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Hi guys! So the colour palette thingy and the bruno meme were quite successful (I’m still finishing up the requests :3) and I was so happy to receive so many requests! Now that those are over I though of another one! Here are the categories:


- a drawing of you in an alternative gender

  • you must have at least two photos of yourself on your blog that I can access;
  • if you don’t identify with a particular gender then send me a gender you want to be drawn in!

Genderbender is something I really enjoy doing! I like to draw characters in an alternative gender so I thought I’d try it with people :3c


- a human version of your blog!

  • exactly what is says really, I’ll design a character based on your posts, your theme and your attitude.

This is a spin-off on the bruno meme!


- everyone loves OC’s!

  • send me a character profile (name, age, gender, appearance, likes/dislikes, etc) and relevant comments (eg. can’t swim, has three siblings, etc.)
  • send me all thoughts you have on it - if you have a specific tag for it on your blog then send it too;
  • based on the info you provide I’ll design and draw your OC!

I always wanted to design someone else’s character :3 I love OC’s and I love character design ~

To participate, message me 1, 2 or 3 to specify the category (for the OC challenge send me 3 + character profile)

Yo can participate in multiple categories! 

I’ll chose three requests from each category (if I get enough requests lol)

Depending on the number of requests I’ll decide on the closing date

EVERYONE is welcome to participate (you don’t have to be my follower)

Anyone interested in doing this???