when will he stop

i love this part enough that i wasn’t satisfied with the slow panning up of the ‘camera’ - i decided to copy and paste the images together to show the whole thing at once. thought i’d post it here in case others felt the same way (and also so i can find it again)

AU where instead of a consulting criminal Moriarty is the internet’s most celebrated fanfic writer

And he aggressively writes real person fic about Sherlock with every single person in his life and absolutely refuses to stop. Sherlock becomes infamous because everyone is reading it and it’s really cramping his untouchable-virgin style. Consider: 

“His Archenemy” by thereal_moriarty, featuring Sherlock Holmes/Mycroft Holmes, explicit, incest, chan, D/s dynamics

“You Are Important to Me” by thereal_moriarty, featuring Sherlock Holmes/Molly Cooper, het, fluff, smut, PWP

“Turn Around and Don’t Even Breathe” by thereal_moriarty, featuring Sherlock Holmes/Philip Anderson, smut, hate sex, angst, toplock

“Correct Me, Doctor” by thereal_moriarty, featuring Sherlock Holmes/John Watson also ft. Sherlock’s riding crop, explicit, crack, fetish

“Not Your Housekeeper” by thereal_moriarty, featuring Sherlock Holmes/Martha Hudson, roleplay, age difference, humour, milf

And Sherlock is all like:

And Moriarty is all

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