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i feel like fighting to pick sides on this show is so pointless anymore because i’m not even exaggerating when i say that every character has been abusive in some way (see: like a ridiculous amount of emotional abuse executed in every. single. episode.) so you kind of have to take it one step at a time and figure out whose past actions you can forgive, what the circumstances were for those actions, whose character development will lead to them not hurting others in the future whether intentionally or not, etc. and just hope for them to make all the wiser decisions when the time comes because you either have faith in their character or you don’t

in all honesty.
i always say mercury or Apollo were the first gods i ever played but.
when I first got smite, john told me to look over the gods and hed tell me a little bit about each one, what they do, how they play, where they go in lane, etc.
so naturally im looking over all of them and who do i fuckin stop on?
And so I’m all “hey john whos Loki? what does he do he looks cool”
And in this serious fuckin voice, almost panicked. “nO dont play loki don’t even consider him I’ll disown you if you play him. everyone hates him because he’s annoying. it’s like a community joke”
so, i sit there, and im going over his skins and all and i decide, i fuckin like Loki.
so John takes me into a custom game and bc all the gods were free that week, i had access to everyone. nice.
i didn’t tell John who I planned on playing, so when i chose Loki and locked in he just. lost all hope and he was so glad I’d never played a moba like smite before so i didn’t know how anything worked and had to stick with a slightly easier character like apollo.
BUT RECENTLY john got me into league of legends and naturally, when it opens, i look at everyone and my first question was, “who is known for being toxic and who does everybody fucking hate”
obviously it seemed like there was one dude john did not want me finding so he named some others. well, i found the forbidden character.
i fucking found shaco, motherfuckers.
so i asked John what shaco does and i swear you could just hear him die inside when he said “…hes literally leagues version of loki”
and obviously if you tell me that im just gonna go straight to “SHIT BOI HES MY MAIN”
Then i got shot down bc idk how jungling in league works but.
just you wait, motherfuckers. im maining the most obnoxious characters in every fucking game and nobody’s stopping me.

Pidge actually did take up gardening after all, with some help from their Trash Buddies of course!

so earlier i remembered how during one philosophy class, my professor asked us all to consider what we would do if we could be invisible for a day, because (as she would reveal to us later) she wanted to prove a point about observed accountability and situational morality. we all wrote down our answers, submitted them anonymously, and the prof read them back to us. about 95% of them were like “prank people”, “rob a bank”, “get in places for free”, “scare my best friend”, “spy on someone”, “sneak into closed off areas”, etc.

prof. read them all aloud so she could demonstrate how virtually everybody chose something they couldn’t morally or socially get away with if they were witnessed, and she was looking awfully entertained about how quickly the class proved her point until she got to one that just said “go swimming in the ocean.” 

she stopped, read it again, and after a short period of confused silence a girl piped up very earnestly from the class “because the sharks wouldn’t be able to see me.” 


First ratified quad jumps in international competition:

Quad toe loop: Kurt Browning (CAN), 1988 World Championships FS
Quad salchow: Timothy Goebel (USA), 1998 Jr. Champion Series Final
Quad lutz: Brandon Mroz (USA), 2011 NHK Trophy SP
Quad flip: Shoma Uno (JPN), 2016 Team Challenge Cup SP
Quad loop: Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN), 2016 Autumn Classic International SP

Busy Bee Tarot Spread

I made this spread for myself earlier today, I know it’s not very intricate but it is after all for the busy bee. 🐝 This spread is made with the intent to get a quick answer to a new project and shine some light on a new idea! I, for instance, haven’t been able to decide if it’s really worth the risk to drop another $200 on investing in my shop, this deck helped me narrow down my idea list to the best. 💜 

The First Card: How the deck or deity you are speaking to feels about the over-all idea. This helps them show their approval, concern, etc.

The Second Card: This is their best advice to you to make things go smoothly. Whether it’s how to make the idea succeed, something you could change or maybe how to remove yourself from it entirely, it is their advice, you do not have to take it.

