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ahhh one of the other camille blog has been posting pics from 2014 photoshoots, and she looks like your norm healthy size, like I'd almost fit the same body type. She looks sooOO more slim in the face etc now. waH I sincerely hope she's okay with herself and mindset <3

Yeah, I was scrolling through her tag last night and saw them too. She definitely does look bigger than she does now. 

I hope so too. I think this may just be a phase though cause her weight does fluctuate pretty quickly. 


Since my anime recommendations post was popular, I figured I’d make a manga recommendations post. Also, since a lot of the comments in the last post were “why didn’t you put xxx!! i don’t like xxx! wah wah etc” i would like to reiterate that this is my personal recommendations and if you don’t like it, sucks

***names of each manga in the caption***

also, follow my mangacap blog for even more recs

Seeing a bit of smack talk about willambelli by fellow queens regarding her being a bitch, bad behavior, mean things said etc. Fucking WAH. For the record I haven’t seen Willam say ANYTHING on social media about the situation, so which one seems classier?

Do i need to remind people that when Willam was being bitchy and mean to OTHERS they all LAUGHED? Its who she is! She is a cunt and she knows it! Fucking wipe your tears and move on. You don’t want to be friends anymore? What are you 8? Take your balls and go home then lol.