Plot

Character(s): Sam, Dean, Sis!Reader (First person), John, Bobby, Pastor Jim, and more added later on…
Synopsis: Supernatural told through the eyes of the youngest Winchester sibling- Y/N Winchester, the sister of Sam and Dean. Caution: Involves mentions of death, romance, partying, mental illness, and etc…

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Chapter 02: Eighteen (Pilot part 1)

Four years have passed…

Sam left for school in California. He got accepted into Stanford’s law program with high honors so he went away. Just like that.

I was fourteen when he was gone. It was this whole chaotic circumstance involving Dad’s drunken rage and Sam’s tears though I never really knew how the fight started or ended but Sam left and that was that.

They kept me out of the fight as a whole especially Dean.

After Sam left, Dean and I got closer. Instead of typical discussions about hunting, our conversations involved more of our life experiences like me growing up with two parents and him as a hunter.

It was the last week of October and Dad’s been on a hunting trip but he hasn’t been home a few days.

“So you’re just gonna break in.” I scold my oldest brother as he screwed the lock on the Californian apartment.

Dean smirked at me before he managed to break into the place. It was warm indoors. Comfortable compared to the chill of the west coast air.

The darkness was not apparent as it was outside while Dean and I snuck around Sam’s apartment. A loud thud was heard and a figure stormed out toward Dean.

Dean fought against the person with a series of grunts and punches as I looked for the light switch.

“Whoa easy there tiger”

“Dean?” Dean snorted a laugh at Sam’s surprised expression. It had definitely been awhile since they last saw each other.

“You scared the crap out of me!” Sam shook his head in annoyance. Dean smirked as they stood facing each other: “That’s ‘cause you’re out of practice.” Before Sam pinned Dean down: “Or not.”

I laughed at them as Sam glanced at me with a smile while Dean rolled his eyes: 

“Get off of me.” Both of them stood up and smirked at each other before Sam asked why we were here?

“Well, we are here becaus-” I was cut off because Dean laughed out: “Looking for a beer.” which obviously caused Sam and I to roll our eyes while we share a glance.

“Sam?” A voice was heard.

My two brothers were reunited as I watched and another figure turned the light on. It was a girl. She had wavy blonde and light eyes.

She called out into the room and Sam walked over to her. “Dad’s on a hunting trip and he hasn’t been home a few days.” Dean explained in front of the couple.

“And we need to go…” I added.

“Sis?” Sam smiled as he walked over to me. I looked over at the older brother that I admired and he pulled me into his embrace.

“Brother” I stated hugging him back while the girl and Dean smiled at us.

As I followed both Sam and Dean out so we can talk about this.

“I swore I was done hunting for good.” Sam explained. I watched carefully making sure this does not become a grudge match between my two favorite brothers.

“ Come on, it wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t that bad.” Dean replied as I nodded in agreement. Sure…John Winchester wasn’t father of the year but he did try. I mean he could’ve dropped me
off at some home.

Sam snorted: “Yeah? When I told Dad I was scared of the thing in my closet, he gave me a .45.” At this point I knew an argument would be upon us soon so I went back inside.

“Hi, I am Jessica.” The girl walked up to me. I smiled back at her. She seemed nice.

“(Y/N). I’m Sam’s little sister.” I explained; holding my hand out for a handshake and she engulfed me in a hug.

“I’m sorry but it’s so nice to meet someone from Sam’s family. He’s very secretive about you guys.” Jessica explained; pulling away.

This girl was beautiful. It was obvious to see what Sam saw in her. Sam had a type in women that I noted over the years: kind eyes and gentle smile.

Five minutes spent talking to her…I could tell  she’s perfect for him. Unlike some other girls.

Sam deserved to be happy and if that’s her then I’ll be glad.

My brothers were attractive men and anyone with eyes can see that. It was also something that Dean used to his advantage as a stress relief usually at a local bar.

Sam was more focused on school work but he did go out a few times but that changed after Dad’s argument.

Sam Winchester was my best friend but after he left, I became good friends with a girl named Ava.

