something i noticed replaying chapter 5′s trial

although i wouldn’t call them sprites per say, the exisal has a couple different moving poses throughout the trial… including this one

hard to tell at first, but if we consider the metal claws of the exisal equivalent to a human arm, this pose is putting your right hand behind your head.

(here’s a lightened closeup!)

now, funny enough, kokichi never does this. whenever he puts his hand behind his head, it’s always with both.

…but you know who DOES?

(anyways, not sure if this was intentional or not, but still a cool hint of who’s in the exisal!)

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I'd assume they specially design the handcuffs to make it so the villain is unable to use their quirk. Whether physically or through something that stops the quirk factor like Aizawa can.

Anonymous said: maybe they couldve been like specialized? like they cancel the quirk of whoever theyre on or smth

in all probability yes, but until horikoshi explains exactly how and worldbuilds to my satisfaction i will not rest

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I mean you could ask the same question about the purse snatcher with the gigantification quirk from the very beginning, or AFO who's just chilling in prison while holding onto tons of quirks he could use to escape. From the track record so far you probably won't get an explanation.

i have asked these questions before, and remain perpetually unsatisfied, but horikoshi did bust out that “quirk factor” explanation like 100 chapters into the series instead of introducing it at the beginning as like, a fundamental aspect of his worldbuilding, so im hoping that at SOME point at least i will get a somewhat plausible explanation

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From what you've been talking about and the small amount of research I've done all the Danganronpa (spelling?) Characters look really interesting. But I know enough about the series to know most or all of them will die. How do you handle that knowledge of a guillotine?

ohh honestly im not sure!! im just so excited to see all the characters being completely and horribly themselves, and that includes them being driven to horrific murder and/or being horrifically murdered. part of the reason i love these characters is because i get to know them at their worst, if that makes sense! i get to see the kinds of depths to them that i’d never see if they were just having a good time in a non life-or-death situation. ofc it hurts me when they die, there are multiple trials that have made me cry, but in some way the circumstance of their deaths are what let me understand them even more. 

plus, danganronpa does a pretty good job of making sure that the deaths aren’t meaningless, and that they build up to & contribute to the climax of the story. it’s hard for me to hold a grudge against the franchise when thats the case. some deaths are totally undeserving though and that does get me down but!! i love these characters, i want to get to know them at their best and absolute worst, and the killing game really brings out both sides of everyone. it’s really fascinating.