yall anyone can write about their experiences sure, and it’s good to do that, but sometimes you’re an anomaly, that’s why if you have time, and you want to talk about your lived experiences as examples of how the world works around you … you should supplement it with a little research, to see if you’re anomalous, or other people share the same experiences as you.

If you’re anomalous, try and find out why? What makes your experiences different from the average, why haven’t you seen the average until you did the research, etc.

It’s good to talk about your life, but it’s also good to hear about other people’s lives as well.

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do you think there was any significance to the clexa theme being played during clarke's shower/bed scene?

i won’t be able to go into deep character-analysis mode right now as i’m about to hit the bed (which means you gotta wait for a proper answer) but i do think there is significance to the theme during those scenes, especially this moment:

Monthly Self Rec

Hello friends! I’ve been playing with an idea for a little while now, and after chatting with @chocolatequeennk and @skyler10fic, I think it might be a fun one.

This idea is that of monthly self recs, where every content creator out there (authors, artists, gif makers, graphics creators, etc.) puts together a monthly list of everything they’ve created during that particular month. Use this to celebrate everything you’ve created and be proud of yourself!

Let’s try to make this an Ongoing Thing, shall we? I want everyone to be proud of what they’ve accomplished over the course of a month. Don’t be scared, don’t be shy. Make those self rec posts, and tag them with #monthly self rec so we can all see them and celebrate with you!

would’ya look who it is

So, like, not to be that person, and all, but…

Was the team supposed to have been wrong, to not trust Mick?

Like, the narrative is positioning this as some kind of moral failing on their part, but I’m not entirely convinced, honestly.

Mick is a consistently crass, rude, ignorant, and selfish person. He’s betrayed the team before, and never genuinely apologized for it. He’s occasionally made sacrifices or risked his life, motivated either self-destructiveness, for his own interests. Or sure, sometimes, out of a vague idea of personal loyalty to specific members of the team, in a quid-pro-quo kind of ‘balancing the scales’ exchange for something they did, for him, or because Ray specifically positioned himself as a replacement partner for him, after Snart’s death. (Because yeah, Mick has partners, not friends, that’s not untrue, when Snart said it)

But acting unselfishly out of altruism, heroism, or for the greater good? Nah.

He’s the kind of guy who, as this episode shows, would literally steal bread from the mouths of the dying, and would loot relics from a church. He literally admitted himself, during the conversation about whether they should trust Mick, that he would unflinchingly chose Leonard’s side over them.

Despite that, on the battlefield, Sara handed him the spear. That was an act of trust, one he repaid exactly as several members of the team predicted.

Were they wrong to have been so rude to him, over the season? Probably. Did they make shitty ableist jokes? Several of them did, yes. Should they have made more of an effort to include him as part of the team? Did he apparently have some feelings of loyalty to the team, and liked some of them? Sure. Does Ray have a point, that they should have been less obvious with their mistrust? Possibly. 

But, honestly, of course, they shouldn’t have trusted him.

if you don’t think damon isn’t a lover of good literature I’ll be very : ((((((((