Ava Malachi, the granddaughter of Raichand Malachi. Raichand Malachi was a former marine turned hunter. Raichand’s wife was part of this old group. At least that’s what Ava told me.

They were called something with Letters that dabbled in the supernatural. 

Ava and I became close friends and we were practically sisters. Ava was a natural born hunter. She was skilled in martial arts and sharpshooting which impressed dad and Dean.

Sam was obviously indifferent to that since he was more into books.

Av, as I call her, was the one of the best hunters and she was a sweetheart with dark curly hair and circular glasses. Always dressed in a flannel and holding a blade. 

According to the grown ups: Dad and Mr. Malachi- Ava, Dean, Sam, and I are naturals when it came to hunting.
We trained from dusk to dawn though Sam did not like that very much.

It was our life…

Our life except Ava’s older sister.

Samantha Malachi…

Toothy smile with braces, large framed black glasses, messy hair with always a book in her hand.  Kind of sarcastic and quiet but all around drama queen especially whenever she got tired or did not want to hunt which was always.  It pissed Raichand off to no end.

Samantha would rather have a normal life so you could say she was annoyed by  her grandparents who adopted her and Ava when they were kids.

In a better term…

No one could stand her so Dean or Raichand made her research as a way for her to stay out of the way.

 And the real kicker is that she has a crush on Sammy. 

I rather Sam date a Monster than Samantha because the monster would be more nice than her.

Imagine Jessica and Samantha meeting each other…I’d root for Jessica any day.

Speaking with Jessica, I could see us growing together as sisters and that I was okay with.

It’s just that Sam was the first person who ever took the time to get to know me after I tagged along and he’s my big brother. He needs someone to love and respect him.

Last I have heard from Ava was that Samantha will be transferring full time to a local school in California.

Ava is a little sweetheart who puts up with Samantha and Raichand’s crap way too much.

Right now…

My brothers and I were at the local bridge in Jericho after my long ass nap I took on the way here. Dean had dragged us from our last right before my bedtime so I was drowsy and grouchy.

“Let’s go!” Dean signaled us to follow him while Sam gave him that irritated expression. 

Time to work on this case…

I walked off ahead with my homemade EMF detector following the rail line until I heard Dean’s voice.

“Well, that is exactly the kind of crack police work I’d expect out of you guys.” Dean sassed the police crew on the bridge. It was hilarious but I guess. Sammy didn’t think so. Sam stomped on his foot as I walked back to them; standing next to Sam.

My favorite brother rolled his eyes at us before stating:  “Thank you for your time.” and he starts to walk away.

“Gentlemen.” While Dean and I follow down the path. As usual, Dean smacks Sam on the head which caused Sam to question: “Ow! What was that for?” And Dean to ask: “Why’d you have to step on my foot?”

“Why do you have to talk to the police like that?” Causing Dean and I to share an annoyed expression…
Dean snorted: “Come on. They don’t really know what’s going on. We’re all alone on this.” While Sam had a deer in the headlights expression.

“Can I help you three?” Another masculine voice entered the conversation. And then I noticed the Sheriff with two agents. “No, sir, we were just leaving.” Dean nodded.

As we walked off; it was obvious that the Sheriff was watching us go. I hope it does not cause us problems in the near future of this hunt.

After Dean sassing the police of Jericho which was a smart move that I might add. I meant that in a sarcastic way.

My oldest brother had a way with words that either excited or ticked people off. Currently, we were strolling the town plaza when we found the missing boy’s girlfriend.

To be honest; I was not playing attention. It was obvious that this was some ghost tale so I messed around with my phone; searching for messages from Ava. I’d missed her.

Currently…Ava and her grandfather had a hunt in Seattle: a werewolf pack.

“Well, they disappear forever.” One of the girls explained as we all sat together in the booth which caused me to a pause a  bit.

“Disappear forever?” I questioned as the two girls nodded.

“Is it okay if I can help you two put up posters?” I asked politely as Amy smiled. “Sure.”
I stayed with the two girls while my brothers went to the library.

Jericho, California.

It was a small town near Modesto. Not that many people and currently warm for this late October afternoon.

