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Tharja: I love you, noire, if it helps.
Tharja: I’d never use magic to tamper with love. If I were to look for it, I’d insist on an unsullied version.
Tharja: let me take a look at your wound?
Tharja: I’m just surprised you wanted to be my friend, that’s all
Tharja: I write to my family every week. They’re fine… er, how are yours?
Tharja: I don’t understand. Why would you want to help /me/?
Tharja: (in response to lon'qu’s past) I’m sorry.
Tharja: : It is not unusual for powerful incidents to grip our hearts for many years after.


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I saw in ur bio that you are a umich alum! I was just accepted and enrolled to go there in the fall next year!!! I was wondering if there were any tips you could give me for starting college next semester since you went to u of m!!!


- Learn how to use the buses right away. 

- Figure out which dining halls you like best. I loved going to North Quad’s. And if you get to them early in the morning sometimes you can order how you want your eggs, etc. hehe. 

- Try and make a routine for yourself like when you eat and wake up in the morning. It was hard for me to stick to one but when I did my stress was lower because I wasn’t all over the place. 

- Unless you know you’re a morning person don’t take 8:00 am classes unless absolutely necessary haha. 

- Explore the entire campus (wave field on north campus, connector bridge in the law quad, look out point in the business school, etc.)

- When picking classes sometimes its better to choose classes with better professors over how interesting the topic is. I highly recommend taking any class with Victor Mendoza. 

- Go to the open all the events! A lot of the lectures are free. ,

- Don’t be that person that constantly brings up what they are studying as a way to brag about how “smart” they are. So many people freshman year would go on and on about how they were in calc 2, organic chem, etc. and it was just annoying haha. 

- Ask questions in class (might not be possible in giant lectures, but is in discussing sections/smaller classes). Chances are someone else wants to ask the same question. It’s okay to not know anything or everything. In my feminist thought class with Victor Mendoz, I had way less knowledge than almost everyone in my class but I still asked a bunch of questions even though it make me look less “smart”. I ended up learning a lot and was excelling by the end of the semester.  

- It’s okay to not do everything like going out all the time and joining every club that you hear about. Take your time to figure out what you want to do because college is all about PRIORITIES haha. 

- Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t make super close friends right away. I was a junior when I finally had a close group to hang out with and this was the case for some of my other friends as well.

- While college is fun it can be dangerous so just be aware of things ex. binge drinking, harassment, etc. 

- Even though U of M is becoming more elite and less diverse there are still a lot of really great groups to join if you’re a person of color, part of the LGBT+ community, etc. I was part of the Michigan Women of Color Collective before it kind of stopped/slowed down. 

- And lastly, college can be very stressful so try to enjoy yourself and give yourself a break every once in awhile. 

I hope this helps and let me know if you have anymore questions about U of M!

The Beanie Boy (Septiplier AU) - Part 4



So yeah, sorry this took forever, etc etc… AAAAA jeez! Hehe but here we go.


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Do you have exo legendary fic list lol like 10080, anterograde tomorrow, 48hours, etc? Hehe thanks! ^^

There’s a difference between these “classics” and our personal faves, not that there isn’t quite an overlap<3 

but the legendary fics that I have literally seen EVERYWHERE (note: this is just IMO so don’t get all kanye west on me, because I’m probably wrong, and this is just to the best of my judgement) and most of the exo ficdom would know would probably be:

And then there are a lot of fics that are pretty well known and reaaaalllyyy great as well

 but I just wouldn’t qualify for that list^^ 

Like stuff by curledupkitten (actually my bae author), changdictatorstarsthatlast, adorableprince, thisismylastlie, maayacola, JUST TO NAME A FEW (because this ficdom is actually the best ficdom ever), being the few that I got into pretty early on when i started reading exo fics. 

We hope that helps! Have a great day!

-The Admins

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heyy, just wanted to tell you that your blog is really nice and inspiring! any motivating words for a girl who is studying for her finals? 🙈💕

thank you!!! my best tip for you is to study smart - manage your time well, focus on the important topics or topics you need extra time to understand, eat a lot of snacks, take in between 5 minute breaks, etc. hehe 


“put up O if you agree with the statement, X if you disagree” ft the maknae line from vixx, boyfriend and kara


I jumped on the wagon and made a Fatesona lol. I had trouble thinking of a suitable class, I remembered when I reblogged a “What Fates class do you think I am?” thing, people gave me cool things like pegasus knight and spear master and I appreciate that, but I can’t see it myself. :’o

Then I remembered… the merchant class animations… it’s basically me.