The Third Card: What they suggest you don’t do! This is what they want you to avoid, this is how you stay out of harms way. If you can avoid this perhaps you can make it to your end goal more smoothly.

The Fourth Card: The final outcome, what happens if you do or don’t listen to the cards - it all depends on how you read them.

You can see some of my readings and spreads here and you can get your own reading by me here. 💖

You know what I just realized? In any high school AU fic, if someone writes young!McCree as Gabe’s adopted/biological son, they’ll have no choice but to write Sombra as his meddling little sister.

Sombra is the bratty younger sibling that reads McCree’s diary, eavesdrops on all his phone calls, teases him for every little mistake he makes around the house, purposely sets him up to look bad in front of their dad, and drives McCree up the walls on a normal day. Oh, and she probably hacks into his phone to read all his texts, emails, etc., then may or may not use them for blackmail when it suits her. 

She’d only be a couple years younger in a high school AU, so she’d also mess with him at school. That humiliating photo of McCree circulating all across social media? That was Sombra’s doing. That embarrassing rumor about McCree spreading like wildfire around school? Sombra was the one who started it. The rumor probably isn’t even true; she just wanted to start it for shits and giggles. Sombra just gets a kick out of pushing her brother’s buttons. 

At the end of the day, Sombra loves her big brother, so long as he remembers who runs the Reyes household/family. I’m sure she comes in handy where it really matters, like hacking into the school’s grading system to change all of his failing grades to passing ones, or digging up dirt on anyone who’s trying to start shit with him. I mean, having an evil mastermind for a little sister has to pay off eventually, right?

i need Cisco meeting all the DCEU heroes – Supergirl, Superman, etc. – and absolutely fangirling over all of them. and it seems to work in reverse, too, because Cisco is basically superhero catnip, and before he knows it, 90% of the contacts in his phone are heroes and his weekends consist of Netflix marathons with Nightwing and J’onn J’onzz

and an increasingly frantic and jealous Barry is standing in the corner like “??????? but i was the first superhero he knew??????”

M!A: Afflicted Hearts

Go on Anon and curse my muse’s heart with an affliction. Each affliction has a different effect on the muse and bears a different marking on their chest (up to the muse’s discretion). To overcome the affliction, you may suggest a specific condition OR let the involved muses work it out themselves.

❤ The Cursed Heart
Your muse’s heart has been dealt a curse that caused it to hurt painfully if they are too close to, show endearing emotion or think about someone they love. 

💟 The Vile Heart
Your muse’s heart has been stricken black with evil, malicious intent. All their thoughts and actions aim to ruin the well-being and happiness of others, no matter what.

♠ The Primal Heart
Your muse’s heart has grown wild, causing periods of raw primal instincts to overtake them in any situation. Speech, conduct, etc. are all affected.

💔 The Glass Heart
Your muse’s heart becomes incredibly fragile. Their emotions are very easily compromised and their feelings quickly hurt.

💖 The Frozen Heart
Your muse’s heart has become solid ice. Their emotions cannot be any greater than neutral. Love and kindness are not able to come forth.

💓 The Trembling Heart
Your muse’s heart becomes constantly unsettled, causing your muse to be fearful and intimidated far too much. Even the most trivial of circumstances can shake them.

ღ The Burning Heart
Your muse’s heart becomes hot and very quick-tempered, causing them to be hasty in decisions and more often that not, prefer more physical and violent means to any end. 

♥ The Frail Heart
Your muse’s heart has become weak and withered. All actions and efforts become much more labored, and emotions slower to process.

❥ The Turned Heart
Your muse’s heart has completely changed. Everything they do or feel becomes the opposite of how they would normally be. OR, they instead swap their actions and feelings with the first muse they interact with.

💘 The Fated Heart
Your muse’s heart has been inflicted with a death curse, causing them to gradually lose life OR causing their body to gradually turn to stone.