“So do you want me to tape these on the pole?” I asked as I walked around the sidewalk poles. Amy smiled: “yeah”.

I had about five posters up and on the lamp poles. “Those guys are your?” Rachel, the other girl asked.

“Brothers. They’re my older brothers.” I snorted, walking along with them.

“Oh. That’s what we thought but I did not want to assume something..” Amy sniggered as I stared at them in shock.

“You thought they were my…NO! They’re my annoying older brothers who think they’re all that.” I laughed.

“Oh well then…Can you give the green eyed one my number?” Rachel quipped with a smirk as if she was cluing us in on what she thought of my brothers. Gross.

Of course. I rolled my eyes as soon as those words left her mouth. I was used to the attention my brothers; especially Dean, would get from women.

Hell, some girls even went as far as friending me for their attention. It never worked as I am terrible at keeping and making friends. Plus…It was obvious.

My only friend is Ava to be honest. I mean she gets the moving around and its nice to talk to someone about hunts and stuff.

A beep came from my pager: 911.

The boys must have found something. I pulled out my phone and it was a message from Dean.

To: Small Fry

From: Big Brother

SMS: We’ll pick you up from the diner…Time to go to the bridge.

“Hey? Listen. Thank you for letting my help and I’ll put in a good word for my brother.” I nodded at the two girls before heading over to the diner.

Few moments later…

When the boys finished their research on the disappearance of these men that followed the tale of the Woman in White or in this town’s case: Constance Welsh; they briefed me on the basics. 

“So it was a suicide?” I asked to which Sam nodded. “Can this follow the tale of the Woman in White.” I asked again as I read the article. 

“Who knows? I mean if dad was here; he would’ve been able to help us.” Dean stated which caused Sam to roll his eyes.

It was dark out as we got out of the car.

Sam, Dean, and I were at the bridge though I walked much ahead of them. It was time for them to talk and have closure.

“Now we keep digging until we find him.” Dean stated curious much like the rest of us. This conversation would become a argument if Dad was here.

I never understood Sam’s annoyance with Dad. I mean Dad is doing this to protect us aside from Mary’s death.

Usually, I would ignore discussions about Mary Winchester altogether. Considering the fact that she’s not my mother.  Following the trail on the bridge a little farther than the boys.

“Who is that?” Sam started questioning Dean as usual. Even for a short time that I lived with them. I figured Sam out. Sam wanted normality. He preferred predictability. Don’t get me wrong I too miss normality but the stuff I learned and seen. It’s safe to know what’s out there.

“One of us”

“No I’m not like you. This is not going to be my life.” Despite being a little further down the path, I had to roll my eyes at this statement.

“You have a responsibility to—“

I could still hear their conversation and to be honest, I’d stay out of it. It’s none of my business.

“Hey guys?” I called out as I paused; seeing Constance at the ledge.


AN: I have been working on this chapter for at least 2 weeks by writing, watching/taking notes, and editing so I hope I did well on this. 

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hi! I read a little bit about the self-promotion of your fics and now I see all these old posts of you and how far you've come in terms of followers and I'm just wondering how you did that? I'm always really shocked to see people having thousands of followers :P doesn't it get really crowdy in the activity feed? have a nice day!

Well as far as the activity feed is concerned,  yes … it gets very crowded and as much as I try to keep up with it,  I still miss a lot of tags and comments. I wish Tumblr would have a way of separating your feed,  like: in order of mutuals, stuff you’re tagged in,  etc. That would make life so much easier, but c'est la vie!

Anyway– I got a lot of followers mainly by being very active on here as well as very consistent.  I am always updating my blog,  I’m always creating content, and I’m always ensuring that that content gets seen because I tag it properly and reblog it often so that all my followers will eventually see it.  But it’s not just about content – it’s also about branding myself.  I have never changed my username so if someone follows “castiel-left-his-mark-on-me”, then they’ll ALWAYS be following castiel-left-his-mark-on-me. I don’t confuse them by suddenly calling myself something else. My icon stays generally the same too, and any connected accounts such as my Ao3, are all listed as some version of my Tumblr username.  That way,  no matter what I’m posting or where,  people know that it’s me and can have my name stick in their heads.

