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I'd assume they specially design the handcuffs to make it so the villain is unable to use their quirk. Whether physically or through something that stops the quirk factor like Aizawa can.

Anonymous said: maybe they couldve been like specialized? like they cancel the quirk of whoever theyre on or smth

in all probability yes, but until horikoshi explains exactly how and worldbuilds to my satisfaction i will not rest

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Hello Miya! Why aquarius as sun sign is bad?

Hello dear anon! Because the Sun stands for showing what one was born for, what one wants to be known for. It talks about leadership, influencing others, standing up for yourself. Aquarius is none of that. Aquarius is an intellectual sign that would rather look for the logical sides of things, investigate, study it instead of imposing it. Discussing instead of fighting. Values friendships over their own needs, losing their focus because of it. It is stubborn but has a lot of trouble when it comes to standing up for itself, would rather do their own thing but not argue. Also, Sun rules Leo so it’s at its best when in a confident sign and Aquarius is awkward af.

Another way of easily understanding this is how every sign is bad for the ruler of the sign it’s opposite to. Look:

Saturn rules Aquarius. It’s opposite Leo. Saturn in Leo is bad, much like Sun (the ruler of Leo) in Aquarius is bad.

Jupiter rules Pisces. It’s opposite Virgo. Jupiter in Virgo is bad, much like Mercury (the ruler of Virgo) in Pisces is bad.

Math. By remembering this I think it’s easier to get how the meanings of each sign will work with the planets. :) Hope this helped!

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I mean you could ask the same question about the purse snatcher with the gigantification quirk from the very beginning, or AFO who's just chilling in prison while holding onto tons of quirks he could use to escape. From the track record so far you probably won't get an explanation.

i have asked these questions before, and remain perpetually unsatisfied, but horikoshi did bust out that “quirk factor” explanation like 100 chapters into the series instead of introducing it at the beginning as like, a fundamental aspect of his worldbuilding, so im hoping that at SOME point at least i will get a somewhat plausible explanation