etc etc amen

2014 was about learning to love myself and find myself beautiful and worthy of love and acceptance
2015 is going to be about realizing I don’t have to be beautiful and I don’t have to have someone loving me to be worth something

I woke up, checked my phone, and found myself torn between two thoughts: “Oh god no” and “Oh fuck I fucking knew it.”

Brexit should have been a warning, that this kind of thing can and will happen, and that the fallout will be substantial and real. Instead, those who pushed for it, throughout the rest of the world – the Farages and Le Pens – are celebrating again. The right’s on the rise, and here’s where it reaches its fucking zenith.

This year can eat a whole sack of dicks.

The growing sense of legitimacy and mainstream acceptance that this gives hatred, racism, xenophobia, queerphobia of all fucking stripes, etc. etc. amen, can eat literally so many dicks.

The sudden rush by the rest of the world’s leaders – publically, in the EU and non-EU Europe, and the UK, and the Philippines, and Egypt so far, and of course in Russia – to kiss Trump’s arse and congratulate him now he’s got as much power as he has? The fact that suddenly this means criticism is off the table, across the board? The way the fucking BBC’s obligatory neutrality and impartiality has suddenly turned to a cold tacit kind of support for Trump, after months in which it came as close as possible to actively disavowing him? That can eat a huge burlap coal-bag of actual dicks.

The fact that all this credit and all this support and all this power has gone to a criminal on multiple counts, against the state and against individuals; a rapist whose victims number in the double digits; a racist and a xenophobe and a full-spectrum-bigot and a liar; and an inept clueless ignorant failure of a born-rich businessman who has never worked a day in his life, and who took up politics as a fucking hobby? To that goes the biggest dick-sack of all.

The world is sliding. I feel cold and helpless, and affected and afraid. And I know less about American politics than I could, and yes, I’m speaking from the sidelines… But to people whose race, religion, gender, sexuality, politics, economic status and more endanger them in what’s now Trump’s USA, I am so sorry, and I wish you strength, and my hopes are with you.