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Happy Valentine’s Day!! (◕‿◕✿)

This is my present for you all! This a comic of the Figure Skating AU, it’s 26 pages-long but due to the fact that some days ago I lost all the work I was doing, I managed to complete only the first part (11 pages). The second part will come out in 4 days, tho, on Miyusawa day 2/18 (*≧▽≦)

It was inspired by and a continuation of the ask lovely @starrwinter sent me some time ago! 

Miyuki and Sawamura went to Alberta for the ISU Grand Prix of the Figure Skating. They’re sharing a hotel room. 

First part is Sawamura-centered. Second part will be Miyuki-centered

I hope you enjoy this!

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Aw, he saved the baby bird!




↳The Flash Family + tumblr text posts 

[caption: seven different images of DC comic panels with a screencap of a Tumblr text post placed over them. For all but the 7th image, click on them for a more detailed caption. 

Image #7 is a panel featuring several Flash Family speedsters together, looking like they’re preparing for a fight. The text post over it reads: “I like the idea that there are no longer such things as casual groups of friends. No, you’re in a squad. Weaponize your friendships. Battle other squads for social dominance. Who wants to fucking fight.“]

Ah somebody really wants me to start a youtube channel :’D

Imean i could but??? what would i put on it yo, speedpaints would be pretty boring,,, uh so iguess maybe some animated vids? or something else,, you tell me :0

Hi! I was tagged an eternity ago by @melmanpur for this question challenge, but life got in the way and some things hit me hard. So here we go.

Rules: Answer these questions and tag 9 people you want to get to know better

Relationship status - Cat-less
Lipstick or chapstick - tinted chapstick/lipbalm
Top 3 shows - Hannibal, Sherlock and… because I’m a cheating cheater who cheats, I can’t decide for the third one, so… it’s a tie between Merlin/Supernatural/Criminal Minds/Spartacus/Doctor Who/The Walking Dead
Top 3 characters - Legolas, Sherlock Holmes, Will Graham (yes I love emotionally stunted sarcastic badasses)
Last song I listened to - Under Pressure - Queen

I’m tagging @nottooldforthisship, @rosegoldeyelids, @justapayneaway, @achoolou, @greybeanielou, @lhrry, @twopoppies, @zenlikejen, @rated-l-for-larry

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Well, they both sound good. :) I like your Sebastian very much.

*blush.gif* thank you <3

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This is such a great… several different conversations going on. :D I mean, I was also really soured on Kaidan’s romance in ME3, and have never managed to headcanon my way around it, and I think it’s fascinating how differently people experience Bioware games in general, based partly on the personality they give their OCs, and partly based on which characters they most associate with. I never quite loved DA2 the way some people did, so I guess I was also playing a…

… different game? I do love the DA2 characters, though, I just frankly find DA2 kind of a downer in big chunks. but oh well! Argh, I have Thoughts, and not enough time to get them out coherently. :P

Time makes things very tricky sometimes, doesn’t it? (Also I think I’m caught in a very similar problem re: DAI and how to work with it?)

I do think though, it’s really interesting where people draw their lines, between this is a character I like who did this thing wrong and I can’t stand this one, and this one has interesting (if terrible for them) character development and this one they just completely fucked up making, canon is Clearly Wrong

Because those can all be completely valid conclusions made by different people for the exact same character or plot. How do you decide which is which? I mean, people make decisions that conflict terribly with their previous decisions, just because a character seems initially inconsistent doesn’t make them unrealistic, and just because you may or may not like something, at which point does it stop holding together and become broken canon rather than just potentially unpleasant?

/speaking of time tho, I’m running out of it myself, ARGH

Christmas for pets is so much more fun than humans exhibit A: when u buy presents for people there’s all the stress of picking the perfect thing and spending a certain amount of money so u don’t look cheap & presenting it properly & awkwardly watching them open it while continually muttering “I have the receipt…if u don’t like it…” but w/ my rats I know that I can give them a half-empty box of tissues and some banana mash and they’ll just be like “OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE OH MAN OH MAN OH M”