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If you could travel in time, would you go backwards or forward, how much, and would you stay there if you could bring all the people that are important to you with you?

uhhhhhh actually if I could choose I wouldn’t go anywhere rofl

because a) if I went back in time, as a woman I wouldn’t have all the rights I have now, I’d pretty much be an object or a trophy etc ect 
b) I’m not fond of advanced technology and I wouldn’t like to be in a world where everything is controlled by computers/robots thx

these are… radical changes tho I think, maybe if I reaaally had to choose I’d go a few (like 5) years forward

things I wish there was more of in naruto:

  • actually showing sasuke and orochimaru interacting/training. why do we only get to see this like one time ever? and so briefly?
  • backstory into karin, jugo, suigetsu, kimimaro, etc. why? because it’s important to REALLY, TRULY see why young kids are easily influenced to join orochimaru’s ranks. it emphasizes just how messed up things are in the villages for kids not born into the right clan, kids who are orphaned, etc. this is an IDEAL way to demonstrate this but we rarely get to see a solid explanation for why kids end up working for orochimaru.
  • backstory into kabuto. again…pretty much the same reasons. the anime has some decent backstory but the manga has pretty much nothing and it’s just a huge missed opportunity. show me how and why people would side with a character otherwise considered evil and villainous! give me that perspective more often!
  • a deeper look into orochimaru and hiruzen’s relationship. so we can talk about how and why a village like konoha is largely to blame for some of the awful things that happen in the narutoverse. it gets touched on briefly, but it’s really not enough. it really needs to be made more clear that actions (or lack of action) on behalf of the most politically powerful people in the villages has directly led to a huge portion of the problems faced by said villages.
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Hillary Clinton’s list of criminal actions is endless.  Yet the media tries to cover it all up and protect her every move (and catch her when she starts having her regular seizures).  Bias media looks like their going full blown Soviet style media censorship now.

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Pls tell us more about ur wonderful mum uni professor

professor cortinez is the bomb the statistics class he teachers is specifically for psychology majors so he knows none of us want to be there but its required for our psychology major so he spices it up a bit. on the first day of class he told us to take a selfie on his phone with out name held up so he could learn our names. in our first set of practice word problems the very first question was something like “say i wanted to know how far forward donald trump would fall if i smashed his shins in with a steel rod, so i conducted an experiement over three days etc etc ect” like i laughed so hard at that. he also created a data set in our class of our enjoyment of spinach compared to what we though of popeye the sailor. after he sent out that email (which now has 40k notes wowza i should tell him) he sent a followup email that asked if we had misbehaved and if we had we were all grounded. he makes statistics quite interesting and is good at actually explaining it while kepei us engaged and all the people commenting on that post saying hes unprofessional and too leniant need to pull the stick out of their ass lmao

apparently the first person at my college i’ve trusted enough to disclose that I have BPD, have been hospitalized, have had ECT, etc. etc. has been telling other people that im crazy. and like. there are no words for how this feels. i’ve worked so hard to build a fucking life here despite everything i’ve been through. i finally feel comfortable enough (after more than a year) to be vulnerable with someone, and this is what i get.

 i have a 3.9 GPA. i’ve gotten nationally competitive internships. i’ve been published. but at the end of the day, if i ever reveal this piece of myself to people, ill always be the crazy bitch. borderlines dont get to be people. 

And while I’m here and talking about this;

Terfs will condemn trans women for “””conform””” to traditional gender roles and stereotypes (ie. wearing dresses, using makeup, shaving, etc ect), but then also condemn trans women who don’t “””conform””” to traditional gender roles.

Just say you hate trans women. Say you’re a transmisogynist asshole. You’re not fooling anybody here.

Remember Me

Remember Me | Teens Dan Howell and Phil Lester made a pact to get married when Phil turned thirty, if they were both still single, not long before they lost touch for good. Today is Phil Lester’s birthday, and all he really wants to do it get back in touch with his old friend.  | Phan | Teen | Written for insanityplaysfics | Words:  2,423

Disclaimer: I am not claiming that this is real etc. ect.

A/N: Even though it’s not technically ‘til tomorrow, this is an early birthday present for my friend theinsanityplays (Happy birthday Eliza!!!!) I hope you enjoy :)

Phil stared at the address written on the slip of paper in his hand. Was he really going to do this? It was stupid, he probably wasn’t even single anymore - if he remembered the deal at all. After all, it had been twelve years. A lot has changed over twelve years.

Phil had a job, an apartment, had moved to London after attending the University of Manchester. Somewhere along all of that, the two of them had lost touch.

Dan Howell.

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