💕 The Mirrored Heart
Your muse’s heart has become magically connected to the heart of first muse they interact with. What happens to one muse, happens to the other, be it emotional or physical, and being too far apart causes them pain.

💝 The Shrouded Heart
Your muse’s heart is shrouded in clouds. They are unable to remember those closest to them, and all emotional experiences become new to them.

❣ The Blinded Heart
Your muse’s heart has been illuminated with incredibly positive feelings. They feel energetic and always encouraging, but they are blind to anything less than wonderful, be it pain, suffering or anger.

💞 The Chain-Bound Heart
Your muse’s heart has grown a heavy attachment to the first muse they meet, so much that they are all your muse thinks about and does anything for. Anyone else feels like unnecessary baggage to your muse.


Guy Adams (Writer): It’s very exciting, seeing River Song with various Doctors… One of the most interesting ones to work with is the Sixth Doctor. We’ve never really seen him in love before. Collin, his Doctor never really did that. So it’s really interesting to see a man with great intellect sort of coping with emotions. River Song is somebody who is uniquely and genetically programmed to fall in love with the Doctor, and you suddenly think about that and think, “who is the least likely doctor that [she would fall in love] with?” and you go: the Sixth Doctor! And obviously when Matt Fitton said, “I would like you to write another one and you get the Sixth Doctor.” I thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun if it’s almost the other way around? And the Sixth Doctor falls head over heels in love with River, much to his horror, because he’s really baffled by what’s happening? And she’s a little more cautious with her heart on this occasion because she thinks that he might be responsible for a grotesque crime?” And I think it’s a curiously different romance for River this time around. 

 David Richardson (Producer): We have a sequence in which the Sixth Doctor actually gets a little romantic. It’ a very different approach to him. When Collin first read it he raised a very big eyebrow. 

Collin Baker (Sixth Doctor): My doctor has suddenly got an amorous streak going though him. He finds her rather delightful and tantalising which is something that I’ve not experience before as the Sixth Doctor… 

Ken Bentley (Director): I think the image of the Sixth Doctor kissing River Song is going to stay with people for a long time. And perhaps, perhaps, it is just a peck on the cheek because he is carried away by the joy of them saving the Earth. Perhaps… But perhaps, it’s also that he is smitten with her because she is amazing! … And I think the Sixth Doctor can’t help himself. He has a lust for life, and sees a kindred spirit in River. She was brought up and designed to be a lure for the Doctor and he can’t help himself being attracted to this mysterious Timelady in a way he doesn’t quite understand himself. So we’re dealing with the Sixth Doctor’s confusion and River enjoying it. Seeing this handsome chap in front of her and wanting to take advantage. So sparks definitely fly.

This year so far...
  • The 1OO, The Walking Dead, Jane the Virgin, etc: kill theirs lesbian
  • Networks: renewed all these shows!!! Bless them!
  • Person of Interest: *kill Sameen Shaw (a bissexual character) in season 4*
  • CBS: that was beautiful here a season 5 for you
  • POI: LOL 😂 just kidding!! She is very alive and very in love with Root
  • CBS: Siiiiin, canceled!!!
  • Faking it: *lesbians, bissexuals, transgender, intersex*
  • Carter: No LGBT character will die
  • MTV: how dare you? Canceled!!!
  • Supergirl: *people ship Kara and Cat*
  • CBS Minion: Sir, even though Kara has 3 male love interst people are still shipping her with Cat
  • CBS: Fire Callista Flockhart
  • Minion: But sir, she is a big star and give the show a lot of attention
  • CBS: ok, so she is no longer and series regular!!!
  • Minion: genious
  • Agent Carter minion: sir, send Angie away didnt work, now people are shipping Carter with Dottie
  • ABC: agh...Better cancel then!!
  • Nancy Drew: *awsome idea, lot of badass women*
  • CBS: this show has no diversity, where is all the white straight man with manpain?? NO!! TOO FEMALE!! NOT APROVEEEEED!!!!!!
  • Has been a awsome year so far!!!