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Listen this is akward to ask But I just got mystic messenger I have no clue how to play Like what if I run out of hourglasses For the rest of the day Etc Please help me I just don't know how to play this game I only know how to play the other games 💖💖💖 thanks💖💖💖

Hey darling!!! 😘

I was such a noob playing this game. I had no idea what to do- but I had expendable income and that helped my playthroughs a lot!

Ok so you wanna try to choose responses that will gather as many hearts from the people you’re chatting from because hearts can eventually be turned into hourglasses! Also on the main menu page you’ll see a little spaceship- when you see it float on top of the potato chip packet tap on it and it’ll give you random hearts here and there to help you along :)

You’ll get hourglasses through the game as well- the main aim would be to not miss out on as many chats as you can so you don’t have to spend hourglasses opening them again so you can participate.

Other than that all you have to do is chat and answer calls- if you have enough hourglasses you can even call them (if you have the money, buy their call cards, so you don’t waste hourglasses). You’ll need to respond to emails from party guests… it’s pretty straight forward once you start. However if you’re still feeling lost, there are literally heaps of tutorials/blogs devoted to teaching you/giving you perfect playthroughs that can help you.

Happy playing bubs!!! Let me know what you think of it darling ❤️❤️❤️


i’m onto my last comm so reopening these !!
I’m going to AX again this year (as an attendee, just for a day but I’ll be down in LA for a week) so I’m trying to save up bc airplane tickets and DISNEYLAND so I’ll be taking as much comms as possible !!

I’m mostly fine w drawing a lot of things except manly men // super masculine things and no mecha or armor -but other than that all else goes (‘∀’●)♡
i ask for +$5 for more complex designs (wings, excessive details, clutter, etc)
please send all emails to, labeled “commissions” and paypal to !!

because i had some issues with people not paying me in the latest batch, I’m gonna have to ask for payments up front for now on, sorry for the inconvenience ; o ;


one step closer to the battle of the trash heap! *^*


Art Nouveau Overwatch Girls by – Mercy, D.Va, Tracer, Widowmaker, and Mei inspired by Alphonse Mucha’s works!


Please do not repost/reedit artwork, use it for any reasons without permission, delete its captions, etc. Please, no art theft in anyway. Thank you!



Or, YOI is technically a sports anime but doesn’t follow a lot of tropes, so what if I did an AU where it does? And I just happen to love KnB, so basketball it is. High school sports + the Power of the Team and Friendship ™ + student life + training camps + graduating senpais etc…

Headcanons below cut!




For more of my YOI artwork, check out my YOI Art Masterpost!


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Has anyone talked about a Zimbits The Proposal AU yet? Because I have some thoughts.

  • I had a really hard time working out who should be Margaret and who should be Andrew, as tbh it could work both ways, but I decided it fit better with Jack as Margaret and Bitty as Andrew so for this au unfortunately the Zimmermanns have to be dead, but apart from that it’s fine.
  • Jack is high-flying [insert appropriate job here - photographer? still a publisher?] and Bitty is his long-suffering assistant.
  • Jack is known as the robot in the office due to his lack of emotions and apparent ability to work till ungodly hours of the day without stopping, something he expects of everyone else around him. He also doesn’t seem to have a life outside of work.
  • Jack is from Canada. Jack ignored his visa limitations and went out of the country for a business deal. Jack is about to be deported.
  • Bitty, meanwhile, had been looking forward to finally seeing his extended family at his moo-maw’s 90th birthday, but is now stuck complaining to his mother about his evil slave-driving boss, and how he’ll be stuck as Jack’s assistant forever at this rate.
  • When Jack asks him to be his fake fiancé, Bitty wants to say no, but the prospect of a promotion is too much to pass up. So he agrees, on the condition that Jack comes down to Georgia to visit Bitty’s family with him.
  • “Why would I need to know what you’re allergic to?”
    “Because that’s the kind of thing couples who are about to get married should probably know about each other?”
    “Like you know so much about me.”
    “I know you like PB&Js, what your coffee order is and that it has way too much sugar in it, your dry-cleaning specifications, and everything you’re allergic to; so yes, you do need to know that, I’m afraid.
    “What am I allergic to then?”
    “Pine nuts and the full spectrum of human emotion.”
  • Bitty’s massive family is overwhelming for Jack, who’s been by himself a long time.
  • Everything is too hot and Jack hates it.
  • Bitty and his dad don’t get on too well, because Bitty didn’t want to take on the family business. 
  • Bitty’s family make them kiss and it’s awkward as hell until it isn’t, and who knew it could be that good?
  • Jack’s not used to so many people being nice to him, especially Bitty’s mother and grandmother. They persuade the two to get married that weekend. In a barn? For some reason?
  • Bitty has some really great friends from college who come for the wedding. Jack likes them.
  • Jack’s not overly fond of Bitty’s ex, though, who’s sniffing around despite Bitty being fake engaged. To Jack.
  • Everything is still too hot.
  • Jack is starting to get used to Bitty calling him honey and sweetheart and he thinks he likes it.
  • Bitty is starting to get used to Jack’s smile, which had almost knocked him flat on his ass the first time he saw it. Jack should smile more often.
  • The problem is that, now Jack’s met Bitty’s family, he can’t quite bring himself to go on with this charade. Bitty’s family deserved better than this sham of a wedding. Bitty deserves better. 
  • So Jack leaves, and Bitty spills everything to his family, who tell him to go after Jack. 
  • He catches him at the airport.

So, as many of you are now aware, Katie will be at a screening of the Supergirl season finale making it the first of many events she will be attending for Supergirl! We know many of you are probably very excited to meet her but we just want to remind you to be please be respectful. DO NOT ask Katie about her birthday, her sexuality, her dating life, her family, etc. Please respect her privacy and try to be as respectful as possible.

Spacelatinxs Week!

We are announcing Spacelatinxs’ first official celebration week! A week dedicated to celebrating our favorite latinx characters and cast from the Star Wars franchise!

Spacelatinxs Week will be hosted during the week of May 1st – 7th, here on tumblr, in which all latinx fans and fans of latinx characters* are welcome to join together and create content to celebrate latinxs in space! Any and all kind of fan content will be accepted (including fanart, gifsets, graphics, fanfiction, fanvids, etc.) to participate! 

The prompts for the week are:

  • Day 1 (5.1.17): Favorite Character**
  • Day 2 (5.2.17): Favorite Relationship (platonic, familial, romantic, etc.)
  • Day 3 (5.3.17): Favorite Line or Scene
  • Day 4 (5.4.17): Cast (favorite cast member, favorite cast moment, etc.)
  • Day 5 (5.5.17): Hero (heroic moment or line, etc.)
  • Day 6 (5.6.17): Legacy
  • Day 7 (5.7.17): Free Day! (Make anything you want in relation to spacelatinxs! Be creative!)

To participate in Spacelatinxs Week all you have to do is create content for any or all days of the scheduled week according to the prompt and tag us in it! We will be tracking the tags #spacelatinxs and #spacelatinxsweek so use those so we can feature your work here and for other fans to find your work as well! If anyone has any questions regarding how the week will work our askbox is always open so feel free to ask any questions.

Please reblog this if you are interested in participating and let other fans know about this event! We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone’s work to celebrate our favorite latinxs in space!


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