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Albino Keith - Klance au

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Uhhhhm ok here we go…

So this whole white haired Keith thing gave me the Idea for this au. I’m planning to make a whole comic series out of this. But well, I’m still not sure if I could / should do it. Bc my timeline is actually pretty stressful etc. (& the storyline is kinda basic lol)

Uhhh and I also need a Name!

Anyways, here some important notes for this au:

  • Alternate Reality
  • Lance has a big Crush on Keith
  • Lance has freckles all over his body
  • Lance’s a Nerd but still our cheesy flirty boy
  • Keith’s still a hothead & does shit all the time
  • Hunk & Lance are roommates ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_
  • the Garrison is an art school
  • there’s art, dance, music etc. class, but they all have also regular class
  • Lance & Hunk are in dance & music class
  • Pidge & Keith are in art & music class
  • Shiro & Allura are out of school & working in their café named Altea
  • implied Shallura & Shay x Hunk
  • there was a big crash 3 years ago
  • Fluff & Angst :D
  • ~slowburn~
Going To A Carnival With Ethan Would Include

• Him being hella competitive with you
• Him also winning you every plushy he can find
• Full-on ski-ball battles
• Bumper Cars battles
• “So god help me if you run into me one more time, Ethan!”
• Eating a shit-ton of carnival food (ex. Cheese on a stick, funnel cakes, corn dogs, etc.)
• Cheesy top of Ferris wheel kiss
• You both daring each other to go on the scariest roller coasters you can see
• Going into the little petting zoo and him trying to steal baby ducks
• “Come on, Babe! Look at him!”
• Him getting mad when you beat him at a game
• Going into all of the booths that just rip you of (ex. Bearded Lady, Worlds Biggest Cat, etc.)
• Him avoiding all of the potholes on the way home because you’re asleep


Send in requests for lists an imagines!

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