Personal skill would probs be something like this:

Persuasion: Unit can ‘convince’ the enemy to stop fighting and leave, or join the players side (for the remainder of the battle only). Can only be used three times per battle, does not work on boss units.

Exo reaction to their gf speaking german

Thank you @ohsehunniebubbletea for requesting this! Sorry that it took a while, as you may or may not have seen I explained why i my rant eheh… Anyways, thank you, feel free to leave more, I hope you like this and ily!

Request: Exo reaction to their gf speaking german

Chanyeol: He’d known that you originally came from Germany and he’d been trying to get you to speak some for him for the whole time you’d known each other, but you had resisted all of his annoying persuading techniques. Even though he’d known all of this for quite a while now he still couldn’t help going into some sort of trance when you picked you your phone to answer you mothers call. When you hung up all he could do was stand there and look at you with disbelief showing on his whole face. “That’s german??”

Baekhyun: He had heard you speak german several times before and was actually pretty amazed by it, but when you were hanging out at the dorm and the rest of the boys managed to talk you into showing them some and when you did, over showered you with compliments etc he got enough and start showing of all of his “skills”. “Sure, sure, you can speak another languish but you know I’ve actually got some aces up my sleeve as well…” *starts showing off just to annoy you*

Lay: *is slightly turned on*

Kai: You two were sitting on the couch watching a movie while small chatting about your days when you started drifting of a little and started speaking german. You’d always been pretty shy about speaking in your mother tongue in front of him so he really valued these rare moments and just sat next to you, admiring your cuteness.

Chen: You guys hadn’t been dating for very long and he hadn’t asked you where you originally came from, so when you started speaking german with your brother over the phone he just stood there trying to figure out what kind of languish you were speaking, slightly panicking… he’d tease you for the longest time ever after that

Xiumin: *gif*

Sehun: You speaking german was no surprise to him, so when you started yelling at him in it while you were in the middle of an argument he just started mocking you until you stopped talking. “Woman speak a langish I can understand!” *sassy noodle is sassy*

Luhan: For all the time you’d been together you’d refused to speak german infront of him, but now when a complete stranger wanted you gladly started a conversation, ignoring Luhan’s desperate attempts to get your attention. After 10 minutes of confusion Luhan settled down next to Lay, judging you hard.

Kyungsoo: You’d always been very shy about speaking german in front of Kyungsoo and never dared to, so when you picked up the call from your mother and started talking it with her he contined sitting at the table acting like it was doing nothing to him, when he was actually dying inside. When you hung up the phone he looked up at you admiring, amazed by how you’d so swiftly changed from one languish to another just like that. He explained his true feelings to you and you ended up staying awake until late trying to teach him some.


Tao: You had a long and tiring night, having to take a late shift at work, and came home to a pissed Tao who hadn’t been aware that you’d been working. In pure fatigue you accidentally switched to german while walking towards the bedroom, leaving Tao even more annoyed then before. “Not this shit again…”

Suho: He’d been trying to get you to speak german and teach him for the longest time and you’d finally agreed to do it. You two ended up in a giggle fit at his bad pronunciation and he started planning out a plan on how you were going to get through with his genius plan, a new sub unit called EXO-G (exo german)

Kris: Your sister was visiting over the weekend and as usual you two completely forgot about Kris, only conversating in german. At last he snapped at the two. *starts speaking cantonese* “See! I can also speak other languishes!!” *annoyed Galaxy is annoyed*

I hope you like it! Please feel free to send in more reaction requests etc hehe…

Mia ( me obv )

I miss the way it felt when I thought I’d be alright
and I miss playing and laughing and being convinced everything was fine
If I could turn back time, I’d go back to 2005

This is a song I wrote about being a kid during the golden era of Gwen Stefani, the Olsen Twins, Fergie, Jesse McCartney and trying to look like Avril Lavigne. It sounds happier than it is, because basically, the fact I can’t travel back in time to live through these days again makes me really sad haha. There’s elements of songs that were popular in the early 2000s in this one and I hope that the nostalgia will make you smile :-) Also I hope you like the song!

though I don’t understand what makes a troll some how better than someone who actually believes that shit. I usually see trolls harassing the most marginalized of groups and harassing them with basic bullshit dialogs society regurgitates at them all the fucking time. Please fucking enlighten me, how is a troll any better or special or different than common privileged willfully ignorant trash?