And on top of all that,  I link everything.  My fics link back to my blog,  my blog links back to my fics,  my posts link to the specific things I’m referencing and therefore,  people can always find me. So with all of that effort,  when people reblog my stuff and spread around these links and content, they’re also spreading my brand. My posts end up everywhere.  I’ll see them on Twitter,  Pinterest, Facebook, you name it! So with all that exposure,  I tend to have a steady stream of people following me every single day.  

It is a lot of work and I get why some people just don’t see the point,  but I enjoy it,  so I’m going to keep it up. 

Thanks for the ask, my dear!


Microreviews: TBR Tag

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Pick a book that you own but haven’t read yet:

Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children

How did you come by it? Given by a friend? Bought from a recommendation? Compelled by the cover?

I was actually involved in a book swap and it happened to be one of the books I received, but I had seen it floating round tumblr a few years ago and liked the look of it as well as the recent hype because of the film (which I am told is not worth seeing if you liked the book… thoughts?)

Quote the first sentence(s):

“I had just come to accept that my life would be ordinary when extraordinary things began to happen.”

I kinda love this (I’m trusting the internet that this is correct since I am at work and don’t have access to it…)

Realistically, will you ever read it?

Yes! It is on my summer commute book list, I am currently reading the Shades of Magic trilogy which were on my tbr for so so long so there is hope for he future!

I tag anyone who sees this since I am on mobile and am terrible at remembering urls….

Be More Chill Themed Asks!
  • Jeremy: Are you in love with somebody?
  • Christine: If you could be any mythical creature which would you want to be?
  • Michael: Are you comfortable in your own skin?
  • Jenna: Are you more of a talker or a listener?
  • Chloe: Do you get jealous easily?
  • Brooke: Who are your best friends?
  • Rich: What's your sexuality?
  • Jake: Are you a theater kid, a band kid, an athlete kid, or a dance kid?
  • Mr. Reyes: What's your dream job?
  • Squip: If you had a Squip, who would yours look like?
characterization, filters, and characterization to be found in the lack of filters

Talking about Jane earlier got me thinking, you know, Jane is not at all the only character that uses this device to show off the less desirable traits lurking in the psyche of all these damaged teens. Like. So many characters have these lurking deep seated issues that stay hidden deep down because the characters are pretty good at projecting a less damaged and more together version of themselves. 

If that sounds familiar it’s because it’s a fucking outrageously relatable quality and part of what makes the Homestuck characters RESONATE so much. Why they feel like they have all this dimension and depth that makes us grab on to them and never want to let go. 

I’m just going to run through some examples here while I’m thinking about it. The first OBVIOUSLY since thinking about her is what got me going on this – Jane. Crockertier Jane removing the layers of self-imposed filter on Jane’s festering insecurity, entitlement issues, jealousy and so on. I’ve already talked enough about that today.

Grimbark Jade! You notice Jade says what she’s thinking WAY more easily while she’s mind controlled, and she still sounds like herself – she sounds kinda like she does when she’s owning Karkat repeatedly, doesn’t she? Because angry Jade has that same effect of pushing her nice girl filter aside and letting the angry witch (not a cutesy slur, her literal witch class) within fly free. Grimbark Jade tells us that behind that nice girl front Jade Harley actually thinks some pretty uncharitable thoughts sometimes, she just keeps a tight fucking lid on it because – well, don’t most people? Relatable as fuck. 

Jadesprite! Since we’re talking about Jade anyway. Jade likes to think she has everything together, that her visions from Skaia and her scientific prowess and the tools her Grandpa left her are more than enough to handle everything that comes her way, she’s independent, she’s capable, she’s certainly never LONELY oh no of course not certainly never CRUSHINGLY OVERWHELMED by the responsibility of her own existence nah those are weak feelings for weak girls who aren’t as awesome as Jade! And then – Jadesprite. Why do you think Jade got SO ANGRY at Jadesprite? Because she was being confronted with something she knew deep down was a reflection of weaknesses in herself (totally normal ones that her later arc reinforced were a mistake to pretend weren’t there – Loneliness and fear and regret are all tied in with Jade’s character progression and learning how to deal with those things is where I imagine her arc would have gone if Homstuck’s ending hadn’t been the literary equivalent of chopping off a limb and cauterizing the wound.) Jadesprite is Jade without the filter of implacable strength Jade imposes on herself to fuckin cope with living on a hell island with the stuffed corpse of her grandpa who she grew up thinking literally killed himself at BEST.  god damn

