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He actually got it, but I could paid to see the face of the R&D technician.
With regret, I didn’t found something funny to put on the tablet v_v

classmates!markhyuck au where mark is new and donghyuck decides that he’s going to be nice and befriend the new kid (and totally not because he has a crush on him)


Dear LazyTown Fandom:

Would anyone be seriously interested in starting an online ‘group’ for reporting in on daily exercise or healthy eating or whatever? I can only really speak for myself, but I have a tough time with motivation when I’m just on my own with no support or accountability…and I’d bet I’m not alone.

I’m not 100% sure what platform would be best for something like this yet, but I at least wanted to pitch the idea and see who else might be interested in a “Do It for Sportacus” group in general.

Addition: Wow I didn’t expect this to get such a response. I’ll try and narrow down some basics and figure out how to implement them. I’ll post something on my main blog, @otterlydeerlightful once I have a working…I dunno what to call it. Product? System? It’ll probably be a mess, whatever it is lol!

i haven’t been keeping up on pokemon news but lusamine looks COOL


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I figured you ment “The Kiss” cause that’s usually the klimt thingie everyone means? Well, I tried, but I feel like I failed. Klimt n my style are hardly compatible X__X  still tried to make it more fitting to hannibal n Will, with fishes n little stag skulls etc.  I dunno x______x other requests?

y’know there r some ppl that uncomfortable to talk about their problems and prefer to stay silent and keep it for themselves, and the others always accuse that they don’t have problems at all.

How Does One Find the Motivation to Write if One Does Not Have a Deadline and Consequences if one Does Not Write? A novel by me, to started tomorrow, or maybe next week.

another request, this one came from captain-apisces-me. they actually request “draw hiccup as night fury humanoid, hiro as some kind of mini baymax, jack as bunny or maybe even tooth, etc or i dunno”

before i realize it, I drew them all. but I made baymax!dashi and megabot!hiro instead. I hope you like it! 

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Hi, I just found this blog recently and I enjoy the content a lot. I have a question regarding Daxter and the Kid; why doesn't Dax recognize him? Sorry if you've already covered this, I just had this realization a few minutes ago.

I think Daxter definitely noticed that the Kid has certain things in common with Jak (green hair, mute, etc) but… I dunno, I have friends I’ve known since I was a little kid and I definitely don’t remember exactly what they looked like at every point in their lives. Faces change as people grow, and our memories are unreliable and prone to inaccuracies. We can reasonably assume Dax has pretty good facial recognition (he recognised Tess in Krew’s bar after a single brief encounter at the Underground hideout) but I doubt his memory is so perfect he remembers what Jak looked like over 10 years ago.

Also, Daxter has no reason to think the Kid actually IS Jak because as far as he knows Jak was born in the Sandover era; finding a random kid who happens to share a few features with Jak is a far more likely explanation than the kid actually being Jak thanks to time travel shenanigans. It’s not a common combination of traits, but Jak can’t be the only quiet green-haired kid to have ever existed in jnd world.

So yeah, it’s not unreasonable that Dax might not ‘recognise’ the Kid as looking EXACTLY like Jak, and the similarities aren’t enough to jump straight to ‘IT MUST BE TIME TRAVEL’.

extra salty about syscourse right now

just generally but right now i’m focusing on “you all don’t know anything about DID research, stop citing structural dissociation like it’s some kind of Got Cha when the researchers themselves explicitly say they only care about dissociation in the context of trauma (and this is a major criticism against structural dissociation, that you can’t get a full picture of “what dissociation is” if you’re gonna throw out things like DPDR or nonpathological trance), and that’s kinda important seeing as all research on multiplicity has been in the context of trauma (with varying definitions of ‘trauma’, which I think is also important :T) and that’s why you don’t see anyone actually try to reckon with seemingly-nontraumagenic multiples except for “false positive” and "amnesic” and “well, our definition of trauma isn’t broad enough yet”.

(also, the theory of structural dissociation hella downplays the idea of “actual multiplicity as in actual separate people with meaningful identities”. i mean, cmon, parts of the personality, references to “the patient’s belief of being separate entities” and to individual characteristics as being “unimportant” if not connected to trauma, etc. so, i dunno if you’re quite “following” that model as closely as you think. and hey, you can’t really expect them to find multiplicity outside of DID; they’re still trying to un-discover it within DID.)

- Ace

you know how in a lot of pokemon regions they’ll have that one route thats a big bridge with all the fishermen…what if to replace it they did like a fish market-type area :~)c of course, instead of it being like food its framed as a way to get new water pokemon. it could also be a way to introduce fish from diff regions like maybe the market would have ‘specials’ that would change each day so the water pokes u could encounter in the holding pools would be diff… it could also be where you get your rod? and maybe you could come back thru diff points in the journey and they’d upgrade your rod to good, super, etc. 

i dunno i just think it’d be cute! and be somethin a lil different from that common route theme. im kind of surprised that wasnt a thing in poke sumo? 

So I knew… that this place would be a little noisier, as in, would be rather quiet but terribly sound-proofed… but a neighbour has been listening to some Pierrot Lunaire level of meaningless pseudo nonsense at max volume for the past hour and I think I might just hunt ‘em down and ask ‘em to listen to anything else instead. 

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No. 8 for the artist asks!

Yeah! I do!

Is like a mix between a ton of different categories, so I can’t tell you favorites, but in that list is Rock, Metal, Pop, Classic, Etc(?) I dunno, I hear whatever I like, no matter what kind of music is x’D