Davesprite. Dave Strider with a slow long agonizing depressing arc wherein he realizes his coolkid persona won’t make anyone think of him as their best friend anymore, and in the absence of the security that persona afforded him when he was The Real Dave he has no idea what to do with himself. He’s lost, he feels aimless, untethered, incapable of being happy – and yes, Davesprite is his own character, but you can still infer a lot from Dave’s character about him – for instance, how he completely ties his self worth up in how useful he is to his friends or how worthwhile they find him and has no idea how to even BEGIN the hard journey of looking within for worth instead of relying eternally on changeable external sources. Davesprite is Dave not WITHOUT a filter but certainly with a VERY DIFFERENT one.

Homestuck does this with almost every single damn character on its roster at some point. Shows a version of them with a different or lesser or completely missing filter to highlight flaws and issues and internal struggles of all kinds. 

Homestuck is a damn deep dive into an exercise about analyzing nature vs nurture and what we’re predisposed to do and what comes from within and what is put upon us by forces out of our control, and how that line is blurry and messy and everyone has the potential to be either the worst or best version of themselves. Even Caliborn was given a choice. Hussie-The-Character explained it to him at great painstaking length. 

There are so many other examples. Jasprose is Rose without a filter, and the way Jasprose goes around gleefully calling every hot girl she sees hot and delighting smugly in knowing more than just about anyone else and lording over the information and playing smarter-than-thou games – that tells us a LOT about Rose! A LOT about what sort of urges Rose tamps down on every day in an effort to just be fucking cool! 

I bet you have things like this with yourself, right? Doesn’t everyone?

Tricksters! Look at how they act. They’re not themselves but there is plenty to glean from them. Jane immediately goes for Jake, the object of her desire, to pursue an exaggerated version of her idealized future. Trickster Jake is a passive fucking ragdoll who immediately acquiesces to everything everyone demands of him because their happiness becomes his happiness – Jake hates confrontation, so Trickster Jake is just a fucking doormat. Roxy goes for Jake AND Dirk because divorced from the guilt she normally feels for harboring desire toward either one of them she knows exactly what she wants! ETC ETC. Of course they would never do any of this shit if they weren’t high as balls and incapable of understanding the meaning of the word “consequence.” That’s the point. Seeing what they do in this situation is an interesting window in!

Brain Ghost Dirk is a version of Jake (yes, of Jake, not Dirk) without a specific filter Jake runs his own personality through before he’s comfortable presenting it to others, and you’ll notice, it’s EXTREMELY biting and critical sometimes. Jake knows what he’s about. He just buries it most of the time because that’s easier than dealing with it. 

I could seriously keep going. 

Homestuck loves to show us what our favorites do and say and ARE when basic filters go out the window. Those filters that most of us employ to make other people believe we don’t all have intrusive thoughts or bad desires or just plain old weaknesses we’re ashamed of and want to keep hidding at costs – or that we occasionally think things or think about doing things we would never ever ever do in real life are demolished or changed or temporarily suspended. 

It’s brilliant tbh. It lets us see facets of characters that would normally never really get full spotlight reveals by their very nature, especially with protagonists. 

Vriska vs (Vriska) – (Vriska) is just Vriska with some more self awareness and more willingness to let down her self-imposed filter and actually examine the shit she wants and why because watching Aranea fuck the timeline over out of motivations eerily similar to her own hardcore shook her enough to develop in that direction. (which makes sense since HER original motivations are copying Mindfang who IS alt-aranea lmao I love Homestuck)  (Vriska) is still Vriska, it’s just a very very different lens through which to view her character. 

blah blah blah blah etc there are so many examples

anyway I love Homestuck and good character writing what up